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  1. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    1-1 [Vydra]
  2. v Cardiff (A) - Predictions

    Not easy this season! I don't know what's going to happen from one week to the next. Two decent points away from home this week. Have we turned the corner..? I don't know that either
  3. v Cardiff (A) - Predictions

    3-0 to them
  4. v Brentford (A) - Predictions

    2-0 to them
  5. Will Hughes Watch

    Well done Ronnie, you've reduced me to tears 48 Hours or so after watching 90 minutes of Derby v Brum....it's too much to take. In particular, I notice how he passes to someone in the same team. Hope we try that again soon
  6. Derby are so average

    I backed Clough long term because I felt he inherited a squad that gave him no chance of success for many seasons. Against a background of little money to spend, he raided a few Clubs and brought in a number of players who were excellent value [Bryson, Martin, Barker, Buxton, Keogh, Forsyth, Russell etc] who played Clough's way - as a team..Steve McLaren added a few flair players to that squad and we played some excellent football for a while, but unfortunately, not long enough. Under NC, it wasn't always good to watch and it wasn't always effective. However, I felt that we were slowly improving. From not being able to win away in his penultimate season, we started scoring goals for fun in a few away games he had before he was sacked. Ironically, it was the home form that gave Sam the chance to pounce. In the previous season, we had been decent at home. So, I liked that team spirit. I felt the players were giving their best. I don't ask for more than that. I went to the game yesterday, a round trip of 400 miles for me. It was one of the worst games I've ever had the privilege of attending and that must total more than 500 over 50 years. So, whatever we've been trying to do hasn't worked. Just watching some of the £25m worth of players we've signed in the last couple of seasons makes me wonder how Gary Rowett gets out of this alive. He's inherited a Nigel Clough type situation for sure. That being so, I will back him long term as well. He needs time to impose himself. I don't think he's started too well on some of his dealings [in and out] but let's hope future transfers will be more logical and that he too can find some players who will prove to be good value.. I suspect FFP has us around the throat. That's not Gary Rowett's fault, it's the fault of those that agreed to spend such ludicrous amounts on such average players. It's time to baton down the hatches, accept a mid table finish at best and look to future seasons for a recovery. Happy Daze
  7. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    2-1 to us ( Lawrence )
  8. Rowetts opinion of Derby and Mel

    At the moment, I think he'd have to admit to a couple of boobs.... Not sure he'll admit to anything else...he'll need time to sort it all out, if he can.
  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    Agreed..perhaps even longer than that though....
  10. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    1-1 [Vydra]
  11. Free Agents

    Could try him on the wing 😎
  12. v Barnsley (A) - Cup predictions

    2-1 to us [Martin]
  13. v Hull (H) - Predictions

    1-1 (Lawrence)
  14. How did we miss Woodburn?

    How do we know he'll be any good.... Could just have been a Lucky Strike
  15. FFP

    Hi Ramblur Like others, I hope you are keeping as well as you can. Your efforts on FFP are much appreciated. I wonder whether you are thinking about Mel's interview with "The Ram". I read that some time ago. I googled it just now and it shows 30 April 2017 as the date. He talks about a 4 tier structure but mentions 3 really. The first is the high earners [6-7], second is the bulk [ 8-9] and thirdly the Academy [5-7]. The fourth is actually loans, to be used as a "top up" over a number of transfer windows. So, as Cornwall Ram says, that's a max of 16 permanent senior pros. I've taken the view over the last couple of years that we are in a for a tough fight on the pitch. I have no expectations of a Top 6 finish this season but particularly regret the sales of Ince and Hughes. However, some very poor decisions have been made on recruitment over several years and in reality, Gary Rowett is paying the price for that. Some of the prices we paid were outrageous. I didn't understand it then and still don't. So, we carry on. Hopefully, the penny will drop across a wider fan base that we are hemmed in financially for some time. I think a top half finish will be a decent effort this year. Whether we can develop that next season and beyond will depend on many issues so I'll take it a season at a time

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