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  1. Bolton adjourned until 3 April https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bolton-granted-stay-execution-fight-2666370
  2. I have both too - also I got the gold season ticket this year for being a season ticket holder for more than ten years, so I don’t know if that may be a factor.
  3. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    North Derbyshire man goes to the vet. Man : I’ve got trouble wi mi cat it keeps fightin Vet: Is it a Tom? Man: No I brought it wi mi
  4. I got the invite this morning too - thanks for the instructions on how to actually get the ticket!
  5. Bigfella

    New joke thread

    It’s been locked for some reason.
  6. Bigfella


    Back on track - my dog Hector in Allestree woods yesterday
  7. Is it just me that thinks it’s ironic that the story of a rams fan having a Derby tattoo on his backside was started by Ramsbottom?
  8. Bigfella


    I know I started the debate about gif or gif but to be honest I pronounce it video!
  9. Richard Keogh - earache
  10. Bigfella


    You say potato..
  11. Bigfella


    Often wondered - is it pronounced gif or gif?
  12. * you’re being pedantic
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