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  1. Too many Baseball Ground moments to cherish so I’m going for our FA Cup win at Tottenham. 3-1 down to a 5-3 win. Stood around Spurs fans so I had to restrain myself...what a night though😀
  2. I went to that game. 3-1 up, couldn't lose......or could we.
  3. 1-0 to them. Very happy to be wrong though....
  4. It's a season to stand still as far as I'm concerned. Losing Mount [ in particular], Tomori and Wilson was always going to give us major problems. They haven't been replaced. I doubt Frank would have done very much with the remainder of the squad, particularly with the injuries we've had. I'm looking at this season as an opportunity to see which of the Academy players are good enough. I'm sure we are all hoping that there's 3 or 4 who can make the step up. I'll take a mid table finish unless we suddenly find a way to bring in a number of quality experienced players in January . We're not good enough to challenge with this squad. I don't blame anyone for that and I don't have unrealistic expectations either. There have been many worse times in my 50 year plus period of being a Rams fan. I still think the 2020/21 season might be worth the wait.
  5. Ah, didn’t expect that team! Waghorn for Marriott please
  6. Me too...6 hour round trip for me. I don’t make many but I’m delighted I’m going to this one. The crowd can help those on the pitch. We’ve had tough times before. Not similar circumstances but over the 50 plus years I’ve been a fan, we’ve faced some times of turmoil. I expect we’ll come through it as we’ve done before. If a few folks decide that they can’t support the Club any more, that’s a personal decision for them. I’d rather be in than out😀
  7. As if the Duffield accident isn’t enough, I’m doing my 400 mile round trip for this. My recent record of being present when we win isn’t the best....sorry in advance. I might bring my boots though - you know, just in case😀
  8. 1-0 to them but I hope not.......
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