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  1. duncanjwitham


    So you are telling me we didn't just have 3 months at the start of last season, where every Radio Derby football programme didn't involve some variant on "And just where is Ikechi Anya? We paid £4.5m for him!"?
  2. duncanjwitham

    Matej Vydra

    Depends entirely what you want to do. If you want any semblance of playing decent football, you need someone in the final third that can put their foot on the ball and link the play up. It doesn't have to be a traditional 'target man', just someone with decent feet, a bit of upper body strength and some awareness of what's going on around him. Under Rowett (and Pearson) we never had that - we had 4 fast runners up front, and whenever the midfield picked the ball up, the forwards all started running away and we ended up losing the ball more often than not, as there was no one to pass to.
  3. duncanjwitham


    They may well be, but as it stands they are still here unless someone is willing to pay for them/take on their contracts/we pay them off etc. So even if they're told that they're not wanted and left to train with the kids, there's still going to be pressure on Lampard as to why he's playing academy lads when there are £3.5m+ signings rotting in the reserves, especially if those academy lads have a few bad games (which they inevitably will at some stage).
  4. duncanjwitham


    If (and I know it's a big if, but it looks likely from what we've seen so far) we set up in a vaguely similar way to McClaren, then the midfield 3 is going to be a sitter, a passer and a runner. So depth chart wise, you're looking at something like: Sitter: Huddz, Ledley, Thorne Runner: Bryson, Johnson Passer: Mount, Butterfield, Elsnik I know that there's not a strict divide between those groups, but Elsnik is a bit closer to the starting XI that he looks based purely on the number of central midfielders we have IMO. And for all that, Bennett and Thomas are behind Lawrence, Wilson, Josefzoon, Anya, Blackman and maybe even Vydra at the moment, so they're not that better off.
  5. duncanjwitham

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    I heard he's been holidaying in a Bradley Armoured Fighting vehicle. He bought it from some guy in Norwich for £6.5m. It's completely unsuitable for living in, and he's got no idea what he's actually going to do with it, but it was too good an offer to turn down.
  6. duncanjwitham

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    He's clearly not a real footballer, or he'd be edging forward over that white line every time anyone looked away.
  7. duncanjwitham

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    Obviously it's early days for lampard, but if we are going to play the kind of fluid 433 we seem to have played today, then where does Vydra fit? It'll be exactly like McClaren mark 2, with him either playing up front and struggling to hold the ball up, or getting stuck out wide. Better to sell him now while his stock is high IMO.
  8. duncanjwitham

    Jacob Butterfield - my insane prediction

    The other problem he's had is Chris Martin. To get the best out of Butterfield, you need mobile players running off him to get on the end of his through balls, or to create space for him to shoot. To get the best out of Chris Martin you need... mobile players running off him to get on the end of his flicks and layoffs, or to create space for him to shoot. So if you put the pair of them together as a striker dropping off the front/attacking midfielder pair, they just get in each other's way and don't provide what the other needs to flourish, Compare that to say Bryson with Martin - Bryson doesn't have Butterfields through balls or consistency of shooting from distance, but he and Martin complement each other perfectly. Likewise, I'd be interested to see what say Butterfield and Jerome could do, provided the rest of the team was set up to suit too.
  9. duncanjwitham

    "The Derby Way"

    I think, if finances weren't an issue, he would probably want to. And the half he would want to replace would depend entirely on what sort of football he wanted to play.
  10. duncanjwitham

    "The Derby Way"

    It's just the idea that we should have some kind of club identity as to how we play. It doesn't have to be McClaren style football, we could decide we are going to be a long ball team, or a sit-deep-and-counter team, or a high intensity attacking team or whatever. But what matters is that we keep appointing managers that want to play this way, we keep signing players that play this way, and we keep developing youngsters that can play this way. So when a new manager comes in, he doesn't have to replace half of the first team squad, and we don't have academy lads never getting game time because they can't do what the manager wants.
  11. duncanjwitham

    £10m FFP Bill

    I don't think it was ever going to be an actual fine, and the Mail report itself refers to an 'FFP bill'. If it ever existed, it was much more likely to be a "we have to raise £10m by June to meet the FFP restrictions" type of issue.
  12. duncanjwitham

    £10m FFP Bill

    From the DET report on the last set of accounts (2016/2017), we looked to be making a loss of about £10m across the whole year, excluding player sales/signings (turner - (wages + operating costs)). So given that we've supposedly cut costs since then, and made a profit on transfers, the idea that we're losing £3m a month sounds crazy.
  13. duncanjwitham

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    The two that wanted him both wanted to play decent football, the two that didn't both wanted to play hoofball. IMO It's not that Martin is the be all and end all, it's more that wanting a player like Martin in your team is indicative of what kind of football we're likely to be seeing next season.
  14. duncanjwitham

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    He needs to follow through on his 'Derby Way' stuff - decide what sort of football he wants his club to play, and then only appoint managers who play it. You can absolutely have stability across multiple managers if you appoint them carefully. If you keep swinging wildly from hoofball merchants to attractive passers, you'll never ever have it.
  15. duncanjwitham

    Jacob Butterfield

    I don't think either of them are actually that bad, provided you set the team up to suit their (very, very different) styles of play. Unfortunately, we bought both of them, and tried to shoehorn them into the same team together. And that just sums up the lack of thought and planning that's gone into our transfer policy for the last few seasons.

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