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Will Hughes signs new 3 and a half year contract

Animal is a Ram

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29 minutes ago, ramsbottom said:

Shame he's unlikely to be risked tonight.  Always has a good game against the scum...


24 minutes ago, David said:

Risked? what's up with him?


22 minutes ago, David said:

Gutted, was looking forward to seeing him with De Sart tonight

He's on team bus to Leeds. Check Bent twitter ??

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2 hours ago, mrdave85 said:

Amazing news but I'm in agreement with @Joel (i think his username on here) on Twitter that it will be the last extension he signs while we're in the championship. 

Indeed, that's me.

Delighted he's signed this but chances are this'll be the last deal he signs with us whilst we remain in this division. Liklihood is that we'll get this season and next with him before he's on his way a year before the deal expires. That'd be my, slightly cyncical guess.

Hughes has possibly been our best player of the last ten / fifteen years and his loyalty should be commended. Really hope he can get a promotion with us during his time here. Great to have him signed up though. Worth the admission price alone some weeks.

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1 hour ago, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

He will want to play in the Premier League at some point, something which I doubt many of us will begrudge him. He still sees us a route to do so but the longer we stay in the second tier the higher the chance he sees a move away as his best option.

We are still his best chance of succeeding in the Premier League for now. I think his game is so subtly beneficial to the overall performance of the team, he might go unnoticed at some clubs if he was to move there. Derby know what he's all about and if we go up, he'll still be a first team player and he'll get to show his skill in a team that gets him.

Plus I think it's perhaps important to him, to his own ambitions, to help get Derby promoted. Maybe it'll be something he knows he'll regret missing out on when he looks back on his career one day.

Captained England, won the Premier League.... If only he could have just been promoted with the club that nurtured his talent... 

But back to the original point, he doesn't score or assist loads, so he's not the type to immediately set the Premier League on fire with a torrent of goals. I think theres a good few Premier clubs he'd improve a lot, but they might not see it. I can remember some people doubting whether he improved us back in 12/13, so it took us time as well. I don't think he'll get the patience at another club. Not until he adds goals to his game anyway. 

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1 hour ago, Ewe Ram said:

^^^ ipro? Tut

Who can keep up with all this stadium snadium malarkey..?  Of course it could be my cryptic way of saying I dont want him at Derby ,, ? 

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I've been a bit meh today but reading this thread has made me feel more like it. Really pleased for Will, very pleased for us. Hope he's got a significant pay rise, that pass alone to Bent putting him through at Wolves was worth a rise. 

This could (should) give the lads a bit of a lift for tonight's game, having a player of Will's quality committing his future to the club is a big deal and a statement of intent from the board.


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