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  1. 1-0 to them but I hope not.......
  2. That was the Rush era though. We can but hope that we’ve moved on.....

    Unwelcome farts

    Similar story. 30 years ago, I shared an office with a very attractive young woman. Our Boss at the time was notorious for farting, any time any place. One day I returned to the office to find her in a very agitated state. The Boss had come in, left a vile fart behind and almost immediately a chap from a different Department had walked in to see her about a work issue. Knowing what he must have thought, she had blushed ( something that often happened ), making it even worse. ”The dirty “Bar Steward” “(the actual word really), she said as I walked in, “Guess what just happened”. There followed an expletive ridden outburst, which finished with “ What must that chap have thought”. We were good friends and to this day I regret my answer, which I thought was reasonable ( but provocative) at the time..” He’ll have thought that you had farted”. Various desktop materials came flying through the air in my direction. She still reminds me on the odd occasion when we meet up😀
  4. I'm surrounded by Newcastle fans up here in the sunny North East. Most of those I know agree with you about Darlow.....
  5. 0-0 for me, which I think would be a decent start. I'm almost feeling optimistic about Mr Cocu and what he might bring over the next few seasons. I'll be giving him a deal of time to settle in.
  6. A few mates of mine went on an afternoon session in Durham last Summer and by chance, spent an excellent hour with Gordon. They wanted to talk to him about his Newcastle days of course but they said he spoke highly of his time at Derby - but knew he wouldn’t be staying long when BC took over apparently!
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