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RD Phone in 2/12/13


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Are we selling Hughes?

Have we sold Hughes?

Have we swapped Wisdom for Hughes?

Is Hughes for sale?

Can you give me Derby's exact asking price for Will Hughes and the exact date you plan to sell him?

Who we buying?

How much money you got?

Are we selling Hughes and buying some foreign players?

Is Eranio our coach?

Why not? He's awesome. I have a poster

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I suspect that tonight might be the easiest moan in that any Derby manager has agreed to participate in.


Great results, great performances, atmosphere and attendances improving, play-off place, automatics not out of the question, decent loanees coming in, popular coaching staff, new sponsorship deals bringing cash in, plans to finally sort out the away supporters issue...OK. we all know it won't last, but for tonight at least, surely every Derby fan in the world must be feeling a warm rosy glow. :D

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