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  1. It's one of the early steps in the Fascist Playbook - dehumanisation of one group of society and then getting other groups of society to accept said dehumanisation as 'normal'.
  2. Did anybody see the insane kipper-waving rant from Bonkers Boris last night, where he was blaming the EU for 'red tape' requiring individually-packed kippers sent by post to be accompanied with an individual ice pack? Turns out that it's a British regulation, and not the EU. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-kipper-rant-eu-rules-uk-commission-speech-a9010436.html You couldn't make it up - ok, you couldn't make it up if you were sane. It's straight out of his 'straight bananas' playbook.
  3. Well, the Office For Budget Responsibility (a government department) has released a report today that states that even a 'managed no deal' exit will cause a recession with at least a 2% fall in GDP next year, and a disorderly no deal will be far worse than that. On the other hand, Jacob Rees-Mogg reckons that he - sorry, we - will be 80 billion a year better off. Experts, eh?
  4. eddie

    Beer Thread

    I've no answer to that.
  5. eddie

    Beer Thread

    Is that a @Duracell gag? If so, well played, sir.
  6. eddie

    Beer Thread

    Not taking it any way at all. I have 20 years experience of Belgian beers, drinking, keeping and even brewing my own. I have listened to master brewers and have learned a lot from people who are experts on yeast cultivation, together with ingesting every word spoken on the subject of Belgian beers, by the greatest beer writer of them all, Michael Jackson. I was a cellarman almost 50 years ago, when English beers 'from the wood' were precisely that (oak casks) and when I was younger and fitter I could thrawl a 36 gallon tub on my own. I lived in a pub for 10 years before I got married and still helped out in my father's cellar until he retired, but it was strictly part-time. Temperatures are tricky - strictly speaking, every beer has its own perfect temperature, and that depends upon the characteristics of the beer that you are trying to enhance. A bottom-fermented beer (basically a lager) has to be cold because at room temperature, pilsners smell of fart (the yeasts actually release sulphur dioxide during primary fermentation. Some is removed during the 'lagering' process, but some sulphur dioxide - a trace - remains in solution even in the bottle. Warm it up, out it comes). The maltier the beer, the warmer the temperature at serving because you are relying on the olfactory system to bring out the complexity - an Imperial Stout can go right up to close to room temperature and be perfect. But there are exceptions. A Rauchbier is both smoky and malty, but it's also a lager with the SO2 problems I have already mentioned. The only way of knowing is to taste the beer at different temperatures - and a top 'specialist' Belgian bar might have 100* or more different beers. But you can't just serve the beer cold, then keep tasting it as it warms up because the effervescence and lacing dissipates with time. I like to think that I could have been a great publican, but I decided, from an early age, that pub life was not for me. It's probably for the best - I would have been insufferable - just imagine me pouring someone's dubbel into the correct goblet, then watching the customer just swig it down in one. I would be down their throat screaming "Sniff it, you ignoramus. You're meant to sniff, sip and swirl before you swallow. Now get out of my bar, you Philistine!" *Delerium Cafe in Brussels has over 2000 different beers Give him time to make mistakes and learn from them.
  7. The EU will give in “very quickly” after a no-deal Brexit and start talks on a trade deal because of the UK’s “size and importance” - Stephen Barclay Now let's try it again, but this time, without the unicorns... The UK will give in “very quickly” after a no-deal Brexit and accept whatever is offered because of the EU’s “size and importance”.
  8. He'll disappear the first time the opposition launch an assault..
  9. eddie

    Beer Thread

    Is that a gluten thing? A couple of pals of mine are gluten-intolerant, and can't enjoy the wonders of most Belgian beers, so I'm going to order a bottle or two of this in the next week or two and give it a taste test... https://belgiuminabox.com/shop/special-experimental/8090-ginger-tipple-8-33-cl.html
  10. eddie

    Beer Thread

    It's called The Worm Has Turned. https://www.wormhasturned.co.uk/
  11. eddie

    Beer Thread

    We did yesterday (ok, I did - the Memsahib had Hop House 13). It's a lovely pub, and one which we consider to be our 'local'. It's also a nice start point (or first watering-hole) for walking to the Steamboat at Sawley - about 4 miles along the canal and then the Trent.
  12. eddie

    Beer Thread

    I can forgive a few things, given that they have only just opened. One of the joys of drinking Belgian beers is that the glass should be married to the characteristics of the beer. Unfortunately, all of the beers I tried were served in an all-purpose 'flute' glass, which is completely inappropriate for a dubbel. Fine for a saison, fine for a Flemish red (although it was too cold to bring out the full flavour of the beer), fine for the Memsahib's St Feuillion Grand Cru but not fine for the bottle of Tynt Meadow I finished the session with. The chap who runs the place was eager to pick my brains, and I have tried to help with respect to refrigeration temperatures etc. I agree about the price - beers I could buy very cheaply were among their most expensive on sale, and beers which were somewhat more expensive to buy online were on sale for relatively cheaper prices. From what I could see, the Memsahib and myself were the only people drinking Belgian beers this afternoon. Anyway, enough negatives. The bar itself is spaceous, well-appointed, well-lit and very comfortable, and we will return in a couple of weeks.
  13. eddie

    Apollo 11

    Good name, that. I once met a man named Michael Jackson, and he changed my life. For those of you who want to know a little about beer, this is a good place to start... http://www.beerhunter.com/
  14. I'm retired. Phew, got out of that one.
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