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  1. I’ve been good of late cheers But like the last 8 years then. So we’ve always been a bit dodger then - weren’t we stopped from Europe for Payment’s to our captain fir programme notes too? I just can’t believe this is true - although I see he is to be married. Perhaps his mind has gone?
  2. Right guys through lots of personal circumstances (changing location and other things) I have drifted away from keeping up with the Rams. what have I missed out on?
  3. It was suicidal, I slowed down it didn’t move, I moved across the road and it ran infront if me and spread itself under both front wheels. Damaged the sump i hate badgers
  4. Out in time for the playoffs? Seriously the designs and production would have been in place months ago. I reckon they’ll be out the normal time.
  5. Hi, I'm dav - come back to this forum after the DET shut. I joined this when it first started but sort of drifted out of it through trying to be on toom any forums, ended up just on DET. Derby fan for 25 years - now that makes me fell old (and young when compared to some)
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