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  1. Bigfella


    Sorry Ghost of Clough - I was in two minds whether to respond to you
  2. Bigfella


    No problem - I’m new to this stuff so I’m probably not being clear enough! I’ll improve!
  3. Bigfella


    I agree with you and that was what I was implying- evidently not very effectively! If you read my post again you will see that I don’t believe we could swap him for someone better or that is what I meant obviously in a clumsy manner! ” I think we are fortunate to have Scott Carson and there are not many keepers I would swap him for in the Championship or the Premier League come to that.” I think we actually agree that Carson is a good fit for Derby and vice versa so sorry if I confused the debate.
  4. Bigfella


    Spot on! But on a serious note and in an attempt to be more “intelligent” the goalkeeper distributing the ball is only one part of the equation. In order for his distribution to be good he has to have someone to distribute it to. On Saturday generally Keogh and Davies dropped to the side of the penalty box to receive the ball - this was clearly evident to the opposition, poor as they were, and they were closed down, so Carson had to go long to Nugent who was beaten in the air. The full backs didn’t call for the ball and neither did the midfield drop deep to receive it, so what is Carson expected to do in that situation? My other gripe is that when things appear to be going well someone tries to stir things up. Yes I know it’s a debate and I know people have every right to have an opinion but that doesn’t necessarily mean those opinions are correct. Neither does it mean mine is correct also. I think we are fortunate to have Scott Carson and there are not many keepers I would swap him for in the Championship or the Premier League come to that.
  5. Bigfella


    FFS! Don’t you hate it when school has closed for summer and all the kids want to do is stir up trouble.
  6. How many have we sold!!
  7. Bigfella

    Forum Introductions

    ......which was the street parallel to Shaftesbury Street.
  8. Bigfella

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I agree that we weren’t good enough on the day and yes, we may be missing some quality players, but Southgate could only play who he had in the squad. My point was more about posters slagging off the players who had given their all.
  9. Bigfella

    Forum Introductions

    Alexandra street - now demolished!
  10. Bigfella

    Forum Introductions

    Thought I had better introduced myself as I broke my duck last night by commenting on some of the England denigration that went on following our defeat to Croatia. I was born and raised in one of the terraced streets near to BBG and was hooked from a young age. I was a STH for a number of years until circumstances kept me away. I renewed my ST when we moved to PP, both to follow my team, and also as a form of bonding with my young son - it worked and he is hooked and sits next to me in the stadium! I have resisted the urge to post previously but following the diatribe last night I had to speak out - and I got two likes so I’ll probably do it again! Off to Notts on Saturday- can’t wait. Keep the faith!
  11. Bigfella

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I’ve always been a reader and not a commentator on the forum but I am very proud of our team - they have surpassed all expectations and yet some still see it as an opportunity to ridicule the effort, professionalism and team spirit of this group of players. We lost but we tried!

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