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  1. Can’t help it mate it’s got have effected team morale I don’t care what Pearce says on an interview he’s prob got a degree in bs like they all have. There’s no way I’m putting 100 percent in if I’m not paid and I don’t know when your going to be able to pay me
  2. Imagine how much worse this scenario gets if we lose tomorrow
  3. He even said I dont know if the moneys been sent but I trust them on there word. Did he not see the Newcastle headlines man
  4. The interview with Pearce was pointless to say the least. They didn’t even ask remotely any questions it was more like a mate chat down the pub . Him coming on we know about as much as we did yesterday which is naff all other than he said it won’t come to administration also these few daily chats they have Mel: aup sheikho have you sent the money yet? sheikh: yeah bro sent it from me account time ago Mel: still not in ma man you sure you sent it sheikh: bro I’m telling you I sent the wonga mel: okay I believe you I’ll refresh the online banking next week in th
  5. If this takeover still gets dragged into feb what happens with jans wages on 15th and February’s wages or even March. That’s what I would like to know
  6. All the hysteria and the daily fail haven’t upped it and run an even worse story the bunch of amateurs
  7. I’ll have one of the middle ones please do you provide the fire as well to light them as it echoes more sinister if we light them on fire or is this out of the equation as we have to return them. Any chance of a year lease I’ll transfer the money now and you have my word it will be in close of play in 48 hours if it doesn’t appear don’t fret on my word it will appear soon.
  8. Dell won’t put us in administration they will more likely take the whole club on as they are interested in owning a football club
  9. 7 months it’s took according to Steele on radio Derby. Burnley’s took 8 months.
  10. Even I could turn around to my mate and say I’ll transfer you that 100 quid now and then when it doesn’t go in just say again I did it and it should be there. Pearce says that the takeover should have been done 24th so the money should have been sent around that time. Never in my life has it taken someone over a month to send money and granted jurisdictions eg doesn’t take that long
  11. Simon Jordan can go either way all nicey nicely or rip him a new arse hole
  12. Tomorrow could be a tastey day maybe where we could find out more.
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