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  1. Carson

    Scott Carson's quality and performance wasn't even in the top 20 reasons we didn't do well last season. Been pretty consistent even when we've been rubbish. I'm sure there are other games but the only in recent memory where he wrong was Sheffield Utd and he wasn't alone there.
  2. The one's that got away

    Wish I could 'cheers' this twice.
  3. Derby County F.C. v Aston Villa F.C. match day thread.

    We also took Boro apart in a game that basically decided which team would be in the top 6 at the time. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42034679 (check out the "As it stood" table)
  4. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Still got way too many players (citing 25 fit first teamers at the moment) and guys with big wages who we're unlikely to see a return on. I'm sure we could spend big if we wanted to, but seems sensible to be restrained for now.
  5. On course for 80+ points

    It's just about putting ourselves in the right places. There's no guarantees for anyone and it seems gravity is already kicking in for Sheffield Utd. Could easily happen to Cardiff too. All it'd take is a slight improvement to 84 points and a dire run for Cardiff. Some of our pre Ledley form was mediocre, but I'd be interested to know what the post Ledley table looks like. I think performance will improve in the new year.
  6. West Ham’s London Stadium Deal

    In all fairness I've been once on a corporate jolly not long after the move so you're probably better placed to comment. Thought the problem to me was forcing a square peg into a round hole at a time when football stadium design has been getting better.
  7. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Just watching their highlights Vs Bolton, some very League Two mistakes from both sides. Seems a good opportunity to set up a big game v Villa and an exciting festive season.
  8. West Ham’s London Stadium Deal

    Not to bring politics into this, but I always thought it was interesting to see that Karen Brady, who has aspired to be a Tory politician, and had some minor roles, managed to negotiate such a great deal with a Tory mayor. That said, it's a **** football stadium. Incredible that they spent so much converting it - almost as much as building a new bloody stadium - as that means presumably it would cost a fortune to convert it again for another use.
  9. January Sales

    Wouldn't be surprised if Shackell goes to MLS in January if that's the case, their seasons start in Spring so January is a good time to join a side. I expect Olsson, Bent and Anya to go out as panic buys otherwise. The likes of Birmingham have a bit to spend but somehow managed to buy rubbish, they'd improve them massively. Bents goals could easily keep a bad club up.
  10. We're coming after you Wolves

    Feels unlikely, one of the few teams to get more points than us over the last six are Wolves. They've won 5 in a row. 2nd feels possible though.
  11. Will Hughes Watch

    If Hughes nails a a regular place for Watford and a few retire or shame themselves at the WC, no reason Hughes can't get a senior cap. If his form really picked up he could still go to the WC, I get the impression the new U21s slot easily into the senior side now. Southgate is still rubbish tho.
  12. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Do you not think one of the professional coaches at one of the 20 clubs this kid has been at might know better than him and his dad though? It doesn't even sound like we are a unique failure to get them sorted here, just the one that went public. If Utd etc couldn't I don't know why we suddenly think it's rubbish DCFC can't. It seems like the kid needs protecting from his dad far more than industry standard contracts that a million less fortune kids would have unsuccessfully busted a gut for.
  13. 2 points a game

    For what it's worth, we've also now taken points from two teams away from home who were capable of getting into that region of points too, so that hopefully limits their ability to compete for the 2 points a game goal by the end of the season. Providing we perform at home!
  14. Leeds United V Derby County

    What an amazing run of form. Two of hardest away games we will have, plus two tough home fixtures - perfect return. The team deserves a lot of praise
  15. Norwich City V Derby County

    The first of two of the hardest away matches we will have this season. Hope people don't overreact if we scrap to two draws or win one lose one. Losing both disappointing but Vs Forest, Weds, Norwich and Leeds you'd have taken 7 points and a win Vs Forest wouldn't you?

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