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  1. Clap
    Archied reacted to RamNut in Ian Holloway Article   
    we've all seen instances of fans turning on their own players, fellow fans, and innocent by-standers.
    a few examples stick in my mind.
    two Derby fans running half the length of west lower to confront mceverly, shouting to get his attention (which they did) and bellowing " you're fkn wnk" whilst making hand jestures. It looked as though he was going to get physically attacked such was the level of animosity. 
    Derby fans at burton away raging against the team. Toxic is only word to describe the outpouring of abuse. One middle aged 'fan' ran to the front as the half time whistle blew specifically to abuse carson, before he disappeared. Why carson?
    i've virtually given up going to away games due to that abusive, pished up, toxic majority. Its a day out with an entire asbo community. Pished  up and ready to kick off with anyone - players, manager, fellow supporters, stewards, police, passers by.....absolutely anyone is a potential target for aggro from the farting, foul mouled, thickos. i don't find even the 'Dark Fruits' getting-pished-up-en-route-to-the-match stuff even remotely amusing. Its just tedious. It glorifies a culture of general dickheadedness.
    It was readily apparent v brentford that the same attitude of supporter aggression and abuse prevailed at half time. It was a poor performance but is that aggressive response justified even in the heat of the moment?
    Personally i don't find any of the above responses acceptable. Booing or slow hand clapping as a general show of dissatisfaction is about the limit. Hand jestures. Screaming and bellowing abuse to individuals. Barging around because you haven't had your wave.
    Absolutely Pathetic.
  2. Clap
    Archied reacted to TommyPowel in Ian Holloway Article   
    you are being over sensitive do you ever see other managers walking across PP to clap their fans,Plus after that performance dont you think he might be that hissed off all he wanted was to get in and rollock the players
  3. Haha
    Archied reacted to Papahet in Ian Holloway Article   
    He literally goes straight down the tunnel at full time, that’s pretty disrespectful IMO. I ain’t asking him to wave or jump up and down like a prat, but some connection surely ...
  4. Clap
    Archied reacted to TommyPowel in Ian Holloway Article   
    so what you want is for him to bounce like lampard did before he showed his true colours and went to Chelsea,Mel didnt hire him to be your best m8 he hired him because he is one of Europes best managers,I just hope idiots dont drive him away,
  5. Clap
    Archied reacted to YorkshireRam in Ian Holloway Article   
    I really don't get this argument, his job is our manager and chief coach, he's not here to appease or entertain the supporters, isn't that what Rammie and Ewie are for?
    Also, I bet the 'bounce' to him is cringeworthy and embarrassing, and it is to be honest, Lampard got away with it based on his character and youthful naivety perhaps? Cocu is clearly a different character with different managerial ideals which directly affects how he approaches the role. His focus at the minute will be on performances and getting results, i'd rather him prioritise that at the minute, rather than trying to entertain fans...
  6. Clap
    Archied reacted to Saity in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    This is aimed purely at so called fans who've abused our new manager
    Cocu getting vilified is nothing short of disgusting...the bloke has been here a few weeks and picked up a squad that was short on quality and still is but Cocu done the decent thing and gave everyone a chance......some so called fans really need to look at themselves......new country, new league,new players etc etc and a couple of weeks before the season started .....put yourself in Cocu's shoes ....wouldn't you want some understanding and support in the first few months especially.... nothing like making a new manager feel welcomed is there???!! .......get a ducking grip!!!!!
  7. Clap
    Archied reacted to Penelope Pendrex in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    Anyone who thinks Keogh is anything other than one of our best players and one of the best defenders in the league really hasn't been paying attention.
  8. Clap
    Archied reacted to TommyPowel in The Derby way   
  9. Clap
    Archied reacted to ThePrisoner in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Are you related to him? Every post is about him!
  10. Haha
    Archied reacted to DazaDunn in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Chris Martin... he has to play. The ball isn’t sticking up front and because it’s barely there, when it is there it needs to be there as long as possible. I’d go Marriott up top, Martin In front of him and put waggy on the wing. 
  11. Clap
    Archied reacted to Duracell in Team Spirit   
    Suspect that one or two players only bought into what we did before because of our manager’s celebrity status.
    We need more Keoghs. Doesn’t matter if it’s Lampard, Clough or Rowett to him - his professionalism and commitment remains just the same.
  12. Clap
    Archied reacted to Tyler Durden in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    I'd actually pick on the first Brentford goal where Tom Lawrence totally over runs the ball then tries to shoulder barge the player over, bounces off him then strolls back and watches and does nothing to try and chase back and redeem his mistake.
    Am not trying to turn this into a Tom Lawrence witch hunt but if the manager is not coaching his players that when they lose the ball they should be sweating blood to get it back then either the coaching is inadequate the players are ignoring it or both 
  13. Haha
    Archied reacted to Ram8 in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    How significant is it that the reaction to my post about bringing back Chris Martin hasn’t raised the usual hackles ?
    Answer .. VERY !
