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  1. I wouldn’t argue with that. Like Cocu and Rooney, he inherited a squad that needed vast improvement. I think McLaren, Mark 1, and Rowett had slightly better squads to work with. Lampard, with his 3 loanees, probably had the best set of individuals. It’s probably just my take on things but I never fancied us to get through those games, even the QPR game, which was one of the most disappointing afternoons I’ve ever had at a football match. After the sending off, I presumed QPR would kick the ball over the stand for another 30 minutes and then sneak it on penalties. Perhaps my glass is alway
  2. Correct. All those that followed found the same problem, some more than others.
  3. LEARN to read.😀😀...wow, you do have a certain way. Although I see you say it’s not a dig at Clough, it didn’t take you long to raise it. On today of all days when most of us are just relieved we have stayed in the Championship. Can’t see why it matters so much to you.
  4. As you say, never in danger of relegation with Nigel👍
  5. Cocu desperately needed forwards/goal scorers and was equally denied them in his transfer windows. Presumably, transfer embargo, lack of finance etc were already biting. I accept he had to go but I’m afraid Rooney hasn’t been any more impressive. He’s had lots of time, and unlike Cocu, had Bielik available for a while. What a player he was in his short time on the pitch this season. Another few games and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
  6. 1-0 to us ( Lawrence) Heart ruling head😎
  7. One great advantage enjoyed by manager Wayne Rooney after Cocu left is that he hasn’t had to include Wayne Rooney in his starting 11. That undoubted bonus, and more importantly, having Bielik available for a few games during his reign, has given us a chance of survival. Still too close to call though.... Could be a long season....😎
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