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  1. Out in time for the playoffs? Seriously the designs and production would have been in place months ago. I reckon they’ll be out the normal time.
  2. He would have bought me two but I drink too slowly apparently
  3. Did I ever mention that Bucko bought me a drink once?
  4. But you become one more infected person to take the virus out into the community. the research is mixed, the threat uncertain and until the effects of schools being opened is known or analysed it will remain this way. It’s interesting that the study which shows that children are likely to be as infectious as adults comes from Germany - where schools have reopened and cities been out back into lockdown.
  5. The new antibody test used to test those children in Birmingham with the possibly linked inflammatory syndrome all tested positive for antibodies. They were all under 30.
  6. Schools haven’t been closed to vulnerable children and children of key workers. the justification for opening schools has shifted from getting the economy moving to stopping the vulnerable children missing out. Well the parents of vulnerable children have chosen not to send their kids to school, probably fir the same reason the government will not try to encourage them to go to school. It would blow a massive hole in the confidentiality of families who have a social worker, get FSM and the pletheror of other socioeconomic factors that make children vulnerable. the only way fir Mr Wil
  7. It’s doesn’t estimate how many have had the virus though - clever wording.
  8. Going to be interesting how many can actually fit. Classrooms have gotten smaller as new schools are built. Reckon I’d get about 8 in my classroom 2m apart. teachers don’t need PPE either - with face masks not recommended.
  9. Best past game for me wasn’t at PP - it was the 2-1 10 men. First time at the Shitty ground for me with my step lad. What a day that was
  10. I was there but can’t fill in any of the gaps either.
  11. Hi, I'm dav - come back to this forum after the DET shut. I joined this when it first started but sort of drifted out of it through trying to be on toom any forums, ended up just on DET. Derby fan for 25 years - now that makes me fell old (and young when compared to some)
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