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  1. Kennington Ram

    Jay DaSilva

    Think this guy is a faker, he doesn't know anything and almost certainly isn't called Derek.
  2. Kennington Ram

    2018 to 2020:How can England make the next step?

    I was quite mean about Southgate's ability on here before but fair play to the guy, turns out England was just crying out for someone with decency and values. Anyway mea culpa aside... I think we need a Plan B for controlling games. Went 1-0 ahead and changed absolutely nothing even when we were under pressure. Did the same thing vs Colombia. I realise these are knock out games and so the tempo is going to rise, but there seemed to be no credible options. Dele Alli and Kane were basically immobile in extra time... but why was nobody a better choice?
  3. Kennington Ram

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I'd zooner we sorted out the Palmer deal, but he looks like a refreshingly good signing.
  4. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra

    Yes but we booked a big loss on him. He was on big wages and played relatively little, and proved at best not to improve us beyond a play off finish. Awful use of money.
  5. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra

    Selling to hopefully invest in more than one new assets though. If we buy well, we take nearly £14m from AW and MV, get 3 players and maybe Abraham on loan, and either best case go up or if we have spent well, at least bought players we can receive £14m for down the line. It's the Butterfield's and Shackells that worry me far more than selling Vydra for a tidy amount.
  6. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra

    40% profit on a big investment is good work I think. I don't want us to be a completely selling club like Barnsley or something but the era of just buying big and watching their value plummet to zero (Shackell, Johnson, Butterfield) is just completely unsustainable. I trust Mel to reinvest much of the fee so I don't see the issue?
  7. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra

    Yeah but it seems like it's the biggest individual factor in our summer by the sounds of it... So it'd be nice to get it over and done with!
  8. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra

    Dragging on a bit so probably sell at that price? It's a healthy profit on the investment and presumably then gives Frank something to work with.
  9. Kennington Ram

    Inside info

    Optimistic about Palmer with a pre-season under his belt, a full season to develop, and more understanding of the team. Does several roles quite well and he's still young, and due an outstanding season Abraham style.
  10. Kennington Ram

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    I'd be surprised to see him go, kind of seems unlikely Burnley would thin their squad with European games to play and gravelface doesn't seem like a guy for wholesale change. That said he'd be a good fit for Fulham (a fairly robust guy in a fairly fragile midfield) or Cardiff. Could imagine West Brom or Stoke finding the coin for him later in the window if Dyche does replace him tho.
  11. Kennington Ram

    Aston Villa

    I mean it'd be sad to see them go out of business. However, i quite like seeing 'big' clubs enrich the likes of Barnsley and Brentford, and then screw it up and become Leeds and Forest. The circle of life. Also, if everyone becomes Leeds - looking at Sunderland and Villa here - we have to win the league eventually.
  12. Kennington Ram

    Gary WHO ?

    Why not have both? As the quote goes... "It is not enough that I succeed... others must fail."
  13. Kennington Ram

    Gary WHO ?

    I hope we put 17 past Stoke, Rowett quits with them in 18th and never works again, forever slinking around Duffield wondering what could have been. But each to their own!
  14. Kennington Ram

    18/19 Home Kit

    Excellent shirt. Have skipped a few in recent years but I really want this one.
  15. Kennington Ram

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    Maybe, I just can't really figure out who we that's an improvement at this level without paying silly money.

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