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Pearson Suspended

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Wonder if this relates to the 'other' allegations!!

"The Telegraph began investigating corruption in English football last year after receiving information that specific managers, officials and agents were taking or receiving cash payments to secure player transfers. Over the coming days the Telegraph will detail how:

The assistant manager of a high-profile football club accepted a £5,000 cash “bung”

Ten managers were named by players’ agents as taking bribes to fix player transfers

Two well-known managers discussed becoming ambassadors for the same fictitious firm as Sam Allardyce

Another high-profile manager admitted his players broke FA rules by betting on their own games but he failed to report it

A senior figure at a Premier League club helped undercover reporters to formulate a plan to bribe managers"

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1 minute ago, SWRam said:

Pearson out - Great!

Bruce in - Awful!


To be fair, 

Bruce is probably our best realistic option right now. 

No-one else jumps out at me.

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Just now, KBB said:

Astonishing ain't it?!

heard anything?


I've been off work for the past week on vacation. I'm back in on Friday so this has come out of the blue for me. My initial reaction was to laugh, followed by a 'get in'. 

Bruce would be an obvious choice, he seems more adaptable to what he has at his disposal. Can't say his teams have ever played particularly good football though, which is a shame.


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