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Dogs names?


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My boxer is Rocky Bamboo Easter Egg.

I actually named him Rocky Balboa but my 3 year old changed it to Bamboo and added Easter Egg.

My Labrador was called Billie Piper because we met her on the weekend we got him. He was known as 'Pipes' as well as many other uncomplimentary aliases.

Out rescue dog of no decipherable breed was 'Rude Boy' and it suited him perfectly.

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1 hour ago, EastHertsRam said:

Remy our Old English Sheepdog was Rem.

Ella our Bullmastiff became Ellabella Boo, Molly our other Bullmastiff was Mollymoo.

Bonnie our Labradoodle is BonBon, Cara the Jack Russell/Sausage Dog is still Cara

And Ruby our Rottweiler puppy is Ruby NO. 

You could call your Bullmastiff Ellafella 

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2 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

We have a cat called Albert, who is known as Boo-boo, Bertie and Cat Funt, depending on where he positions himself on the bed!

I'm struggling not to post puerile, childish, toilet humour, carry on type double entendres about Mrs reveldevil's pussy...good job i'm mature enough to resist.:ph34r:

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when my brother was a toddler, we got a dog, and he was trying to say the word 'Pretty', which came out sounding similar to what become her name, Biddy. But she was Biddles, Biddly Bong and stuff like that.

My last dog was named Honey, but was knowns as Huns-Buns, Honey-Boney (Pulp Fiction).

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