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    Next Belgium trip - North Sea Beer Festival, August 22-29.
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  1. eddie


    Still a 3. I don't think I care about anything any more.
  2. 30 yards from where I am currently maintaining Jack Daniel's at the moment. May go there tomorrow night.
  3. Currently in Mangers, Watford. Snydered out with Derby fans. We are doing our best to cheer up the Sunderland fans.
  4. Ah, Tommy Robinson - whiter than white.
  5. eddie


    I'm now about an 8. Nothing to do with Wembley, but I have just this minute put another beer order in to Belgiuminabox.
  6. I tend to view the BBC as the mouthpiece of the most right-wing government of my lifetime, extremely biased towards both the Tories and the Faragers, pretty well alligned with newspapers like the Mail and the Express, whereas @G STAR RAM looks upon them as dangerous pinkos aligned with the Grauniad and socialist Worker. So they must be doing something right.
  7. Careful. Stay away from The Edge. Edit: Late to the party, I see.
  8. 6%? That's almost alcohol-free.
  9. I wouldn't marry either of them.
  10. Lovely beasts. I have guard nematodes looking after my chillies, programmed to devour fungus gnats and memsahibs.
  11. eddie


    I shall only do that if we lose at Wembley. For therapeutic reasons.
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