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  1. SWRam

    New chants.

    For the stoke game: Rowett is a judas, he said he was a ram But then he said its actually a chipeater I am He likes his teams to hoof it, down the left and down the right He'll never manage us again coz he is feckin sh.. (rhymes with height)
  2. SWRam

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Or stay and get a fortune in the championship for no effort more like.
  3. SWRam

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    proud of what exactly?
  4. SWRam

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    You cant get more negative than Gary Rowett!
  5. SWRam

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    What a load of happy clapping dross!
  6. SWRam

    Next season

    Lets hope rowett gets the boot.
  7. SWRam

    They absolute minimum you should expect

    Yes he can and he is right.
  8. SWRam

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    No. Fecking rubbish!
  9. SWRam

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Bunch of old overrated useless players. Get rid of them all. Get rid of boring hoofball rowett. Shocking.
  10. Depends if the players want to win, which I seriously doubt. Too much money for very little in the championship.
  11. I quite like the current fulham kit. Also it was nice to see a team in black and white play good attacking football.
  12. SWRam

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    The current squad!
  13. As we progress forward... Now that is funny!!!
  14. SWRam

    Can we still do it?

    More to the point, do the players want to do it? Sadly I think not.
  15. SWRam

    What an awful chant

    Your username says it all really.

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