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46 minutes ago, DavesaRam said:

Agreed, but that was because the Gnome completely messed up the transfer activity required for a Premiership campaign, and left us with an inadequate squad.

A few seasons ago hull went up, then had an owenership crisis and didn’t sign anyone. They started with squad so small they couldn’t fill the subs bench as far as I can remember. I really saw the possibility that they might beat our record. And even they managed to get more than 11 pts. 

We could literally play our current under 21 team in the premier league and get more than 11 pts. 

There were so many factors at work there. It was a perfect storm of poo, poo players, poo management, shot transfers, and a big helping of poo luck, never to be repeated. 

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42 minutes ago, DavesaRam said:

It might have meant us having some Premier League player in the team. That might have made a difference. Remember, Billy didn't do hoofball with Forest, did he? But he did do the "Time to get myself sacked routine" routine though ....... twice!

He had a pitiful budget. The extra month would have made no difference.

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