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  1. The co-efficient says it all though, coming in at a mighty 20th, several points behind Cyprus. Loads of teams get to be in Europe, doesn't mean they're any good.
  2. Slight hostage vibes to that photo after the statement yesterday. Pay the ransom Mel!
  3. Oh come on, that was Aberdeen's game of the season against a Burnley side basically running through their pre season routine, let's not pretend Sean Dyche wouldn't have won the octuple quadruple or whatever Celtic are on by now if his Burnley side were playing up there (with Burnley's PL budget of course!). Neither Ojo or Kent were outstanding in the Championship. There are a handful of passable teams in the SPL but from fourth and downwards there's not much difference between Burton Albion vs AFC Wimbledon - so it does account for the majority of the games.
  4. Yeah absolutely not, guy is a dreadful person. I liked Frank in part because he's a role model for our players. JT is the textbook on what not to do.
  5. Was that the Reading game? Up there with the angriest I've been as a fan for 30 years.
  6. Well I assume a lot of it is about getting Jody too. Chelsea have about 3 squads worth of "talent" on the books and he's going to know exactly who merits a promotion to the first team... perfect double act really. Their club is in a mess and I think it needs people who care about it. Would love him to stick around though! The youth journey at Derby looks like it went through night and day change.
  7. I think my issue with Rowett was less the new contract but the manner he went about it - a lot of chat about how much Derby meant to him etc. I think poaching another Championship manager is entirely possible. But I get the impression Johnson likes life at Bristol and believes he will get them promoted some day soon. Likewise I think Neil seems to be very comfortable at Preston, slowly improving a little every year. We would have to take a big risk on their contracts to get either... I don't see it myself.
  8. I'd like Hughton, but he looked a bit sad towards the end of his time of Brighton and I assumed he would fancy a break... but if not, happy to have him. Only concern is that Brighton spent money terribly in his final season but I doubt he is solely to blame.
  9. I cannot be too upset, he is going to the only club I think that's a no brainer. I don't really think he will care if it is too early, he has a lot of self belief and Jody M will know Chelsea's coaching inside out. It was fun, he made some mostly good memories, mostly excellent signings both on loan and permanently, and now it starts again. I hope Mel sticks with someone who will at least try and score and take on "big teams" in cups, it has been really refreshing!
  10. Jokanovic or Paul Cook I think... with Jokanovic by far the first choice. Great manager, great style of play (if he can get the right players).
  11. cheer up fella, you believed in a Derby team that did brilliantly well at times this season and showed a lot of spirit and class to get to Wembley. When you're there for a team through all the low moments, it makes the good times all the sweeter - and I think they'll be here in no time.
  12. That's the thing... the May List of Screw Ups never ends, is continually growing as we find out new things she messed up years after they happened. I'm never going to agree with everyone politically but I hope we all learn some lessons about the value of leadership.
  13. Feel absolutely no sympathy. She has been howlingly incompetent at everything she has put her hand to, revealing herself as someone utterly devoid of empathy, intelligence and personality. The list is endless and she really represents everything I have come to resent about this country over the last couple of years, making it a nastier place entirely. 1. It isn't my politics, but even those who want tighter immigration policies presumably were not asking for perverse, incomprehensible systems designed to randomly root out British Carribeans who had lived here for the entirety of their lives because they tried to do things like retire, draw pensions or get a job. People literally died because of it. Buried by the news, thousands of people even this very day were found to have been wrongly deported for false accusations of cheating. Incredible she brought up the kinder transport in her speech. If she had been in charge, she would have driven vans around their neighbourhoods telling them to go home, a d then designed a series of systems so arbitrary that they would be deported at random at any time after the war. 2. Triggered Article 50 without any kind of obvious plan, and set a bunch of completely imaginary "red lines" everyone had told her would be unacceptable to the EU, and then spent three years being told no in negotiating them. Again, even if you want Leave, she conspired to do it in the very stupidest way possible. Worst PM of my lifetime, and a bad person to boot. Anyway back to avoiding talking politics online, something I'd managed for a while until that idiot started her dreadful resignation.
  14. I don't have a screen grab of it yet, but any people do have appreciated... the very last seconds of the Sky recap with big man Keogh leaping onto Frank at the final whistle with a look of intensity and joy only Keogh could pull off. Love it.
  15. Exceptionally hungover this morning, still grinning though! Leeds thought it was job done by the 40th minute, but the whole thing brought to mind the quote about the tennis player who finally beat Connors after years of trying: “Because nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row.” Feels like a lot of the team have got a special moment in their locker - Wilson, Marriott, Mount, Bogle, Holmes. Just gotta hope they find one or two in a couple of weeks 🙏
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