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  1. Hmmm replay of Super Bowl I anyone?
  2. Hmmm Vikings for this one I think
  3. I’d hardly call any current international a cast off - Shilton is the first signing I remember my old man getting really excited about - prompted stories of the cloudy era signings. Italia 90 with Wright and Shilton representing the Rams was a hell of a first World Cup for me (well the first I could really remember watching)
  4. Possibly because the clubs creditors know that if they don’t accept whatever repayment is offered by the new owners then the club expel them and they get naff all as the club will probably be wound up.
  5. davenportram


    The club will still exist, just not as a member of the football league. Not worth owning maybe so if enough fans can run it as a non league club then let them keep the Bolton Wonderers name - as AFC Wimbledon did - and take on Bolton’s previous honours.
  6. Hi, I'm dav - come back to this forum after the DET shut. I joined this when it first started but sort of drifted out of it through trying to be on toom any forums, ended up just on DET. Derby fan for 25 years - now that makes me fell old (and young when compared to some)
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