    And why ? Because my point about Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett not having proven to be good enough is indisputable, and therefore no-one can disagree any more ..
    So, we all agree now do we ? That class and ability will come to our rescue if Chris Martin is selected .. 
    Hallelujah, at last, you’ve ‘seen the light’ !
  14. Clap
    Archied reacted to TommyPowel in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    youre welcome if going through life taking the piss out of people is your thing i am glad that as someone who started to type at the age of 70 is able to bring you some joy
  15. Clap
    Archied reacted to Bigfella in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    Who else will be glad when school is back?
  16. Haha
    Archied reacted to Ram8 in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    I just cannot believe that we have already tried 3 centre forwards (Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett) none of whom have the experience, skill set or footballing brain of Chris Martin, and he has not even made the bench in the last few games.
    Marriott is a good player, but not good enough up front on his own, Waghorn is not good enough for a promotion seeking team, and Bennett is League Two standard at best. 
    I fail to understand why Cocu is not giving a 20 goal a season centre forward an extended run over those three players ! 
    And as for Tom Lawrence, surely he has been given more than enough chances to prove himself, and has woefully failed to reach a consistent standard at this level ! 
  17. Haha
    Archied reacted to TuffLuff in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    the ‘we don’t create enough because we are an attacking side of flat track bullies with not much intelligence’ is a hill I’m willing to die on for this season
    Desperate for someone who can hold onto the ball and bring others into play. Yes we know who I’m talking about in terms of who I’d bring into the line up, but we are so slow in turning defence into attack. 
    Midfield needs sorting to, go with who you want their long term and that’s how they’ll get fit playing there.

  18. Clap
    Archied reacted to BondJovi in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    I feel for Cocu in this. Same team as last game, totally different outcome. 
    Aside from swapping out Huddlestone for Bileik and sticking Clarke in, not much else he could pick. Big ask on Holmes to start 2 matches in a week having been injured for so long.
    Midfield was a big problem last season until Johnson added some battle and Mount back from injury. But we had Wilson and Mount who could do things from nothing, covered a lot of issues and Tomori with his pace could bail us out of a lot of situations.
    We didn't replace those and realistically, we couldn't, Mount was far too good for this league, as was Wilson in terms of shooting from nothing. It has exposed a serious lack of quality and we somehow expect our new manager to get that sorted in such a short space of time? Having lost Holmes and Marriott nearly all pre season, two key players for us. We lost a lot of players in the summer , characters such as Nugent, players who had been together a season or two. We don't have that togetherness and it needs to be rebuilt.
    The club can't keep changing tack, we have made a plan and we have to give it time. Otherwise it is just season after season of going round and round.Fed up of the ridiculous reactions and complete lack of patience. Anyone who expect us to make a flying start was living in a different world.
  19. Clap
    Archied reacted to King Kevin in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    You're going to have to take my word on this because I've thought this from day one not just after a couple of defeats.I have thought that too many cooks spoil the broth ,you have Cocu's team which he brought with him and then we added LR to the mix .
    We then go and appoint Rooney as player coach, now I know he's not here yet but Cocu didn't convince me when his appointment was made, prior to that he stated his coaching team was complete .
    Put this together with a multitude of systems and players used they probably don't know if they are cross head or countersunk . Add to this to a delayed appointment /poor preseason, losing 3 key players along with poor recruitment It probably shouldn't come as a surprise as to where we are.
    It just doesn't look right to me a never has. 
  20. Haha
    Archied reacted to mossjram in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    Agree can’t keep the ball worth Martin over Waghorn in this performance 
  21. Clap
    Archied reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in The Derby way   
    Recruit a Dutch manager that plays possession based football, that has won the Dutch league 3 times, reached the semi final of the champions league and we give him Dowell and Jamie bleedin Paterson.
    Dont sack Cocu, sack the bloody recruitment team, absolute tripe and has been for years.
  22. Haha
    Archied reacted to Squid in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    If Holmes isn't fit to start (please dont crucify me but) I'd play Bennett in the NO.10 role, feel like it will fit him a lot more than up top or on the wing...
  23. Haha
    Archied reacted to Sparkle in Mason Bennett   
    Are people seriously having a go at Bennett- fully committed to Derby county and covers wide right wide left and centre forward if needed (probably would be very good in a 2) sure I would start Martin if we are wanting to hold the ball up because Bennett is a chaser and waghorn is a bit of both whilst Marriott doesn’t hold the ball either and doesn’t compete for it either - I wish we would consider using Martin as it looks obvious that he could help the team as a whole currently 
  24. Clap
    Archied reacted to richinspain in Mason Bennett   
    Maybe he knows his best position, but doesn't get played there enough? He doesn't pick where he plays.
  25. Clap
    Archied reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Social Media Abuse   
    People are idiots.
    People attack firefighters and throw bricks at fire engines. People punch nurses and teachers.
    People abuse others on the streets and on social media.
    People are idiots.
    Unfortunately we have to deal with these idiots. Fortunately most of us know how to behave.
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