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  1. Thank you, I’m very appreciative of that information as I wasn’t aware of that offer. I’ve just got that sorted. Newquay Sports Bar has just lost mine and my 8 year old sons custom for tonight.
  2. It does make me question renewing my season tickets. I now have to consider a day off work, pull my 8 year old out of school and an overnight stop at a Travelodge. With my petrol costing around £70 anyway I can’t always afford to do it. I know it’s my fault for living in Cornwall and it’s a sign that the club is doing well when Sky want the matches but selfishly my heart always sinks when I see a match moved to a Friday.
  3. I sporadically check this thread hoping for something to happen. It doesn’t look likely though. Days like yesterday... leave at 5am and home at 1:30am. It’d be great to have somebody to share the driving. Even my 8 year old complained when I stopped at Exeter services “We are stopping again?!”
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