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    Archied reacted to richinspain in El DerbyCo   
    I understand your concerns, I think that we all have some. You're right, we have no choice but to give him a chance. However it looks to me, I could be wrong, that you have already made up your mind.
  2. Haha
    Archied reacted to Nuwtfly in El DerbyCo   
    Is this really your impression of people who are legitimately concerned/worried about their club being bought by a 29-year-old friend of Matt Southall who may or may not be using his own money and may or may not be a supporter of a potentially far-right party? 
    Surely being concerned about a takeover involving this person, after everything that has been brought up, is not just people “wallowing in misery”?
    I can see why people are saying: “just give him a chance, give him time to prove himself” - but this is pointless, because we have absolutely no choice other than to give him a chance. He will be taking control of the club whether we like it or not. We can’t stop it.
    But that shouldn’t mean that we shouldn’t hold him to account! We should expect the owner of this football to adhere to a standard befitting of that position. I think some of the things about Mr Alonso that have been highlighted recently suggest that he is not going to meet that standard at all.
    You can call that wallowing in misery if you like.
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    Quality post 👍👍👍👍👍
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    Quality post 👍👍👍👍👍
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    Archied reacted to TexasRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    I cant do it, it’s not right.
    Plus I’m not I’m not an unpaid carer it costs me a ducking fortune to look after my lot 😂
  7. Clap
    Archied reacted to Needlesh in El DerbyCo   
    I'm a tired middle aged man. I don't have reserves of rage to bring to bear on topics around what might go wrong, or what should have been done. I'm sad that Mel is walking away, sad for us and for him, that the effort in sweat and treasure he's put in to getting us promoted never worked out. Blame him if you want, but few of us could or would have done better. He deserved to sit in the executive box at Old Trafford and The Emirates and watch our team mix it with the best again. I'll always respect him and wish him well.
    The new guy is a clean slate, a fresh start. We have a new season over the horizon and if we can just win a couple more games and stay up, positives in the academy and the managers office and hope for the future.
    Good luck to him, and I hope the takeover and the relegation battle conclude successfully in this next couple of weeks.
    Up the Rams. It's all about the hope.
  8. Clap
    Archied reacted to Eddie in El DerbyCo   
    I've seen many new owners, some very good, some disastrous. 
    I'm going to express no opinion regarding this one - at least, for the moment.
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    Archied reacted to cheron85 in El DerbyCo   
    You've obviously made your mind up already - Based on twitter speculation, someone else's feud and a bit of random speculation - So it's a bit pointless debating it with you
    I'm as cynical as they come - I pull apart everything people say/do to try and see all angles - And I have no great love for this guy because he's just some random with access to some money - But I'm at least willing to examine all sides of the thing - You seem to be using the most tenuous of threads to support your dislike of the dude from square one rather than examining the sources you use for evidence and giving the guy a fair crack of the whip
  12. Clap
    Archied reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    I am merely defending Mel when there is to my mind a certain tone from some posters that suggest he has been a bad owner.
    considering the nature of this competition, the structure of the industry and what he has tried to do over the last 5 or so years then I dispute that in the strongest terms and will keep doing so. 
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    Quality post 👍👍👍👍👍
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    Archied reacted to Boycie in El DerbyCo   
    Mel would of sold the Club if we’d of got promotion I think anyway, I don’t blame him selling now either, we’re only here once and nobody needs the stress he’s been under running this club.
    No matter what your opinion of he’s tenure is.
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    Archied got a reaction from Asheville Ram in El DerbyCo   
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    Archied reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    Quite common in most clubs. The candidates all had suitable CV’s ... None of us were fundamentally opposed to any of the appointments at the time. We might have had a dislike of either Pearson’s 1970’s PE teacher mode or the razzmatazz of Lampard but they were all typical of football. We have had every variety with the exception of trying to recruit the sort of tough guy agricultural manager with a “proven record” (although Pearson might fit that bill) . where everyone would have moaned about the lack of ambition.
    The transfer policy “errors” started with Bryson and Hughes being injured in the same match which lead to panic buying at inflated prices. At the time, these were seen as bold, supportive and positive moves. Your are eating hindsight by the KFC family bucket load.
    The financial state of the club ? .. Mel filled it with money .. some spent well, some badly .. We haven’t had a fiscal mismanagement situation or anything “taken” from the club by Mel. We got in a mess on FFP and Mel coughed up by buying the stadium and paying the club money for it.
