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  1. Kennington Ram

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    Hard to not get excited when he made perennial nearly man Bennett actually come good! Truly excellent stuff at the mo, and hopefully we finally have a squad that can keep up the pace.
  2. Kennington Ram

    Geriatric Floresta

    That man doesn't look healthy.
  3. Kennington Ram

    Snake City watch

    Well done to £60m or whatever Stoke beating -£several millions Hull, minus a man and all. Quote from Nigel Adkins on the beeb seems like it's from another era maybe, before we allegedly discovered passing footy and artful set pieces this World Cup: "Look at the size of Middlesbrough and West Brom. It's the Championship - you need six big guys in your team. We have to bring players in."
  4. Kennington Ram

    Snake City watch

    There will come a day when I get bored of seeing Stoke City and that deceitful rick fall flat on their arse... But it is not this day.
  5. Kennington Ram

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    "Giving it large" on a forum for Derby fans to discuss Derby County. Get a life.
  6. Kennington Ram


    Mourinho seems to have lost it a bit, but Ed Woodward looks an utter chump when it comes to big signings... this is the third manager he's failed. There's no plan, and they waste money on second string players they can't recoup fees on.
  7. Kennington Ram

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    Revolutionary signings.
  8. Kennington Ram

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    Just need to get this guy in too and we're sorted: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/marx-lenin/profil/spieler/371994
  9. Kennington Ram

    Nahki Wells - Joined QPR

    What on earth.
  10. Kennington Ram

    George Evans - Signed on a 3 year deal

    See, that's the kind of "accidentally worked out well in hindsight" you never got with Wassermann Consultancy and General Evil Inc.
  11. Kennington Ram

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Vydra clearly heard the tale of Seth Johnson and loved it. We've all got a price to hold our nose and get to work, and for Vydra it was clearly a ludicrous £50k.
  12. Kennington Ram

    George Evans - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I don't think any of Rowett's signings turned out badly though, even if he did, and weren't so expensive as to bankrupt us. Arguably Jerome is a dud but otherwise I think they were all pretty decent?
  13. Kennington Ram

    George Evans - Signed on a 3 year deal

    That's a great deal. He's still young enough to develop even if he's had a mixed spell at Reading, and I'm entirely unconvinced that Clement knows anything about players who aren't already the best in the world. Obviously Rowett's dead to me now, but it's amazing what's happened in terms of quality of deals driven by both Rowett and Frank since Rush left.
  14. Kennington Ram

    Jay DaSilva - Joined Bristol City

    Think this guy is a faker, he doesn't know anything and almost certainly isn't called Derek.
  15. Kennington Ram

    2018 to 2020:How can England make the next step?

    I was quite mean about Southgate's ability on here before but fair play to the guy, turns out England was just crying out for someone with decency and values. Anyway mea culpa aside... I think we need a Plan B for controlling games. Went 1-0 ahead and changed absolutely nothing even when we were under pressure. Did the same thing vs Colombia. I realise these are knock out games and so the tempo is going to rise, but there seemed to be no credible options. Dele Alli and Kane were basically immobile in extra time... but why was nobody a better choice?

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