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  1. According to Nixon it’s a straightforward deal it’s just if anyone wants to stump up 45 to 50 million if we are still looking at the massive 21 point deduction and heading for league 1
  2. Looks like 45 million will get both the stadium training ground and football club all in. In honesty he’s gotten everything right so far before anyone else. He mentioned the appeal and who’s interested. With Wigan he was bang on with everything to a tee. Maybe he knows people within the admin circle. He says the jez moxey group is Appleby and rush and others. These were the interested party at the stadium vs Swansea
  3. Talk of 45 million to 50 million all in for club stadium and training ground debt free
  4. Nixon said 4 have with a further 4 by the weekend should have signed the ndas so should be 8 altogether with time for further groups to catch up
  5. So they’ll loan the money to buy us then and then sell future shares to other investors from my gathering. A bit like the Burnley takeover then? Not overly excited about that tbh but here we are
  6. Will he have other people with him then I’m guessing as there’s no way he’s taking it on his own with how much he’s worth? Is there other investors owners of the group
  7. When you search Carlisle groups up it gets confused with Carlyle group who are a different group an i right. does he have other businesses as revenue of million a year is not a lot to run a football club. Does anyone know if other people own the group aswell who are more wealthy as I have seen he’s worth less than Mel is
  8. More than what alonso showed he showed a fake bank statement and a house that wasn’t his and got to go to the efl lol
  9. Just thought I would mention I’ve asked Nixon on Twitter about the 5 million proof of funds and he says three of the groups have shown the proof and now can look at the books. Just a quick update in case some are not on Twitter
  10. If you look at it though the last few windows they’ve broke there transfer record a few times Almiron 23 million willock 25 million joelinton was 40 million. He has shown ambitions in times when needed. He’s backed his managers unlike Mel who sacked them for 3 bad results at times. Look at the 4 years before he came in they were hovering below mid table. He got them relegated twice yes but the premier league changed by then with mass money being thrown about. When he has got them relegated he’s bracket the manager selling players and bringing in cheaper alternatives and twice got them straight back up. I think he gets a hard time from Newcastle fans because they think they deserve to be up there from 1 good season about 25 years ago. Also hos bad rep ckr we from hos sports direct and Debenhams etc where he’s poorly ran them.
  11. If it’s a toss up of no one and liquidation or Mike miserable Ashley I’m taking Ashley. Even if he saves us got us back in the champ and even sold us then I’d be happy. Sometimes you have to do or have things we don’t want and if this was one that my club survived I’d take it. Not many of these interested parties are going to take this club on with the debts and not owning a stadium some will walk. This all depends on how much hmrc can be brought down. If I had the money and it was costing me even 40 million of debt and then I’ve got to buy the stadium I would not buy Derby county for near 80 million it’s just financial suicide for how much income we would get in league 1
  12. No he isn't. I think we are a better team without him tbh apart from his 1 great game in 7.
  13. Why has he bought ebosele on instead of joz. That has baffled me tbh
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