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  1. Warnock

    Passion, Love to see passion in players and Managers, shows that they care and want to win at all costs
  2. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Stats! Do you honestly need to look at stats to tell you Johnny's shooting ability and accuracy are woeful?Is it down to poor coaching? How old is Johnny? If He can't do it now He never will,Youztill have yo have some ability to be coached surely, I wont go down the line of cant polish a ****, As it would be to disrepectful
  3. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Yeh! It always brings a lump to my throat when I hear Come on Derby, Come on Derby!
  4. The fall of Johnny Russell

    I'm commenting on Johnnys performances over the past seasons, Not since Iv'e been on holiday! It's alright having a good work effort, It's what happens at the end of the effort you have put in brings results, ie scoring for one of them examples
  5. Love or hate cyclists?

    I tend to think that We give them to much consideration, having been part of the Lycra brigade in a previous life , I would much rather a car overtook Me than sit behind Me waiting for that perfect overtaking oppurtunity
  6. The fall of Johnny Russell

    You for real! Part time politican? How many goals we scored this season? Quoting 50% of 2 goals, (Oh by the way if I'm wrong, I'm abroad and been following results on forum and BBC sport)
  7. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Let's be honest about this! You can not question Johnnys endeavor, the reality is there is no end product
  8. Derby County v Preston North End

    You probably wont be far off
  9. Jason Shackell

    I was all for Pearce at one time! but He really let Himself down towards the end of last season! And became a liability! IMO
  10. Jason Shackell

    Yeh! You might be wrong
  11. Jason Shackell

    I think thats what is commonly known in the profession as passion!
  12. Best Ever TV Shows

    It was all done with the best possible taste! ( as Kenny Everrett would have said)
  13. Best Ever TV Shows

    Love Thy Neighbour, you would never get away with what they say now in this PC world
  14. Should Sam Rush be reinstated?

    Whats facepalm? Soz for being thick
  15. Should Sam Rush be reinstated?

    Please expand! I seem to remember fans drooling over the thought of Butterfield signing, but My memorys not so good! Vydra, Blackman and Anya just happened if I recall?

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