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  1. davenportram

    Drone at Gatwick

    Can’t shoot it down, most likely will miss and bullet has to land somewhere. cant disable it - the technology they would do it is illegal in the uk
  2. davenportram

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    Not sure if it’s been posted already but there used to be a free WiFi network many years ago - I used to use it. blackburn had a BT WiFi hotspot the last time I went there too and if you can get WiFi on the London Underground then surely one could be set up in the stadium.
  3. davenportram

    Best start in seven years

    I want that glass
  4. davenportram

    Club's Catering Chips Cost

    I think we are only peeling the surface of puns so far
  5. davenportram

    Best start in seven years

    Who else were in that run? Two teams in a long run of games doesn’t mean that run didn’t coincide with playing the lower table teams
  6. davenportram

    Best start in seven years

    But in those good runs have coincided with playing the teams in the lower parts of the table. Had they come at the start well what starts to seasons we would have had.
  7. davenportram

    Will Hughes Watch

    To be fair he didn’t say Rowett thought he wasn’t a good player, just that he wasn’t Rowetts type of player and wouldn’t play AS much, not that he wouldn’t play. i read it as Will decided he had to leave, and it was his decision. See the bit where he talks about not getting much game time and he says “I thought I’d made the wrong decision”
  8. davenportram

    Club's Catering Chips Cost

    A thread full of waffle
  9. davenportram

    Best start in seven years

    its Not the start that counts though. This is our best start since 2011-12 season, yet since then we have always finished higher than we did that season. its a long season and starts can give momentum but as I mentioned in another thread winning the first 5 or 3 from 5 games can mean that we got lucky with how the fixtures fell and played the mid table - bottom of the table, teams early on. The first five fixtures mean nothing until the table shakes up around late October and you can look back and say - “wow we took a lot of points from the top 4 it really was a good start” (on for promotion or strong play offs) or “ we won a lot at the start but all those teams are in the bottom half of the table” (mid table possible play off spot) or ”it was a decent start - we took points of teams in the top 10 ” (strong play off contenders) Its longevity of winning form that counts - keep the good start going into late October and you’ve probably played most of the top 10 teams in the division and taken pints.
  10. I’ve waited before posting a reply to this thread. every season there are a few teams that do better than expected. Which makes these sorts of “easy games coming up” threads kind of pointless until around October or November when there’s actually some empirical evidence to support them. i remember losing to Burnley early on in a season prompting comments like “its a terrible result and a game we should have won easily”. Comments that look kind of silly come Xmas and they were top of the table and heading for promotion.
  11. davenportram

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    It must be Clough, Clough Clough. sure there was a song that went like that when we were doing well.
  12. davenportram

    Anybody else overseas cannot get today's game?

    If it’s a direct debit just cancel it if it’s continuous payment authority on a debit card ring your bank and cancel the authority.
  13. davenportram

    60% Win Ratio

    Technically 60% isn’t a ratio. Ratio compares two or more parts of quantity. You could say the ratio of wins to not wins is 3:2 (or 2:1 if you count the cup game) i know some of you will be saying this a pointless, even perdantic, comment, but this early on looking at win percentages is also pretty pointless.
  14. davenportram

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    Is this the rare one that was found in a room when the BBG was demolished. I recall a website that had a section on unusual Derby kits that little was known about or had gone in worn. it was a site by Steve Eyre I think - but I can’t find it now
  15. davenportram


    They’re not breaking the rules though. There is scope in the premier league rules for clubs to play in more than one stadium - and as the BBC report the decision to use Wembley was made at the end of last season.

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