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  1. 1-0 to them but I really hope I score no points😀
  2. For those of us that have been around for a while, Malone’s goal had more than a touch of Alan Durban about it. It beats me why more players don’t hang around at the back post. In particular, for scuffed shots and glancing headers. Durban made himself famous for his 3 yard tap ins. He was a cultured player on top of that. Full credit to Malone for being there. As for Mason Bennett’s goal, the more I watch it, the better it gets😀.
  3. I can understand Frank’s dilemma at not knowing his best starting 11. The best 11 at home against a team that is struggling might not be the best 11 to play away against a high flying team or a team that are physically strong. We lack players with a physical presence in midfield for those games where we can expect a rough ride. Yesterday was a culmination of injuries, muddled thinking and desperation. So, for me, I’d put Carson, Bogle, Keogh, Tomori, Forsyth, Mount, Waghorn, Wilson and Marriott in when fit. I’m leaving King out of this although I thought he might have done a really good job. For the other 2, I’d be looking at Bryson, Johnson, Holmes, Huddlestone, Jozefzoon or Lawrence depending on the type of game we’re expecting. What a problem though! That’s 6 midfield players of varying quality, pace and strength. You can add Ball and Sibley to make 8. How great it would be if George Thorne could be a realistic 9th (I see he wasn’t in Luton’s squad yesterday). Of course, the problem with this is that 3 of the first 8 outfield players haven’t been fit for some time so some of the above replacements have come in and struggled. They’re not like for like midfield replacements though. We’ve lot loads of midfield players but in other ways, we haven’t got enough! Cole or Malone for Forsyth and Wisdom for Bogle are better fits in defence but constant chopping and changing rarely brings any benefit. Who’d be a manager.....apart from all of us😀
  4. I agree. I’m sure we were in a false position at half way. The squad isn’t talented enough to hold on to a top 3/4 position as far as I’m concerned and it seems that the Top 6 now looks out of reach. It’s not just today, this has been staring us in the face for months. Injuries are killing us and the lack of depth outside of the first eleven means we have been up against it since the turn of the year. Yes, we have well known and established payers on the bench but in truth, they are no longer good enough to take us forward. I’ve never expected us to finish in the Top 6 this season. I believe we are at least 3 players short or 6 if you discount the 3 loan players. We have not had much luck with recent managers. You could have made a case for Mac 2, Clement, Pearson and Rowett at the time but all have failed to make decent progress. It’s a tough job. Lampard will know that better than anyone at present. There’s still time to make 6th as it’s up for grabs but you can’t really say that we are in the quid seats. To have any chance, we’d need Mount and Lawrence to return fit and playing their best, plus a revival of 4/5 other players who seem to have lost their way recently. It looks unlikely but you never know. It’s a crazy game. I’m for keeping Lampard for at least another season. Our appointment record over the last 5 years or so does little to suggest that we would do any better if we tried again. Surely, we need to give someone a chance to build rather than constant dismantling.
  5. Defenders make mistakes, always have. There’s no guarantee that a replacement would be error free, in fact quite the opposite. It’s even worse for goalkeepers. Midfielders and forwards make mistakes too, always have. However, their mistakes tend not to lead to goals against. It has always been this way. Supporters used to accept that the game was being played by humans and thus mistakes would happen. That’s changed and it’s now a steward’s inquiry into every goal against. Thanks to the media experts for that ( particularly those pundit defenders who used to make mistakes when they were playing😀). I just accept it as part of the game, particularly from those just learning the ropes. I don’t like it but there’s not a deal that can be done with the squad we have. We are a mid table Championship team, striving to improve against all kinds of difficulties. Not Barcelona, not PSG, not Manchester City. Just good old Derby County. I find my tendency towards realism has helped me a lot over recent seasons😀 I actually think Frank might be the best chance we have in the short to medium term and that the likes of Bogle, Sibley, Thomas and a few other young ‘uns are our best hope of improvement. It’s some way off though.
  6. If we can knock them off their perch in this game, there’s more than ray of hope that we can at least make the play offs. No trout about it.....
  7. Creating a squad that ultimately gained a record low number of points took some doing as well. Wasn’t in post too long to take full responsibility - but he made sure of that. I’m quite happy that he is less visible these days.
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