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  1. Phew! We got away with that one 😊
  2. I just hope you've been mislead, 🙏
  3. Darren Moore! We’ll be looking for a new Manager in January then!
  4. Here’s an Idea! Hire Bergkamp or Thierry Henry, and We can become a feeder club for managers, because Arsenal will surely come in for them! What you think about that? Could generate millions in compensation,
  5. I actually don’t think He is, but He is a manager who fans can relate to, gives the club a high profile due to His playing days, and has all the right contacts
  6. The sad thing is that it will all end in tears for Frank at Chelsea eventually
  7. Let’s be honest, He was always going to go, another 2 years at Derby was max, He has raised the profile of the club and Has great contacts plus being a very likeable Guy, but was His football and decision making that good?
  8. Let’s be honest, Somethings gone on! because Lampard was well miffed when He was questioned post match about Marriott being left out of the squad
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