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  1. 18 minutes ago, ossieram said:

    Do people seriously believe that Newcastle and their billionaire owners are going to look at anyone other than a tried and tested manager?

    It happened at Man U.

  2. 1 hour ago, RAM1966 said:

    That's true here are some facts to be going on with:

    Massive debt run up with HMRC - Administrators trying to negotiate with HMRC, this is reportedly employees Income Tax and NI, if those NI contributions are not paid it could affect employees state pension entitlements!!!!

    Mel allowed the wage bill to climb to 161% of turnover - That's nothing short of reckless.

    Mel has said he's lost £200M - In 6 years that is nothing short of p*ss poor stewardship.  This will only be true if he gives the ground back and writes off all the soft loans!

    His choice and trigger finger with Managers in nothing short of shambolic.

    His interfering in training sessions and entering the dressing room, displays all the signs of a micro manager, which is even worse when you know sod all about the game.

    His communication with the fans has been poor, his final attempt to keep a lid on the fans with his NDA meeting was the final straw for most of us.

    His final denial that he had anything to do with Admin and it was all the fault of Covid shows the sign of a man who thinks he's perfect.  We were already in breach of FFP, despite selling the club to himself, the 161% of turnover wage bill was sanctioned by him and ultimately is the main reason we are in the deep poo we are!!!

    He's clearly turned a club that was on the brink of entering the premier league into an insolvent business and unless he writes off the soft loans and gifts the ground back we could well go out of business.

    Yes we can leave the post mortem until after the deal goes through, but all of the above is a matter of fact and the mans inability to accept any responsibility is quite frankly unbelievable, its also an insult to the Fans of DCFC that he thinks we will swallow all his bullshite!!!    

    I rest my case m’lord.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Foreveram said:

    Thanks,that’s the one, said they were disappointed and did not agree with the findings of the INDEPENDENT panel which is just another way of saying we wanted them down.

    Why didn’t the EFL accept the penalty imposed on Derby by the independent panel ?

    It leads to the question, what is the point of an independent panel?, if it’s impartial decision is not respected by both sides.

    I'm sure a different scenario where the panel had decided on a points deduction would have been warmly welcomed by the EFL, while singing the praises of a panel that came to a fair and unbiased decision.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Gritstone Tup said:

    I am sick to death of our club dieing with a thousand cuts!

    I want a fresh start with all punishments done with, not kicking the can down the road constantly. The only reason we’ve been suffering all of this for so long is because no one in authority at dcfc has the class or honesty to put their hands up and say fair cop. We are a disaster of a club with no respect whatsoever for anyone else. If we held our hands up and showed a modicum of humility the EFL etc might be a little more sympathetic to our plight imo!



  5. 3 minutes ago, Simmo’s left foot said:

    Whoever the new owner is its got to be run sensibly, no more wage bills bigger than the turnover of the club, no more excessive transfer fees, continue the good work developing good young players. No more hire and fire managers, just appoint sensibly and support within limits.

    Its not really rocket science is it? 🤷‍♂️

    The first thing I would do is to tackle player recruitment.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Andrew1 said:

    What!?  The results so far puts us mid table, what on earth makes you think they would suddenly become relegation fodder?  What defeatist crap!

    These aren’t legal battles per se, they don’t go to court.  You seem to doubt the administrators, but these aren’t stupid people.  They are at the end of the day accountants.  If anyone is going to find a way through this crap, these are the people we want on our side.

    Get behind them. Turn up, buy a shirt, or a pint (god I wish the service was better, it is awful - otherwise I would more often)

    £300k in the scheme of things is bugger all.  Do the maths, if we get 5k more supporters a game at £20 a ticket for three games it gats paid.  But then again you could just sit back and let league one happen by lying down and doing nothing.

    I thought Derby fans had more fight.

    Good evening Mr Hosking.

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