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  1. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Personally, I really hope (the not-suspended) Huddlestone rattles in the winner .
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    It was clearly that IMO - the police didn't specifically demand we call it off, but all of the groups involved collectively decided it was for the best.
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I dunno, turning up to a game hours after you've been told it's been called off makes you look like a bit of a cretin to me.
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    It had also largely stopped snowing several days before the Fulham game, it was only the cold temperatures keeping the snow around. Whereas today, it snowed heavily overnight directly before the game, which combined with the early kick off, made it difficult to clear the paths etc. I also seem to remember several mentions of the Fulham game getting called off IF it snowed again prior to the match, which it didn't.
  5. Fans Forum 13th March

    For me, the problem is more that we jump on these things (like let's have a small squad) without ever seeming to understand what we need to do to actually make them work. If we want a small squad then fine, but you can't load up a key area of your team with very old or very injury prone players. And you can't fill your squad with players that are so specialised that they can only perform in one specific position/role/style of play etc. With the squad we have, we are basically locked into playing 4231, and we are utterly reliant on having 2 of Huddlestone, Thorne and Ledley available at all times, and that's a crazy position to put ourselves in.
  6. FFP going into next season

    They're amortised over the length of their contracts, so all of the players from 2015/16 that are still here (or were still here at some point this season) will still be costing us in FFP terms - e.g. Bradley Johnson, £6m on a 4 year contract, will 'cost' us £1.5m this season. Off hand, Johnson, Butterfield, Blackman, Shackell and Weimann are still here.
  7. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    With that one, Leacock had just played the previous game at right back (to cover Brayford being out), and did fairly well, so I can at least see why Clough would not want to move him (even if I don't agree with it). With this one, unless there's an injury to Palmer we don't know about, it's utterly moronic from Rowett. We get over run in there on a regular basic, so putting a player in there that doesn't close down, doesn't track runners, and gives the ball away a lot makes no sense at all.
  8. Will Hughes Watch

    But being 'a good passer' is nothing to do with spraying diagonals, or even really through-balls. Iniesta (and Xavi and Messi) are amazing passers of the ball because they execute the 'simple' stuff so well, all of the time. Yeah the flashy stuff catches the eye, and they're all capable of it too, but with those guys passing the ball, every other player is better on the pitch. You keep the ball better, so defenders are under less pressure. Players receiving the ball don't have to adjust to control it, so you can move the ball quicker, pulling opposing players around creating space to attack. If forwards aren't having to adjust, they get more time and space to get shots and crosses away. And so on and so on. Hughes might not be in the same class as Iniesta, but he's that type of player. If he's on the pitch and getting on the ball, every other player will play better.
  9. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Weirdly, I think this is exactly the time when Mel might be questioning the manager. Attendances are over 2K down compared to the last 3 seasons, and if season tickets sales were to get off to a slow start too, then given how tight we seem to be with FFP, Mel might have no choice.
  10. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I don't think it's anything to do with him caring or not, he's just not a very smart footballer. If you use him like Norwich did, as a battering ram and just let him run around and cause the other team problems, he's fine. If you play him in a possession focused system (like Clement did), or in a position that requires discipline and reading the game (as Rowett did last night), then he's going to get found out.
  11. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    I can think of plenty of games this season where we've defended the full 90 minutes, nicked the game 1-0, and I've gone home very disappointed. If the only thing I cared about was the results, I'd stay at home and watch the scores pop up on teletext. I go to the games because I want to see good players, playing good football and winning games. We've sold all of the good players, we're actively choosing to play terrible football and we're not even getting good results anymore.
  12. What are our tactics?

    It's more a case of he should never have been appointed in the first place. If he were sacked tonight, I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over it, and I might actually start looking forward to games again.
  13. What are our tactics?

    Like I said, if I could see that progress was being made, I'd be happy, but it's not. The results are no better, but the football is dire now too. And yeah, it would be nice to give a manager time to sort it, but you have to believe in where the manager is taking you, and I just don't with Rowett. I don't want to spend 2 seasons watching us turn into a bunch of hoofball merchants, and then have to spend 3 more watching the next manager turn us back into a decent ball-playing team.
  14. What are our tactics?

    Rowett has still made a fair few signings though, and for quite a lot of money (and wages). If my maths is right, 6 of the starters tonight were his signings, plus Jerome off the bench, so that's half of the team. If we were 12th but there were clear signs Rowett was building something, I would be much happier than I am now. As it is, I don't like where Rowett is taking us, and I'm not even convinced he's capable of getting us there anyway.
  15. What are our tactics?

    Desperately cling onto a clean sheet and hope one of the forwards wins it for us. It's basically exactly the same thing we were doing under clement, with just a slightly different way of implementing it. With the exact same results - it's fine while everyone's confident and on form, and your luck holds, but it's massively susceptible to a few bad results turning into a nosedive.

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