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Will Hughes signs new 3 and a half year contract

Animal is a Ram

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4 minutes ago, DRBee said:

Given his past actions and commitment to the Rams, why was this ever in doubt for some fans?



He will want to play in the Premier League at some point, something which I doubt many of us will begrudge him. He still sees us a route to do so but the longer we stay in the second tier the higher the chance he sees a move away as his best option.

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Will Hughes is our talisman , would have been sad to see him go as I will be on the day he eventually must go as I believe he will grow into a top level player but for some time now he has been a good advert for the club , the young white haired English talent and this new contract send the message that Derby is a good club for young talent to nurture and grow ,, and if this Lansbury is decent talent with potential and got an ounce of sense he will get his arse over to the ipro and be part of a young dynamic midfield that is prem bound 

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