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  1. Cardiff V Derby County

    More like General Disarray and Major Disaster, with the only solution being a major dose of Corporal Punishment.
  2. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    The job is significant because he's making it significant. The way he wants to play suits pretty much none of the current squad, and it doesn't suit half of the players he has signed either. If he was trying to (for example), play the way Wassall tried to get us playing - still playing out from the back, but mixing it up a little bit more when it made sense to - we would need to replace a hell of a lot less of the current squad, and the performances would likely be much better in the short term.
  3. Brentford V Derby County

    4 strikers on the bench? Even if you class Weimann as a winger, it's still crazy.
  4. A Tale of Two Teams (Derby & Brighton)

    If I could see this with us, and it was a style I wanted to watch every week, I would be giving Rowett all the time in the world to sort it. But I can't. And it's not.
  5. Rowett didn't bounce.

    Assuming that the money is spent well of course...
  6. Rowett didn't bounce.

    With the ultimate irony being that 'The Derby Way' was supposed to be about creating a sustainable structure that could get us up and then keep us up. 'owt to get up' is a recipe for Billy Davies-style up and then straight back down.
  7. Rowett didn't bounce.

    His entire game plan was based around individual players winning games for us - so the back 7 control the game, then Ince/Martin/Butterfield/whoever scores a scores a screamer and we win. That might work when you have Ronaldo and Bale, or Robben and Lewandowski up front, but it's never going to be sustainable at this level - there just isn't a big enough quality gap between the best forwards (we can afford) in this league and the average defenders. Teams then start to realise that can just focus on taking the key players out of the game (double up on Ince, close Butterfield down, stop the supply into martin's feet etc), and the low numbers of goals we were scoring means that any mistakes at the back end up costing us games which piles pressure on the defence. A good run of form, confidence and luck carried us for a couple of months. But it was never going to last IMO.
  8. Is Rowett up to the job

    But that isn't 'tucked in on the left'. At least not in the way Johnson was being used at Norwich. They played a 442 diamond, with Johnson on the left of the 4 - in effect he was doing the same job that Bryson did for McClaren (albeit in a much more direct system). The way Rowett wants us to play seemingly involves a lot of balls over the top for wingers to run onto, and Johnson is never going to be able to do that. So if he gets stuck out wide, he either ends up sitting deep and we lack support in the final third (and the only gain is that the opposition now have 3 static midfielders to run past instead of 2). Or he ends up pushing right up and we leave a gaping hole in front of the left back. If we want to use Johnson in a similar way to Norwich but in a 4231, we need a forward that can hold the ball up, and then let Johnson play in the hole behind and just cause havoc there, barge about, knock people over, get on all the loose balls and knockdowns etc. We'd also need a mobile midfielder to play in the 2 alongside Huddlestone, and we'd have to drop Vydra too, so I don't see what we're gaining.
  9. Bad summer window

    The other thing we don't know about the scouting network, is whether their recommendations are actually being listened to. For all we know, we could have located 20 brilliant holding midfielders in Europe, but Rowett said no and just wanted to sign one of his Birmingham mates. The whole process is a black box, and from outside we have no idea where the failures are occurring.
  10. Is Rowett up to the job

    But Watford don't keep changing style when they change manager. They have an overall philosophy at the club, and appoint managers that will follow that. Our last 5 manager have all been radically different in style to the previous one, which is why we've got such a mess of a squad.
  11. Bristol City v Derby County

    The fault is that we were trying to sign a player to fulfill a fundamental requirement of the system Rowett wants to play, 5 minutes before the deadline. We've obviously needed a player like that all summer - it should have been done months before.
  12. Bristol City v Derby County

    Exactly. So why can a random fan from another club (no offence!) spot in one game what rowett's failed to see in 6 months?
  13. Is Rowett up to the job

    We were also on a run of 7 games without a win, and showing absolutely no clue how to turn it around, at the point clement was sacked. It wasn't like we we're flying at that point. And we hadn't really played that well all season either, despite the league position.
  14. Is Rowett up to the job

    I'm not sure he can drop the poor performers, we've literally got no one else in some cases.
  15. Bristol City v Derby County

    Because he's all about getting the ball from back to front quickly. So that's either long balls to a strikers head/chest, or balls over the top for forwards to run onto. If we get the ball forward and hold it up, I think rowetts more than happy to play to feet from there, but we rarely get that far, because it goes forward and doesn't stick.

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