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  1. Take Anderson and Onions out of that team and they've got nowt😃
  2. I'm not looking any more - carnage😲
  3. Snap😀. I went to the Leicester and QPR games but missed the WBA win. So with both of us missing this time, what can possibly go wrong......
  4. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Club though😀
  5. Isn’t it great watching the Sky mob suffer😀😀 So funny.. 185 days at the top apparently but we beat them. That’s a shame.....😀 Karma anyone?
  6. 2-0 to us. Keeps it simple😀. Wilson to wallop home the first. (This lager and wine is good...🙃)
  7. Despite my aging years ( and those of my mainly North East colleagues), we still play 5 a side every Tuesday evening, followed by a visit to the pub to discuss all things football etc. We've been doing that since I came up here in 1983. A couple of weeks ago, I (allegedly) was ranting on about Revie, Clarke, Giles, Bremner and probably the rest. One of my “mates” said..” you’ve been droning on about Revie for 35 years....isn’t it time you got over it, let it go?” He doesn’t get it, does he😀
  8. I got lucky yesterday. Saved Bench Boost to the final game and my Subs came up trumps! Just nicked it. Thanks to Mostyn for putting it together.
  9. My first game was in 1963. So much has happened since, both good and bad. Once you’re hooked, there’s no way out. I can understand that some will have a half empty glass particularly if they missed most of the good bits. However, I think we’ve done really well to be where we are after 45 games. I didn’t expect us to be featuring this season. So, let’s enjoy it and see what happens. I fear a second pair of underpants may be in order with 5 minutes to go...😳
  10. Still all to play for. We couldn’t beat Rotherham ( or Bolton or Ipswich) away so Middlesbrough won’t fancy it that much. Rotherham will want to go out on a high. We’re better at home. All we’ve got to do is win and it then doesn’t matter anyway....😀
  11. Taking one for the team here. Regularly wrong when I think we'll lose so 1-0 to them😓
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