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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    The issue with a first past the post system is that people are reluctant to vote for anyone but the two major parties. There was a vote on Brexit, it was a tight run thing, and there's since been considerable evidence of foreign interference. It's interesting as for many who call for "British Sovereignty", they're perfectly welcome to concede that to Putin as long as it's the result they want. At this point questions should be asked though.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    It seems it wasn't just facebook, twitter etc. that the campaign was through, though they were a large part of it.
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    Out of curiosity, what's the feeling in the UK about the Russian interference in the Brexit vote, particularly given how close the final margin was?
  4. RamsTV

    Adelaide, South Australia, signed up as well. Will see how it all goes. As it turns out Foxtel are blitheringly incompetent, and beIN sports doesn't, despite previous listing, have the EFL anymore. As such the Sunderland game and probably all broadcast games this season won't be viewable by legal means in Australia. Great stuff!
  5. Dr Who

    That's just a normal evening for you no?
  6. RIP Windows Phone

    Particularly as they're both inferior products. It's like Forest and Burton arguing over which is the bigger club.
  7. General Election 8th June

    Except the problem is that its not. The right have spent years doing the bidding for their mates the get cushy post politics positions, and basically given those horrific actions a coat of ideology while doing it. The effects though are plain to see. The UK is being systematically brought down a few tiers as a nation by the Tories, and the Brexit process is only hastening that. That's not a left and right divide thing, that's just a cold hard observation of recent years.
  8. Darren Bent

    Claude Davis. You could probably have a full 24 team league, with 25 player squads from signings worse than Darren Bent.
  9. General Election 8th June

    Except we don't live in a magical candyland where anyone can do anything they please at university. Niche's exist for a reason. Sounds like your bigger issue is concerns about academia in general, particularly as you immediately have focused in on PhD work. If they have been able to do such work, there is some kind of demand for it. Qualification based decisions are already done in most of the World. A set number of places are offered, and the entry requirements are based on this. That's how it works throughout much of the World. Equally, its never quite clear what jobs will be needed long term, hence making decisions based on "what will be needed" generally doesn't go well. There are better mechanisms already in place to make those decisions. The main point is though that these all don't "make it bribe" as you put it, and most of your points are about other functions of universities.
  10. General Election 8th June

    The crash was a result of problems in America, not the UK. The only economies that were shielded from it were ones that relied heavily on resource industries (e.g. Australia), and ironically there it was Labour's misspelt cousins in Australia that saw them through that and are widely praised for their actions at the time.
  11. General Election 8th June

    Making it free is an investment, just as it was when other countries did it. Just because the UK is trying its damnedest to become backwater doesn't make reasonable and research based policies bribes. The Tories have been bribing their mates for years, but the government actually taking care of their population isn't a bribe, it literally cannot be a bribe if it is for everyone. That's like saying feeding your children is "bribing them", its a basic service, and one demonstrated to have major long term positives.
  12. General Election 8th June

    You can however blame the Tories austerity policies for the failing British economy, relaxing of basic safety standards both in terms of police and in terms of regulations, and various other major issues in the UK now. Most of the rest of the World got themselves and dusted themselves off, the Tories have just blamed Labour while destroying the UK little by little.
  13. General Election 8th June

    So allowing students better access to education is "bribes", despite it being repeatedly demonstrated globally to be an effective way of growing the economy long term, and a key part of the success of many highly developed nations. What do you call tax cuts for the rich then?
  14. General Election 8th June

    The economic records of the Tories and Labour in the UK actually suggest Labour are the better economic managers long term. Austerity only begets more austerity, and austerity is the closest thing May's government have to an economic plan. All they've managed is to make the UK a country more vulnerable to terrorists, and watch towers burn now that the pesky "safety culture" is over.
  15. General Election 8th June

    It's bizarre to call it "student bribes" when what was actually promised was an investment in the future of the country, the same future that will take care of you in your old age. Access to education allows for a better future in this country, billions to the terrorist sympathisers to prop up a failed government during the most important period in British politics in decades on the other hand...

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