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  1. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    I dunno about that - if they replace Mark Hughes with Martin O'Neill, then they've definitely replaced one tit with a bigger one.
  2. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    Obviously all the usual lies, damn lies and statistics applies, but it does back up how I've been seeing the matches this season - we tend to create a few really good chances and by-and-large take them. But we give up a few really good chances as well, and mostly get away with them (a Carson wonder-save, a great last-ditch tackle, a horrific miss from the opposition etc). So that's not to say we don't deserve to be where we are or anything, but the margins between winning and losing have been razor-thin. If the forwards start missing a few more chances, and the defenders start getting a bit sloppy, those narrow wins are going become draws and defeats.
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Lets settle this properly then (with maths ). I'll put the headline news at the top: We've had the 8th easiest run of games of any team in the championship. If you want the methodology, it's based on the average points gained from the 8 closest matches to a given fixture. For any NFL followers on here, it's a bit like the Strength of Schedule stat they use. So basically when Ipswich play a team, that team on average has gotten 8.63 points from their closest 8 games to that fixture. And the actual table: 1 Ipswich 8.63 2 Bristol City 9.50 3 Sheffield United 9.50 4 Hull 9.83 5 Aston Villa 9.89 6 Millwall 10.00 7 Bolton 10.06 8 Derby 10.35 9 Leeds 10.47 10 Nott'm Forest 10.67 11 Norwich 10.72 12 Sunderland 11.06 13 Sheffield Weds 11.18 14 Brentford 11.22 15 Birmingham 11.24 16 Middlesbrough 11.35 17 Wolves 11.41 18 Barnsley 11.47 19 QPR 11.67 20 Preston 11.83 21 Reading 12.06 22 Burton 12.11 23 Cardiff 12.39 24 Fulham 12.72
  4. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Norwich's home form was poor before and after they played us. Leeds have been poor everywhere for a long time.
  5. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Aaah, so we're only rolling over in 50% of the key games then? That's no improvement at all over when we were playing decent attractive football. Norwich and Leeds were badly out of form when we played them as well.
  6. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    The performances against Wolves, Bristol City and Sheffield United weren't rolling over?
  7. Thoughts on Lawrence so far

    I didn't take it as a dig at Lawrence at all, I thought he was just referring to the fact he'd done the sub announcement before the goal announcement.
  8. Matej Vydra

    Well, at least it's unbalanced for the 90% of the time when we're not counter attacking. There's no link up at all between midfield and the forwards - the 2 midfielders both sit deep and the 4 forwards all want to be making runs in behind, so you get massive gaps appearing.
  9. Matej Vydra

    But Vydra isn't being played as a striker, he's being played as a creative midfielder. Pretty much the whole reason you set up in a 4231 is to allow the guy in the centre of those 3 to have a free role, get on the ball, dictate the game and so on. The only outfield starters on Saturday to have less touches than Vydra were Nugent and Fonte. And he gave the ball away more than anybody on the pitch and created absolutely nothing as well. So with Vydra there, we're basically falling back into a 442, but it's horribly unbalanced because we've got 2 sitting midfielders (meaning no runners from midfield) and 2 out-and-out attacking wingers (meaning we get over run in midfield as there's no 3rd man in there).
  10. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Get fired. I can't see any other logical explanation for this.
  11. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Playing for Watford and Cardiff.
  12. Cardiff V Derby County

    More like General Disarray and Major Disaster, with the only solution being a major dose of Corporal Punishment.
  13. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    The job is significant because he's making it significant. The way he wants to play suits pretty much none of the current squad, and it doesn't suit half of the players he has signed either. If he was trying to (for example), play the way Wassall tried to get us playing - still playing out from the back, but mixing it up a little bit more when it made sense to - we would need to replace a hell of a lot less of the current squad, and the performances would likely be much better in the short term.
  14. Brentford V Derby County

    4 strikers on the bench? Even if you class Weimann as a winger, it's still crazy.
  15. A Tale of Two Teams (Derby & Brighton)

    If I could see this with us, and it was a style I wanted to watch every week, I would be giving Rowett all the time in the world to sort it. But I can't. And it's not.

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