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Stuart Pearce sweepstake


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To be honest I'd think he has enough trust with the club to survive all but staring down relegation, and with Leeds and Blackpool penciling themselves in for relegation at this point, they'll surely be better than one competitive club this season.

I'd think about 17th for them, Pearce survives and they keep going on their merry way for a while.

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I am sick of us chopping and changing managers. Over the last three seasons we have had McClaren, Cotterill, O'Driscoll, McLeish and Davies.


I would like us to give him at least two seasons (unless in the winter we are in the relegation zone) and stop being like QPR were a few years ago.


Fawaz may be more reluctant to sack Pearce because of his status with the fans so I do think he will be here longer than you lot think.

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