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  1. Bigfella


    Here’s another one my son took.
  2. Bigfella


    Thanks Mozza - he’s a great dog, very obedient, very friendly and loves having a fuss made of him. We’re looking into applying for him to be a therapy dog in the Derby Royal.
  3. Bigfella


    That’s Hector , he’s a golden doodle ( yes I know he’s not very golden!), it’s Harlech Castle - my son has taken Hector away for a weekend.
  4. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    Star Trek actor William Shatner has discontinued his new range of lingerie. Apparently “Shatner Pants” did not sell well.
  5. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    I dated a girl with a lazy eye at one time. Turns out she was seeing someone else on the side.
  6. I said “personally” that means it is my view - you can do what you like that’s up to you.
  7. Personally I don’t think you can boo any Derby player and call yourself a supporter.
  8. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    I asked my wife why she married me. She said “ Because you’re funny” I said “ I thought it was because I was good in bed” She said “ See? You’re hilarious”
  9. Who else will be glad when school is back?
  10. Good first post - which part of Nottingham are you from?
  11. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity. So, I returned it to the store. They gave me another one free of charge.
  12. First own goal of the season.
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