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  1. England Cricket 2018

    Look a far improved One Day side. The shear arrogance of Australia to keep fielding weak tinkered side is something truly to behold. Maybe 2019 could be England's year... ...and it's 5/13 right now.
  2. England Cricket 2018

    Good show by England to lead 1-0 in the ODI series, the question now is if they can repeat that. Should be an interesting contest.
  3. England Cricket 2018

    So England end with a 4-0 loss, a margin England themselves have only managed once, that being 40 years ago now, and that being overshadowed by World Series Cricket. Australia have now done it 3 times since 2005. Outside Cook and Anderson, this generation of English cricket is a shambles. Root can get starts but can't convert, and he is an abysmal captain. Bairstow is too scared to bat higher "because of the pressure", but then sends himself in late in the evening. Broad looks over the hill, despite his age. Stokes is out due to being under investigation. Moeen Ali who averages under 30 overseas with the bat and over 50 with the ball is someone still making the side, while the rest is just a thrown together bunch from county cricket. Things have to change, I don't know what, but if this is how 2019 is approached, and with an even older Cook and Anderson, then it would seem increasingly unlikely that the silverlining of winning over here is safe anymore.
  4. England Cricket 2017

    The key problem is that the pitch didn't really deteriorate. It was slow, but there was a bit of uneven bounce even on day 1. The key issue was that it didn't really develop from there, and batting on day 5 didn't seem all that far off batting on day 1. That said, I've seen far worse pitches. The biggest issue was the England just didn't attack on day 4 when they needed to. When the match needed Root to drive home England's advantage he just let it drift, and that ultimately ruined any hope of a result. Without the rain, and England actually bothering to not just defend to Smith and Warner, it would have been hard for this match to not have a result.
  5. England Cricket 2017

    Must say I'm disappointed in Root. Cook stood up and did the work, then Root basically played for a draw as soon as Warner and Smith came together. Pathetic stuff, basically tried to bore them into mistakes... you don't do that when you need 8 wickets are nearly 150 runs ahead. It eventually did work for Warner, about 3 sessions to late though, and ultimately Australia get an easy draw. Pathetic work from him as captain this series.
  6. England Cricket 2017

    It's hard some great miracle that nobody has solved. Australia send their attack to India and even got their fast bowlers performing successfully over there. Starc tore up in Sri Lanka, even with the rest of the attack struggled. I'd say a bit part of the problem for England is this sense of "well, what can we do about it". I'm not sure exactly how a solution could work for England, but it's pretty clear throwing your hands up and going "well, it's just how it is" isn't that solution.
  7. England Cricket 2017

    Moeen is better in English conditions, but overall still isn't great even there. This is part of England's wider problem, people are content with "well they perform at home", but that simply isn't enough. Australians didn't pat themselves on the back when they struggled in Sri Lanka, they made changes and went on to be competitive in India, pushing that series right to the end. That was even with Starc going down injured. What's impressive about Starc, Cummins and Hazlewood isn't that they're good at home, it's that they go and do it away. The same with Nathan Lyon in fact. That's the thing though, English players these days basically sit back and wait for the ball to do the hard yards, and it's showing in away performances. Look at the difference: Starc, 73 wickets away at 26.72 in 19 matches (3.84 per match). Hazlewood, 53 wickets away at 26.24 in 16 matches (3.31 per match). Cummins, 21 wickets away at 25.38 in 5 matches (4.20 per match). Lyon, 151 wickets away at 29.71 in 37 matches (4.08 per match). Then look at England's attack (excluding Ball and Overton of course): Anderson, 183 wickets away at 32.96 in 56 matches (3.27 per match). Broad, 141 wickets away at 33.00 in 48 matches (2.94 per match). Moeen, 49 wickets away at 47.91 in 19 matches (2.58 per match). Woakes, 15 wickets away at 58.06 in 10 matches (1.50 per match). That's not good enough, that shouldn't be considered good enough. The issue isn't just "the ball doesn't swing", Starc was getting that ball to reverse in the last match, first and second innings; there was plenty of swing in Adelaide too. The issue is that this generation of English bowlers are just content to be good in England, they're not adjusting well overseas. Ranking teams by their aggregate bowling average since 2013, this is what we get: South Africa - 28.12 Australia - 31.03 Pakistan - 34.75 India - 35.75 Sri Lanka - 37.90 England - 39.07 New Zealand - 39.27 Zimbabwe - 40.29 West Indies - 45.72 Bangladesh - 52.92 Compare that to home bowling: Pakistan - 32.75 India - 24.68 South Africa - 25.52 England - 27.61 Australia - 28.98 New Zealand - 29.61 West Indies - 31.35 Sri Lanka - 32.31 Bangladesh - 37.36 Zimbabwe - 39.28 I don't know, I just don't think a country should be content just doing the job at home.
  8. England Cricket 2017

