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  1. Fans Forum 13th March

    I would too. Moaning fans will moan irrespective of who is playing though. It's the way of the world unfortunately. Does nobody any good - except the opposition. It does look like the time has come to review the way ahead though. I think/hope all decent fans would give the younger members of the team some time to develop. Can't be sure of that though.
  2. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Derby 3 Benfica 0..... Hartlepool 2 Derby 0....saw them both, still watching ( occasionally).
  3. v Forest (A) - Predictions

  4. Will Hughes Watch

    Absolutely right. Too late now, no use crying over spilt milk and all that, but what a shame we couldn't build around him. Guess I'm still crying over spilt milk😩
  5. v QPR (A) - Predictions

    2-1 to us ( Palmer)
  6. v Fulham (H) - Predictions

  7. v Reading (A) - Predictions

  8. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    1-0 to us [Vydra]
  9. Monkey off our backs?

    No problem. 4 games is 1500 miles so you're safe for a while😀
  10. Monkey off our backs?

    I expected nothing higher than half way so I am very pleasantly surprised at our current position. I have a fair way to travel so have only seen the Rams at home on 4 occasions this season - Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday, Reading and Norwich. I think it's fair to say that I haven't seen them at their best, at least I hope not. I think GR has done an excellent job under difficult circumstances. I hope he stays for a few years and continues to improve along the way.
  11. v Sheff Weds (A) - Predictions

    2-1 to us [Vydra]
  12. v Norwich (H) - Predictions

    1-1 (Vydra)
  13. v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    2-1 to us [Vydra]
  14. v Millwall (A) - Predictions

    2-1 to us (Vydra)
  15. v Brum (A) - Predictions

    1-0 to us [Vydra]

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