    Sam Rush ? Is Mel really responsible for another man’s ethics ? ( or lack of them ? ) 
    The fiasco ? .. Someone broke their pledges or didn’t meet their obligations .. it wasn’t Mel. Maybe Mel shouldn’t  have trusted them but good business and life is defined by trust. You have to start somewhere. Has anyone thought about Mel here ? He has obviously had some serious health issues yet he hasn’t flinched from being a DCFC man 
    yes, for sure, be sceptical or wary of new owners, we all are, we care about our club, but Mel has been a straight shooter from day one. Some of the things he’s done or wanted to do didn’t work out but he is trustworthy beyond doubt . Now maybe those he has trusted are sharks .. but that’s a different story. 
    I cannot believe how you have such a judgmental attitude to a guy who has given his best efforts and a shed load of money to this club. Your judgement is littered with an astounding lack of logical analysis. 
  17. Haha
    Archied reacted to ariotofmyown in El DerbyCo   
    Really? I can't imagine a respectable far right party like Vox would operate in that way. If you can't trust the far right, who can you trust?
    Good news about Alonso though. I hope he turns out to be ultra woke. Will be interesting to see people who were happy to ignore any dangerous political views he may have, then lose their heads if he does/says anything they deem unacceptable.
  18. Clap
    Archied reacted to Gaspode in El DerbyCo   
    You don't know who they are yet!
  19. Clap
    Archied reacted to Carl Sagan in El DerbyCo   
    Deporting immigrants who break the law is a standard approach in many countries.
    Angela Merkel recently voted against same-sex marriage in the German Parliament, where the ruling party are her Christian Democrats and therefore religiously influenced conservatives. 
    In my experience it's standard for anyone on the left to label anyone who disagrees with them "far right". It's the nature of the polarized societies we live in, driven in large part by social media algorithms. 
    I'll judge him as I find him.
  20. Haha
    Archied reacted to ariotofmyown in El DerbyCo   
    No new leaf from me. I always thought that GSE did a decent job in improving the club, even if progress was slow.
    I'm highly skeptical about this boxing champion though. I don't really want the club to be associated with someone who may well have far right views.
    People with far right views are usually unintelligent failures or grifters exploiting the problems of others. Neither seems like a good person to be involved with our club. 
  21. Clap
    Archied reacted to BramcoteRam84 in El DerbyCo   
    Which is what we are doing now. But fans will moan about that when they have endure mid table mediocrity (as an aspiration). Remember the Nigel Clough years and protests outside the ground at GSE?! And they ran the club responsibly.
    Mel tried to get us out of this league. He’s stood by the club bankrolling it and not walked away until a buyer is in place. He made some big mistakes early on with signings and managerial appointments that has ultimately cost him and us down the line - not helped by ridiculous FFP rules. But he’s done it out of a need of trying to compete with clubs with parachute payments. Right intentions always, yes he’s made some mistakes, yes he’s not immune from criticism but some of the flak he gets is unjustified. 
  22. Clap
    Archied reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    And become a beggar amongst beggars. This is not Mels doing. If you can’t see the warped structure that lead to this over the last 15-20 years then I think you lack insight and logic. Anything Mel has done he has payed for in full. Finger pointing at the man man who’s used his piggy bank ( not very well) to try and realise some ambition is churlish. Ok so it didn’t work and the piggy bank is empty but all you bought is a ticket to a game. Mel has probably spent 20% of his net worth. He’s bailing out, I don’t blame him. He tried manfully 
  23. Clap
    Archied reacted to cstand in El DerbyCo   
    Too many people are making too many assumptions and I will never agree to trial by social media with no right to reply but depressingly that is the fashion for some people.
  24. Clap
    Archied reacted to Turk Thrust in El DerbyCo   
    Quite. When I heard this possible takeover my first thoughts were whether or not the owners could bring investment and success to my club. But some others seem to look at his politics first and trot out the same issues as for the previous would be owner. Some even said that politics are more important than Derby County! Sacrilege!
  25. Clap
    Archied reacted to Leicester Ram in El DerbyCo   
    As I said before with the Sheikh, following a football club is much more than the owner's far right politics.
    We'll all be here long after he's pissed off, I can't stop following the club that is a huge enough a part of my life for me to post regularly on here for the past decade even though I can't stand Alonso's politics.
    Derby isn't the owner, it's the fans, players, pubs, mascots, ex-players, managers, coaches, academy lads who make one appearance then never play again, blokes pissing in the Derwent on the way to the stadium, old women in the west stand and little kids in the south stand.
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