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  1. I would drop wisdom if mengi is fit on Tuesday as wisdom always scares me
  2. That won’t be enough to stay up need over 50 to stay up if Rotherham win another 2 if there games in hand it will be more like 52 to stay up
  3. Well Rotherham should have beaten Huddersfield they missed about 3 sitters. They do create chances and Coventry away from home are awful I could see them picking up 3 points the qpr game depends on what qpr you get they lost to first 3 nil last week then win 4 1 today. Don’t discount Rotherham getting at least 6 points from them 4
  4. That’s why we are down there anyone but shinnie to hit it
  5. A point would have been so good today. Birmingham won all of a sudden that game looks less inviting
  6. Think he’s had them for promotion at start of season
  7. Let me know if it’s any good I’ll have some for next match
  8. The panic buy ckr is starting to show the last couple weeks prob since he signed his contract. Been shadow of the player unfortunately
  9. Probably because he’s playing with better players
  10. What’s Indonesian for erm as it will be erm before a lot of stuff with Wayne
  11. Can’t believe how backwards knight has gone btw. Decision making utterly atrocious lately from a player who was the first pick to the person I want dropped. We played better Friday without him
  12. I’ve just looked at the table got it’s gotten close again Birmingham and cov have 1 game In hand and could go above us with a win and a draw and then Rotherham have 4 games in hand win 2 of them and they are within touching distance. This will go to the last game and we can’t keep relying on teams below to mess up
  13. And I thought watching Derby this season was like watching paint dry England are even worse. First time I’ve watched us for couple months and I know why I don’t watch England games. I’ll have turn it off in a min it’s putting me asleep and I have work at 22:00
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