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  1. eddie

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Welcome to the asylum.
  2. eddie

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    A tennis player will typically run between 4 and 6 kilometres during a 5 set match. Craig Bryson ran 14 kilometres against Southampton - almost 3 times as far in half the time.
  3. It'll make a change from tripping over his knuckles.
  4. eddie

    Pro Leads Untidy...

    He was the manager of Leeds at the 'Battle of the Baseball Ground' - Derby had a 4-1 lead over Real Madrid with the second leg to come, 4 days later, and he sent his dirties out to kick as many Derby players off the park as possible that day.
  5. eddie

    Kelle Roos

    Is this the thread where we all try to make the most stupid post possible? OK, my turn. I see Forest are improving.
  6. eddie

    Ashley Cole

    Then I become eligible to be part of the next Derby-based Question Time audience.
  7. eddie

    Ashley Cole

    I've given up and have no idea how it will end - so I am perfect to become an MP.
  8. eddie

    Ashley Cole

    That's 'Bible Years' - after all, Methuselah was 969 when he retired according to that rubbish. /sneaks in religion - politics next
  9. eddie

    Pro Leads Untidy...

    Anagrams of Leeds United... I needed slut Seen diluted Sudden elite Led tune, dies Anagrams of Jimmy Armfield Mr Failed Jimmy Jammy filed rim Rot in hell you cheating scumbag
  10. eddie


    Derby are inconsistent - and that is only to be expected. Half the side consist of people who have played less than 50 games at this level, and it is unrealistic to expect them to perform as brilliantly as they have in some games. I don't even look upon this season as 'transitional' - I look upon it as 'Lampard getting his feet under the table and finding out a few things about himself and the players he has at his disposal'. I expect nothing, but I'm enjoying it. I'm also looking forward to finally being able to get to the match on Saturday, after a couple of months of being a blooming invalid.
  11. eddie

    O'Notts Forest

    Has he been sacked yet?
  12. eddie

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Yes, I know (a split second before that) - but did Bryson not back-heel the ball to Waghorn beforehand, or did he just try to and it ended up being a brilliant dummy? At the time Bryson played/tried to play/dummied the ball on its way through to Waghorn, the latter had got back onside.
  13. eddie

    Where VAR helped us last night

    I found the VAR decision baffling - because Bryson was involved in the play (with Waghorn clearly onside at the time) before he received the pass and slotting it in the net. Or does dummying the ball and wrong-footing the defender not count any more?
  14. eddie

    Ashley Cole

    Scans better now.

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