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  1. Pre-Match Music Poll

    Gluwein, Berliner Kindl and several currywursts!
  2. Pre-Match Music Poll

    Yeah was in Berlin same weekend, but wifey wanted the xmas shopping experience instead!
  3. Pre-Match Music Poll

    How about something like this from Union Berlin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhiCPB8PP5w
  4. A spot of trivia

    I would say Graham Moseley is actually John o Hare. Frank Wignall may be right but also looks like Roger Davies.
  5. Why only 27,000 today

    Probably because people have better things to do than watch this garbage!
  6. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Dire. Bottom 6 finish this year.
  7. Title says it all really. Complete clearout needed!

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