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Should Sam Rush be reinstated?


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Suggesting Sam Rush to be reinstated is bonkers. The club don't need one bloke to tell them how to sign players or what players are worth.

Regarding us not signing anyone, we appear to be refusing to pay large sums. I think I'm in the minority in thinking it's a silly idea. We've definitely overpaid for some bang average players, but transfers are gambles. If we won't match market prices for young, good, players then we're not going to improve on our team. Over 7 million for Lawrence, or whatever for the rest, seems like a lot, but people like Lawrence could end up being worth a whole lot more. They also could be worth  a whole lot less, but at least they're young. It's not 4 million on 29 year old Anya, or whatever the f*ck we paid for Blackman.

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26 minutes ago, Budgie895 said:

Would We be failing on our Transfer targets if We still had Sam Rush on board?

Stick to eating millet and pecking your reflection, budgie.

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