    At the very least though I can give Root credit for taking on the role so young, but as captain he has to stand up and do something, and not even just perform with the bat again. He should be batting at 3, Bairstow should be batting at 4 or 5. Enough of the "but my favourite position is" nonsense. Number 3 after number 3 is being thrown to the wolves, when that keeps happening your best batsman should be stepping into that role, even if only for a time. Even Smith did it in India, when it was needed he put the teams needs before the needs of his statistics. I don't know, I hope England make a statement of some kind before the toss, going into Melbourne unchanged (or only replacing Overton if he's injured) and hoping Starc is injured would be pathetic at this point.
  9. Griezmann

    However, Jewish people tend not to be pleased when people dress up as stormtroopers and go about hailing Hitler. Just because something seems far removed to people who weren't persecuted doesn't mean there still aren't serious scars. "Black people" don't feel that all "white people" need to be guilty and apologetic, they just don't want racist gits in their faces. There are cases where people want justice still, notably cases of such exist around the World, including places like Australia, but that isn't the same as people suggesting that all "white people" need to feel guilty and apologetic. Blackface not being okay though goes further than America, it has deep roots in racism in France too. This isn't just a beatup for no reason, and though it was likely done with innocent intentions, there's a reason people are upset. As for "positive discrimination", you shouldn't be helping people solely because of race or otherwise, but rather their circumstances. The problem is that too many countries have been taken over by right wingers in recent years, leading to any sense of taking care of the poor, the vulnerable and the needing being seen as a waste, rather than a service which improves the lives of everyone long term. That's a whole different kettle of fish though.
  10. Griezmann

    The problem is the historical context of blackface, there exists no such historical context for "whiteface", nor "greenface", etc.
  11. England Cricket 2017

    With this I'd say it's more than that. England for years have just rolled over when the going gets tough. Root is no Border, he hasn't have the guts to stick it out when it's tough, and doesn't make a big one when it counts. The experienced trio of Cook, Broad and Moeen all have been in poor form for a while, and they've seriously let the team down. Stoneman and Malan have been good, Vince passable. Bairstow really should drop the gloves, not because he's not a good keeper, but because his batting is being wasted because of it. Foakes is good, he should be batting 7. Hell, if they absolutely must, play Woakes at 7, Foakes at 6, and go with a side like: Stoneman Hameed Root Malan Bairstow Foakes Woakes Wood Leach Anderson Footitt At least there's more than just 4 right armers a "spinner" for Australia to dine on. That attack that played in the last game should never see a field together again, that pitch was showing inconsistent bounce since day 2, yet they managed to let Australia get a 250 lead after England scored 400. All too sameish, and too many players not getting it right. Jimmy sure as hell isn't good in Australian conditions, but he's making it work at the very least. Also, I know Hameed isn't in form, but hell, give him some experience now, there needs to be a plan when Cook retires, even if he's just "rested" for Melbourne and Sydney.
  12. England Cricket 2017

    All very quiet here.
  13. England Cricket 2017

    Before the end of day 4, someone is absolutely going to get a low one. Smith and Marsh have made this look easy to bat on, but so have England clone wars attack. Who the hell thought four 80mph right armers was a good idea for Australia?
  14. England Cricket 2017

    His consistency in getting to 50 is admirable, but this really is the point with Root. He would be Border level legendary if England had anyone other than an aging Cook to rely on; remember that he had 27 centuries to his 63 fifties. Whereas Border's career saw him eventually captain the likes of Taylor, Boon and the Waugh brothers, England's just chopping and changing selections frequently. No idea what England are playing at with Stoneman, Vince and Malan though. Moeen as a batsman just isn't enough either, he's great at 8, but he's not good enough in that top 6. I know Hameed wasn't in great form, but having him in the side would have at least offered the argument of "building for the future". Stoneman and Malan aren't great, and are both 30. The same goes for Jennings, and to a lesser extent Vince, at least it's building to something. Oh well, bring on the WACA.
  15. England Cricket 2017

    Had a nice day down at the Adelaide Oval, disappointed in England though. 2-0 and the WACA to come. What a spell by Anderson to bring England back into the game though.

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