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  1. I don't like it, but I'm not going to accept Derby being singled out while we play in the SkyBet Championship and told to increase revenues year on year to make up for the growing imbalance with Premier League money, doling out massive payments even for the worst losers like Sunderland.
  2. There's only so many times you can rebuild legs and have them still work properly. Hope he plays again... but it won't be at Championship level (or won't be for a few years, anyway).
  3. https://twitter.com/BBCDerbySport/status/1160903957985841153 "Jayden Bogle is currently undergoing scans on his ankle - the manager is ‘hopeful’ it’s not serious and he’ll make Stoke on Saturday" 🙏
  4. Loved it in Mac Season 1 when it seemed like every time we beat someone they'd sack their manager
  5. 4 points despite all the worries about playing tough teams first... Stoke sounded poo today as well so hopefully Cocu makes a couple of changes and we take advantage.
  6. Derby County will outlast the Church of England, so I'm not especially worried about this.
  7. I don't disagree that gambling in football is pretty poisonous, and a lot of the betting firms (including 32 Red) are atrocious. That said, there are worse aspects (FOBTs for example) than football gambling... But it isn't fair for Derby to be singled out by this, because in reality we are just innovating within the space we operate in. I'd be happy if gambling firms were excluded from sponsorship like tobacco etc, but... they aren't. It is not reasonable to expect clubs the arbiters of morality within the game when you incentivise innovation with gambling sponsors.
  8. Very solid performer at this level, and won't take any time to get to grips with the league. If he is the difference between challenging or not I can forgive him giving it the big one.
  9. Seems like perfectly reasonable competition or cover for Roos.
  10. Brilliant way to start and end his career then!
  11. Nothing but good will to Scott Carson, top guy. Hope all City's other keepers get injured in April next year and he wins them the Champions League.
  12. He was a bit poo for Brighton I thought, but Cocu has worked with him before so he must know what's up.
  13. It's almost as if we just lost a loan player who often didn't seem to be up to much and then changed matches with a well timed world beating set piece! Providing he still has the legs to press teams and look strong for 60 plus mins I'm delighted if this comes off.
  14. Quite happy to take the trial and if I like it, may subscribe. I have no problem with advertising but as have said before, as a distantly living Rams fan the DET site is hell nowadays. I hope the Athletic will take a go at doing it the right way.
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