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    Max Bird

    Today, BBC has Manchester United leading the race to sign Jude Bellingham for an initial £35m. I'm sure he's good but that makes £5m for Max Bird insulting, if not laughable. Anyway, he should stay. End of....😀
  2. By now, I'm sure you will have seen Youtube footage of his goals and assists, most at the highest level of UK and European football over several seasons. If you were lucky enough to be a Derby County fan at that time, you could be excused for thinking that football was a very easy game to play. The likes of Hector, McFarland, Nish, Todd and George [and many others] oozed class. They made passing and controlling the ball appear to be the easiest thing in the world. Little did we know what was to follow, with the occasional exception. These players were international class. Playing for Derby held them [and others] back. We were grateful for their loyalty. They were a joy to watch for most of the time. You will have favourite players at present. We have some good young lads coming through. If any of them get to the level of some of those mentioned, they are unlikely to be at Derby for long unfortunately as they will be among the best players in the Premier League. So, in a nutshell and to answer your question, Kevin Hector was the first part of the jigsaw that would eventually make us the best team in England. He revolutionised Derby County on his own at first, along with Alan Durban's assistance. Saturday afternoons would never be the same. Yes, he was that good😀
  3. In and around 1965-1968, there was a very average football-related TV series called "United". One of the players, Zack Bishop, was called "The King" by his team mates. The players at Derby bestowed the honour on our own King Kev...hence "Zak" or "Zack".
  4. First game was in 1963. My Dad was at the 1946 Final, my brother and family have had season tickets for 50 years. Despite living in the North East for 37 years, I’m still Derby through and through Being a Masochist helps too😄😄😄
  5. 1-0 to them. Got most of the recent ones wrong so hoping my run continues😄
  6. Well done to all concerned. I'm finding it very difficult not to like Mr Cocu. Long may he reign.
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