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  1. Yes, a wall around a ticketed event in the middle of the country is exactly the same as building an enormous, expensive wall that destroys relationships with its closest neighbour and ecosystems from coast to coast. Free music lessons for children is a lovely policy, particularly considering that Britain's cultural economy consistently punches above its weight. Agree that Labour has work to do to reach out to people feeling left behind, but Glastonbury is full of young people working hard towards an indefinite future attracted to someone bothering to offer them something.
  2. Yeah fair play, I guess my concern is just having the creative, passing option if we need it. Totally get what Whelan does, but I just don't rate Butterfield and he's probably the most Hughes like of our remaining midfielders.
  3. I still really hope that the midfield refresh isn't limited to Hughes out and Whelan in. Not against him... But he's not the answer, is he?
  4. Perhaps Rowett is offering him a last chance saloon and he knows it. He was clearly very talented at a point in his career. I agree he is potentially an ********, but to be fair I remember reading that Martin was banned from all the pubs in Norwich when he signed and look how that worked out!
  5. The worst thing for me is that it just makes me dislike some of the midfielders left at the club a bit more. Like Butterfield, who compared to Hughes can get in the bloody bin. I really, really hope we end the summer with a different midfield than our current one plus Glenn bloody Whelan. Will reserve judgment til then, but if that's it, I'll be upset unless somehow Rowett can turn the rest of the me-toos in our mid into gold.
  6. I don't know if that's fair. We have signed a still young player who was great and hard working first time round and a good, experienced cb for peanuts. We have been linked with Whelan and Lesley, but there's no clear idea if they're actually what we propose to use the Hughes money for. They may be an effort to force other players out, like Johnson or Butterfield. We've not even fielded a pre season side yet. I think don't want Hughes to leave, especially for 8m, but I'm not going to rush to judgment until the season starts and we see who is playing and how they're doing.
  7. That's an outrageously low sum.
  8. I dunno, Sunderland seem to be doing everything they can to make sure they're not fit to start the new season: There may not be a better time to play them. Wolves and Hull will be tough - we need to get good home form going, but I reckon both will start relatively well. Based on last season though, November looks bloody tough. Could be do or die time.
  9. It cannot be hugely inspiring for some of the EPL players though, going from playing for someone with nouse like Puel, or Conti, to just trying to kill the game under a has been like Boothroyd or Southgate. Should be proud to wear the shirt but must feel very hopeless at times.
  10. I see Hughes is on the bench again... the first XI has some great talent but the highlights of that first game made it look miserable. I don't really see why you'd not shake it up a bit after that though? Moreover though I just don't really get why proven league failures like Boothroyd are employed by England at this level, same with Southgate really. Why not hire coaches who work within England and start to build a consistent identity and understanding of the squad they've got? We just seem to employ managers who turn out to be unfit for league work, like some consolation prize. The bargain bin of management.
  11. Fair enough, sorry!
  12. A lot of people were living in flats bought and then re rented under right to buy, even though the TMO owned the building.
  13. You say wait for the facts, but theres not many here. There is an acute shortage of council housing almost no matter how you look at it. We were consistently building less new stock than needed since the 80s. Immigrant demand or no immigrant demand (and regardless, it is hard for immigrants to get Council housing despite the media rubbish). If you pay for a house, it should be safe to live in. You are obliged this for paying.
  14. Probably not that many. MPs are down in London usually solidly Sunday through Thursday. I don't know about Onn, but on Friday she should then be holding at least one surgery for constituents who have problems. To a degree though I agree. Parliament should have a series of small but nice modular estates it owns and just 'rents' out to MPs as and when needed. CPO the land to get fair value and reasonable distance to the HOC, and make sure not too in the same place to limit security issues. None silly buggers private rent business, which is open to abuse.
  15. But it's difficult not to when they're made by the survivors?