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  1. It’s going to get confusing for them in a couple of weeks
  2. Ducking coward, hit an old man from behind
  3. Did you know Queen Victoria was supposed to open Leeds Town Hall, but she couldn’t be bothered doing it and gave the job to the Earl of Derby?
  4. davenportram


    Chernobyl is the first world wide catastrophe that I remember happening. Some kids at school didn’t believe me when I told them it was real.
  5. He’s a legend, been posting as long as I can remember, had more abuse of some members than several ex managers. Glad you all accept he’s not a WUM
  6. Well they were top before they had to stop cheating.
  7. 14 years with only 4 episodes of gambling for me. The last one just under two years ago. It’s funny how you take things for granted. I was complacent about not gambling before my last episode, then a perfect storm of negative events gave me an excuse - I do mean excuse because there is never a reason for me to gamble.
  8. Being bored is different to “not working in my own time”
  9. Not really, feel free to make one up for me though
  10. Big dreamsof promotion Only possible if You believe that Consistency doesn’t matter If you get to the play offs and can be Excellent for three matches. Young players can make their name. Old players cement theirs, Unsung heroes can become stars Super Derby, Super Rams New fans and old will shout And all those that have Kept the Faith, through the years. Excellent we may have been, the hard work starts here. crap I know but on half term and a little bored.
  11. For us the play off race is simple. Win all five remaining games and we finish at worst 6th. Easy this prediction lark.
  12. Hi, I'm dav - come back to this forum after the DET shut. I joined this when it first started but sort of drifted out of it through trying to be on toom any forums, ended up just on DET. Derby fan for 25 years - now that makes me fell old (and young when compared to some)
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