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  1. Didnt look he put any conviction it no power being a similar to one he scored at there place which he smashed in
  2. Just wish we would shoot Wilson waghorn and Holmes done it about 6 times so far Dont no about anyone else but one reason I'm glad rowett went was so we didnt have to pay 6 million for mcclean he is poo
  3. I wonder if one bidder would be Mike Ashley if he sold Newcastle as he is local to Derbyshire
  4. Couldn't agree more about holnes I think hes class and always tries to be positive and try things that through ball for waghorn was beautiful at least he doesn't hide
  5. This team has been toxic for a while in which players dont look interested fair play to clough when he was manager the players wanted to play for derby and gave everything just shame he couldn't take us to the next level in which he got us on the platform of playing good football and 13 14 was mainly his team and already played the decent football that maclaren tweaked but just dont see one player giving any passion fight or heart apart from possibly keogh what happened to playing for your shirt
  6. Great cross and we have one person in the box Wish bogle could actually cross aswell
  7. If we have another fans forum before end of season any git that goes please just mention to never play nugent again and to try Marriott and waghorn up top together when both fit I think if anything we look so much better when we got 442
  8. Says everything when whoever it was just about put it in an empty net and fell over
  9. Nugent is just toss giving the ball away just when he had time and space and does a scuff pass
  10. I've seen holmes with the ball in our half lots of times and he never looks under pressure and as with Southampton he actually most of time is one of our best players with the ball in our own half. That was just a one off
  11. The only worry is we keep relying on Wilson and we have only played a hatful of good games
  12. Why does Bryson keep coming so deep he is near enough on Evan's and the defenders toes get up the pitch and give us an option ffs
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