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  1. Would take minutes to put an Instagram post up and he wasnt on holiday 2 or 3 days ago when he was in London with Drogba?
  2. How can he tell the players they are on holiday as is he and let's be right he ain't going put it in a massive Frank lampards Derby county players WhatsApp group. That is all bs. It's got to a point now where if I was Lampard and they were saying all this poo about me I would have come out and said sumat by now. The more and more it goes on he looks less of a loyal character its going to end up with him looking more worse than rowett. At least he came out and said yes I want to talk to stoke if this is true how is he any different. A last thought and if I was mel and Frank goes I would offer the job to Jody Morris and see if he can be tempted. Number 2 or the full reigns I think it would be a close call. Just fed up of it now and before you know it it's going be July and we will have signed noone and could end up taking a backwards step after one hell of a season just want it done with now.
  3. Chelsea and Juventus have agreed deal for Sarri now
  4. The problem with it dragging out is the transfer market and it closes early August so dont want to get left behind because players won't want to join not knowing who the manager will be
  5. This is villa the same villa who were paying lansbury over 40k the guy who sold them paid stupid wages look it up thats why they had such trouble last season before he sold tbem
  6. Well villa were going broke last season under wages and then had investment and suddenly got abraham on 75 k a week and sure McGinn was 40 or 50
  7. Anyone else wondered if maybe investment might be looming just an idea prob wrong
  8. That video of Jody Morris with the music on where he put in Derby kit last week has vanished
  9. It's all gone quiet with turnball with reports saying Celtic have opened formal talks hes meant be quality from my cousin who supports Motherwell younger Bryson with more quality on the ball
  10. I thought the atmosphere in patches was okay but sometimes the players need to give the fans that umph with a crunching tackle belt out some passion do a maze run and win a corner and ask the crowd for it I just didnt see it 60 minutes we were temperement of standing off them 1 shot on goal when Marriott and waghorn came on and we went at them I felt the crowd then sometimes you cant always blame the crowd although it wasnt brilliant sometimes the players need to give the fans that push
  11. A clear out is needed but I dont no if I trust Frank to buy good Evan's and jozefzoon have been bad buys waghorn okay Marriott was a good buy and Holmes but I'm not sure i trust him that much his loans have been good but there not our players
  12. Didnt look he put any conviction it no power being a similar to one he scored at there place which he smashed in
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