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  1. Doughnuts

    (1) Loukoumades (2) Jam (3) Ring I seem to recall having hot ring donuts served with melted raspberry jam for desert at school. Delicious!
  2. Embarrassing Middle Names.

    I'd like to meet a Wayne King or even a Wayne Carr.
  3. cupboard confession time

    Sounds more like milk of amnesia.
  4. Migraines

    Me neither, I think they're made up by the same people that have 'flu every time they get a snuffle.
  5. Left wing or Right wing

    This is the missus's chart, well it must be cuz she strongly disagrees with everything.
  6. Earliest childhood memories

    My earliest clear memories are from a family holiday to Paignton when I was 3 in 1970. My grandma, grandad, auntie, uncle, 2 cousins, mum, myself and brother went. I can clearly remember walking around in an arcade collecting winnings from the machines (not mine), my mum saw me and took me outside to give me a telling off.
  7. Jack Daniels Cider

    You ought to award yourself a plaque.
  8. Hayfever v Gluten Free

    I suffer from hayfever, it's mostly grass pollen that affects me. I just get on with it, it's a little uncomfortable but not life-threatening. I suffered from a 'slipped' disc and agonising sciatica for a couple of years and that didn't keep me off work or stop me from making the most of life so a snuffle and itchy eyes aren't going to. I do pity anyone who is gluten intolerant what a joyless existence that must be. I am rather partial to my gluten and make my own glutenful breads several times a week.
  9. Jack Daniels Cider

    I braced myself for that pun.
  10. Jack Daniels Cider

    Is the one on the left you after you'd swallowed your dentures?
  11. Jack Daniels Cider

    Can't stand JD, not struck on cider. Maybe you can tempt me with some bleach-infused meths.
  12. Order Of Forum Posts

    Welly does have a point!
  13. What are you eating tonight v2

    About 7000 Calories.
  14. Members who don't post - Why?

    I'll just sit back, watching all the action for quite a while then I'll have a posting spurt; post several things and then revert back to saying nowt. My missus has brung me up to be seen but not heard.
  15. Left wing or Right wing

    I'd have definitely said you and StringerBell were more right-wing than I. It appears though that I'm the least commie (so far) on here.

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