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  1. Sadly somehow this isn't even the worst Derby away game in London this season! Sat grimly with my Fulham supporting brother in law this time. Brentford, Charlton and then tonight is the worst trilogy of consecutive Rams games I can remember attending. 1. Where is the midfield? I think we are at a point where through injury, bad existing fits and just bad signings we lack the players to play as Cocu would like. Bielik was our midfielder. Waghoen and Holmes did nothing to create play but were too deep to generate anything, and too poor to hold onto the ball. Holmes I thought was terrible tonight, bullied all night and exposed as a bit of a one dimensional player. Worse, because Bielik stepped up to the playe he picked up several knocks that could well have taken him out the game. 2. Time for Hamer to get a go. I could forgive Roos for his slightly anxious command if everything was was done well... but it wasn't. What is Shay Given doing with him? 3. Where is the Plan B? I knew from about 10 minutes in how the subsequent 80 would go, but... nothing was tried. Worrying. Glad the home form is good enough to keep us mid table, but if the club is to succeed I suspect 5 or 6 or those playing have no future beyond this season.
  2. Not happy at all about the line up but... It's a joy to see Martin out there scoring on the regular again.
  3. I wonder if we still do the thing where we get insurance for our players on serious injuries like this? Could make a world of difference if we have. Presume Keogh's on a bigger wage, so over a year of that covered could pave the way to actually replace him long term... Although I suppose it could be invalid if the injury is obtained in er, the wrong ways.
  4. I think a bit like Farke at Norwich he needs time to bed the style he wants in, get players who will do it and offload those who can't. It's a long season and I think we may be in a good place as this one goes on. He has behaved with class so far and was good about the awful stuff he must have dealt with this week.
  5. A long term replacement for Keogh and Davies, possibly two. A talented wide player or two. Zoons confidence seems to be gone. Bennett and Lawrence should probably leave the club. Plenty of talent in the youth system but we should be looking to occasionally buy in some top tier performers still.
  6. Fair enough, but I maintain I don't think it's unreasonable to ask athletes to refrain from excessive boozing in the year 2019 during peak periods of the season. They're paid to physically perform, and too much booze wrecks that - and we know it.
  7. But you're not an elite athlete. Over consumption is likely to trash the quality of training the next day. The club is well within its right to expect you to stop at a certain point just for performance reasons, before you even get to the point of smashing a car and your legs up.
  8. I think this is why I feel let down. I thought, despite frequent complaints from other fans, that Keogh was a good player and a good guy and someone I was happy led the squad. Seems I was wrong.
  9. Yeah, appreciate that, but Keogh is the man entrusted to set the tone to the other players. I have no idea whether Mel is setting a bad tone (I would suggest that is not the case from what I have seen, and that Mel is a good bloke, but I can't *prove* it), but Keogh's job is to lead by example.
  10. Club's put on cabs for a work organised social event with a suggested end time. They're adults.
  11. I think it really depends on how Clarke and Bielik settle in together, and whether Wisdom and Davies get fit enough to take the pressure off over those Tuesday/Saturday runs. No reason Bielik can't play the ball out as well as Keogh in the medium term.
  12. Suspect the club won't say immediately. Everyone's fuming (rightly) and naming anyone else with those 3 effectively ends the fans' relationship with them.
  13. What a horrid sinking feeling. I realise he's a wealthy man but I feel bad for Mel Morris. Time and time again everyone lets him down. What a bunch of Bamfords.
  14. Suspend their wages significantly, and for Keogh til the end of the season then. Why should the club pay for them to not play? Outrageous.
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