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  1. I hope we get a nice kit for the next season

    I quite like the current fulham kit. Also it was nice to see a team in black and white play good attacking football.
  2. unforgettable thats what you are...

    The current squad!
  3. As we progress forward... Now that is funny!!!
  4. Can we still do it?

    More to the point, do the players want to do it? Sadly I think not.
  5. What an awful chant

    Your username says it all really.
  6. What an awful chant

    Who needs to go to a river to fish?
  7. What an awful chant

    I think its a great chant, mainly because its true. They have been mugging us off for a few seasons now. None of them want promotion, just the big fat weekly pay cheque. There is no way we will get in the playoffs, the players will see to that. It would mean having to play at least 2 extra games, and that shamefully is too much for them. Plus they may even screw it up and get promoted, now none of them want that. Bye bye big fat pay cheque. How about the game against Reading a couple of seasons ago - win and get in the play offs or lose and guarantee another season of easy money! They didnt even make it look convincing. They are not fit to wear the shirt, they are just robbing us blind.
  8. Mac3

    Wake up!
  9. Mac3

    Never! Didnt want him either time. Would make us a bigger laughing stock than we already are.
  10. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    The truth is that we really are just an average mid table championship club. Yes we flirt with promotion, but could just as easily flirt with relegation. Rowett is capable of sustaining that. But if we want promotion, well .........
  11. v Wolves (A) - Predictions

    wolves 5 - 0 rams
  12. Song for Mr Colin Warnock

    You came all this way You came all this way We called the match off And fecked up your day!
  13. A song to sing: You came all this way You came all this way We called the match off And wasted your day!
  14. Rowett

    Rowett needs to go. Time for Paul Clement 2
  15. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    10 men. we've only got 10 men...

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