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  1. I can see why they would ask it, although obviously it's not really a sustainable approach for long. It gives the administrators a bit of time to figure out if Mel's comments on trending towards a sustainable business model are true and convert to reality when they're responsible for revenues and outgoings. Good crowds for fixtures in this period may help.
  2. I worry that the Reading news means -21 is certain, as they will need to be seen to apply their rules equally. 😞 On another note, if relegation is effectively decided each season due to the league's own poor governance and inability to negotiate with the EPL and Sky, you have to wonder if Rick Parry and Co should ask if they are in fact the problem.
  3. The man is a fool, and he has failed the club and himself. He complains that Covid left the club £20m short, but has more or less detailed over £20m of bad decisions in his interview. Those bad decisions have been stacking up for years. As a fan, I had always believed he had those bad decisions covered, so ultimately it was simply at his own risk. Instead, he took the risks and then stacked the consequences on the club, and you, and me, and all the suppliers, staff and players who are now in jeopardy. Awful.
  4. Anger really. Fan or not, Mel and co had a responsibility to ensure decisions they made could be backed up long term, and no matter how good something felt in the moment, they were custodians of something they supposedly loved with history. They got a lot of leeway for those risks other owners wouldn't have received, precisely because they were fans. That it has ended up like this is a deep and abiding shame, and although I appreciate losing that much money will not be nice and I am sure they are upset, they have failed. I am also angry at the EFL for being so badly run it has allowed yet another club to go bust. What exactly do they do, other than negotiate bad TV deals and make things worse?
  5. The thing is that he has spent stretches not really playing... if he is this capable basically coming in midway through pre season like that, he is going to thrive providing we keep the positivity up. I have met plenty of people who didn't have the easiest upbringings and made mistakes in their early lives... Ravel is unlucky he was in the spotlight the whole time. If it clicks this time and the ST article above is right, then I think he will be great for us.
  6. Dreadful refereeing, particularly at the end.
  7. Funny/sad/mad to think that Derby and Reading are potentially amongst several EFL clubs that could be featured on this, yet almost nobody has failed the Fit and Proper Test and the majority who have are small-time local businessmen, generally who've not been found guilty of anything in court? Feel bad for Reading, as the EFL is now doing to them what they did to us. At what stage do the saps at the EFL ask the question as to whether they might be the common denominator?
  8. In tournaments, you make your own luck and this thing about easy runs is total rubbish. We qualified well, achieved a great seeding, and then played well against our group without serious injuries or overexertion. You win the 'easy' run by earning it. Do you remember when we played the US, Algeria and Slovenia in 2010, and I think The Sun had the headline "EASY"? Well, we finished second to the US and then came up against Germany immediately. The US played Ghana.
  9. Mel rinsing the incompetents at the EFL for one last time: Wish we hadn't been in this position but hopefully this is the beginning of the return from the brink.
  10. When you run a sports league and you have to release interchangeable fixtures because you mangled the interpretation and enforcement of your own rules, surely you have to consider whether you're the problem... That said really wish Mel and Co had at some stage decided not to take the piss. De-escalating it just a few years back would surely have just avoided this.
  11. The EFL will be absolutely shocked when tomorrow's kids don't give a monkeys and clubs start folding. A top four league in terms of attendance and they cannot imagine how to possibly capitalise on it. Every other form of digital entertainment has generally lowered the barriers to entry (gaming, TV, music) and then here are the geniuses at the EFL deciding the guys running Apple and Spotify don't know what they're up to.
  12. Before we get the statement, as it won't change either way. * Mel has done what other clubs have, just to the extreme. I wish he hadn't, but the EFL needs to take a long, hard look at why it took four years to get a grip on it, and the incentives for doing so. * Retrospectively changing their advice and interpretation of the rules is deeply, deeply wrong. * Rick Parry said something inane about clubs should use the pandemic to reset their business model a few months back, which was something so dumb as to surely prove conclusively he was unfit to be in the role altogether.
  13. Isn't this fraud, and actually quite serious?
  14. 1. Sort ownership. Stop treating the club like a distressed asset, so if selling takes time, let Rooney get on with it. 2. We urgently need two goal scoring forwards, one of which could be Gregory and ideally a young L1/L2 talent with something to prove. Also need minimum two CBs, possibly a third on loan. 3. Remaining recruitment should focus on not burning out young talent. Give them cover, protection. 4. Bielik needs a season to prove his fitness, so we should try and make the most of it and then probably sell him for a profit. But consider recruiting a viable backup now in case he is another Thorne. 5. Make a better start to the season. Even if heading for 14th a few decent results would go a long way to calming nerves.
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