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  1. My golden doodle Hector (yes I know he’s not golden) taken at Harlech.
  2. On a positive note I now know that I have been lying to myself about all the jobs I would do if I had the time.
  3. Like many, I received a letter at the start of the pandemic saying that I was vulnerable and should shield until 30 June. Yesterday I received another letter stating they had made an administrative error and that I did not need to have been shielded all along. They did apologise and said they would endeavour not to make the same mistake again - so that’s ok.
  4. A Native American introduced me to his wife and said her name was Four Horses. I said “That’s a beautiful name, what does it mean?” He said “ bloody nag,nag,nag nag”
  5. The quarantine has strained many marriages but for some of us it has enhanced our relationships. I’m extremely lucky to have the most amazing and loving wife. She is so caring that last night I woke up whilst she was holding a pillow over my face so I didn’t catch COVID-19 ❤️
  6. I’ve got an idea - why don’t we start an Argument Thread so that the usual suspects who hijack practically every thread, to argue amongst themselves and obfuscate the real purpose of the discussion can have their meltdowns and petty squabbles away from the rest of us.
  7. I bet he never bargained for that.
  8. Sad that a serious subject has degenerated into a fight between the usual protagonists.
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