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  1. Bigfella


    You say potato..
  2. Bigfella


    Often wondered - is it pronounced gif or gif?
  3. keogh - always a mistake in him
  4. Bigfella

    Rob Elliott

    * you’re being pedantic
  5. Bigfella

    Funny Pics Thread

  6. Bigfella

    Vets Bills

    I used to get flea treatment and worming tablets, for my dog Hector, from Scarsdale but the costs are extortionate. I shopped around and you can get comparable flea treatment from Poundland (as Boycie said) and I get worming tablets from Wilkos- all at a fraction of the price. My dog’s insurance is £20 pm with Animals Friends insurance which I think is reasonable as it has no restriction on visits but has a cap of £7k on each condition treated.
  7. Bigfella

    Crazy Keogh hating

    How about that Daniel Ayala from Middlesbrough - he can kick it a long way in the general direction of his forwards.
  8. Bigfella

    Snake City watch

    I had to join Twitter, which I vowed I would never do, so I could vote for him to stay on.
  9. Bigfella

    Snake City watch

    Just looked at their website, my favourite quote was - “There's no coming back from that crowd reaction, surely?! It was so bad I almost felt sorry for that useless p***k.”
  10. Bigfella

    George Thorne

  11. Bigfella

    George Thorne

    Buy and dictionaries- you should have asked for one for Christmas or gone to grammar school.
  12. Bigfella

    George Thorne

    Benefit of a grammar school education!
  13. Bigfella

    George Thorne

    So obviously fake - uses “of” instead of “have”- a shibboleth for the East Midlands and George is from the south.

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