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    Funny Pics Thread

  2. Bigfella

    Flu Jab

    My wife and I have had flu jabs for the last six years - it has worked for us both. I would recommend it from my personal experience.
  3. I knew Jack's Dad pretty well - he was salt of the earth and lived on Leacroft Road (next to Shaftesbury Crescent). If Jack is half the man Johnnie was he’ll be ok. Jack is a real son of Derby and there is no affectation about his accent or roots.
  4. Bigfella

    Funny Pics Thread

  5. Bigfella

    Cannabis on the NHS?

  6. Bigfella

    New joke thread

  7. Bigfella

    Funny Pics Thread

  8. Bigfella


    I was at a hotel at Gatwick where the family had a meal at a serve yourself carvery where you had to return trays to a trolley after the meal - they then added a 12.5% service charge to the bill! I asked what it was for and they said for setting out the food. They got shirty with me for querying it so I asked for it to be removed - hotel manager came and was really abrupt and said no one had queried it before!
  9. Bigfella

    Youth under new managment

    No but it hums a bit
  10. Bigfella

    New chants.

  11. Bigfella

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

  12. Bigfella

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    .....and his original name was Gerry not Arnold.
  13. Bigfella

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    He copied the name from a 19th century composer
  14. Bigfella


    I have. It’s when you need to get two pints in because the bar is closing.
  15. Bigfella

    Youth under new managment

    As a lover of pedantry it’s actually libel (written defamation) rather than slander (spoken defamation). You’re welcome!
  16. Bigfella

    Beer Thread

    Old geezer?
  17. Bigfella

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    I know he has history with us but I thought he was decent tonight
  18. Bigfella

    Geriatric Floresta

    ...and we won the Quizball trophy on BBC in 1971!
  19. Bigfella

    Bradley Johnson

    Me too!
  20. Bigfella

    18/19 Match Thread

    Interesting article - apart from the Liverpool angle it also mentions that Forest have won two European Cups! Why don’t their fans ever mention it?
  21. Bigfella

    Downtime this morning

    Ruined my morning routine - I had to talk to the wife!
  22. Bigfella

    Football Forums

    I’m fine with you hating me, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been hated by intelligent people.
  23. Bigfella

    Football Forums

    That’s a didactic point
  24. Bigfella

    Football Forums

  25. Bigfella

    Football Forums

    Can we have a thread on pedantry so I can say it should be fora not forums

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