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  1. eddie

    Beer Thread

    A couple of days ago, we had a pint in the Lord Derby (well, you would, wouldn't you?) in St Anne's (the Lytham variety, not the Shottinhgam one). Abbot. The worst pint I have ever had - it stunk. Not a good advert for cleaning pipes.
  2. eddie

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Fleetwood. Cold and grim.
  3. eddie

    🎃 Halloween Special... What scares you??? 🎃

    Hark at her. Once a pathetic shandy-drinker, always a pathetic shandy-drinker.
  4. eddie

    Non-League Day 2018

    Yes, I had quotingutchbadlyitis but it seems to have cleared up now.
  5. eddie

    Non-League Day 2018

    Christ on a bike, I really must go back to bed.
  6. eddie

    Non-League Day 2018

  7. eddie

    🎃 Halloween Special... What scares you??? 🎃

    A shame the same can't be said of my local GP. I had the first appointment this morning (just to get a repeat prescription verified - an annual thing) and it was still 10 minutes late. I, of course, was 20 minutes early (it is a full 5 minutes from my home, so I only had to make allowances for the more common delays, i.e. possible flash floods, subsidence and meteorite strikes).
  8. eddie

    🎃 Halloween Special... What scares you??? 🎃

    It got to the stage that if I was supposed to be in work for 8:30 am, I would be there at 7:30. Everything has to be 'on time' (i.e. an hour early) - just in case of unforseen circumstances. It drove the memsahib nuts.
  9. eddie

    🎃 Halloween Special... What scares you??? 🎃

    Being late for any appointment, no matter how trivial. It has got worse over the last few years, to the point that I used to turn up for local interviews a full hour early and park my car locally, just to avoid the remote chance of me being late.
  10. eddie

    v QPR (A) - Predictions

    QPR 1 Derby 3 Marriott
  11. eddie

    We have an England International!

    The sheer bitchiness of some of the posters on here comes as no surprise.
  12. eddie

    Mason Bennett

    So Bennett is the new scapegoat, eh? No worries, a couple of misplaced passes is all it takes to bring you back into the Brad-hating department.
  13. eddie

    Derbyshire Cricket 2018

    RIP Chris Wilkins. I remember him scoring a few centuries for Derbyshire back in 1971 and 1972.
  14. No. That would be 1 chance in 17. Guessing heads or tails is 'even money' or 1-1.
  15. I know - it must be billions to one. (15-1 actually)

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