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  1. I guess my point previously was to take that to the CPS, but it's not a good look for anyone when there's several pages of Brentford fans on that other forum who seem to be suggesting Frank put him up to it because he was annoyed at the outcome of the game, and defamatory stuff posted around here. Players deserve to have it taken seriously, whether or not they got a bit too into the match in the dug out.
  2. Find it very weird people's first reaction is to try to muddy the waters. Both Brentford and Derby... The player is entitled to complain if he heard it, considering everything that's happened lately it's fair to give the police space to take it seriously and the person arrested is subject to a hearing. Jumping onto message boards anonymously to provide unproveable "eyewitness accounts" and grapevine whispers about his character is balls. So even if the arrested party is found guilty do we now just take the word of anonymous posters that Holmes is a liar? No wonder this stuff allegedly manages to happen multiple times in the space of a week.
  3. Bristol's emergence is good for Derby. We don't play them til near the end, when it'll probably be all but over (whether that's Top 2, Top 6 or not) but they have 3 games against Top 6 opposition before the end of March, and games against "the rest". Either they win and those above us drop points, or Bristol lose and the 7 for 6 places reduces to 6. Or better, they draw and the overall pool of available points is reduced for everyone that's not Derby.
  4. I think for Forest a worrying thing must be that whoever they get will want to change personnel around, and they basically made their big investment run this summer. So a bit like Villa over the last season, the clock is ticking now until eventually FFP catches up and restricts their investment - unless they make money on Carvalho and the others it will surely tank their ability to invest from the end of next season on? All a bit Fawaz though. Does FFP matter that much if the managerial situation is so ridiculous you end up lower mid-table year after year anyway?
  5. One of those games that's sat in the middle of my brain all day. Hope we ruin the snakey rick. Really really hope some of the players still hold a grudge.
  6. Hard to not get excited when he made perennial nearly man Bennett actually come good! Truly excellent stuff at the mo, and hopefully we finally have a squad that can keep up the pace.
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