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    Rampage reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in v Bristol City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    You're entitled to your opinion of course, but I thought he was the best player on the pitch. Hard to move the ball forward when players aren't showing for it. 
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    Rampage reacted to Yani P in v Bristol City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Where are the subs ffs
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    Rampage reacted to therealhantsram in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    Worth bearing in mind that Bogle, Bird, Knight and Mitchell Lawson were all eligible for that team today. 
    Shows to me the incredible strength in depth that we have at u19 level. 
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    Rampage got a reaction from SKRam in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    Give them a season to have a team playing their way and to develop young players.
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    Rampage reacted to Carl Sagan in v Bristol City (A) - Matchday Thread   
    The win at Brizzle City last season made me think we might actually go up. When the chips were down we showed our true strength and won 0-2. I thought I'd remind myself of that game at the end of April: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47994358

    Wow! Less that 10 months later we are playing with an entirely different team. At this point I'd say there are only 2 guaranteed starters from that last game in Lawrence and Waghorn. Bogle might make it 3. Roos and Malone could take it up to 5. Of the 18 unless Josefzoon is brought in from the cold or Tom Huddlestone springs up off his injury bed, only Jack Marriott will add to those numbers. Just 6 out of 18 players - that is the nature of the revolution being wrought at Derby.
    Shinnie and Davies apparently had a good impact on the Swansea win (if the matchthread is to be believed). Do they stay in? After all, Martin had made a big impact in the prior games but was dropped. It's good that Max Bird is seizing his chance and playing well. Lowe's suspension is over. Is Fozzy capable of three games in a week? Will Marriott have a run? Will Sibley become a regular, at least on the bench, before the season's out? Ben Hamer is shortly to drop out because he can't play against his Huddersfield team on Saturday anyway. Does he make way for this, on a ground where Roos kept a clean sheet last season? I was surprised by Cocu today. For Wednesday I think we'll see:
    Bogle     Wisdom     Clarke     Lowe
    Bird       Shinnie
    Holmes     Rooney     Lawrence
    Subs:  Hamer Davies Forsyth Knight Sibley Martin Marriott
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    Rampage reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    Ouch, the price of Pukka Pies out there is enough to give you a heart attack
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    Rampage got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    Just got back from Lanzarote 27 degrees becomes 4 degrees. Great read on this game. Great win. Much appreciated guys  COYR
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    Rampage reacted to SaintRam in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
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    Rampage reacted to atherstoneram in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    Cashin just cashed in
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    Rampage reacted to SaintRam in u19's v Borussia Dortmund U19 (H)   
    Teams currently confirmed to be in the last 16:
    Liverpool, Inter, Benfica, Ajax, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Atalanta, Juventus, Derby County
    Not the worst company 👀
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    Rampage reacted to Wignall12 in January 2020 transfer window   
    Wrong ....the nightmare would be Florist finishing with more than 11 points ...nuf said !
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    Rampage reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Our Phil's Team Selections - Why we need to get onboard   
    I'm thinking we scrape past the Cobblers on pens, smash United but end up losing 4-3 to Liverpool in the final. All of a sudden, we're every other fans' second favourite club. Meanwhile, we storm into the playoffs beating Forest 6-0 on aggregate before snatching a last minute winner having been 3 nil down against the twirling scarf, whining gits that are Leeds. They cry a lot and Bielsa kicks his bucket so hard he crunches a vertebrae and immediately retires taking his powerpoint presentations and binoculars with him. Leeds are promptly relegated the following season. A Chinese trillionaire, who also happens to be a lifelong Rams fan, is so inspired by our achievements that he then plonks £1 billion into Derby and we qualify for the CL in our first season back in the Prem with Mbappe scoring 40 for us. Mel grins and ickle Stevie Gibson is left so disgusted that he sells Boro for 2p and lives out his days as a hermit on a remote Hebridean island while muttering something indistinguishable about FFP to himself, over and over and over again.
    Quote me, bookmark me @me...
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    Rampage reacted to Yani P in January 2020 transfer window   
    And they have the most professional recruitment setup and strategy in this league by a mile.. 
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    Rampage reacted to BriggRam in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
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    Rampage got a reaction from Ellafella in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
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    Rampage reacted to SaintRam in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Great work by Knight. Good decision by Holmes not to shoot. Lays off Rooney.
    The shot is heading straight at Sluga, in all truth, but the knee of a defender sends it into the top corner. We'll take it, however we can get it. 
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    Rampage reacted to Squid in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
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    Rampage got a reaction from RoyMac5 in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Sky reporter - Game is drowning in lethargy. Wowsers.
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    Rampage reacted to jono in What's Changed?   
    I am always amazed at the level of individual abuse. Not a moan about a bad pass or a skewed shot .. that’s part of the game for some,  but this curious desire to get on a players back through the game because of one  earlier error, to wind up your own team, almost like it’s bizarre desire to have road rage with your pal. .. I don’t think it’s Derby specific, I think it’s people and changing times.
    I agree with the earlier poster who said maybe the last few years of being nearly men and seeing some expensive players underperform has got under some skins. So close, frustrating 
    Me .. I’m just the same as when I went to my first game in another place. .. just waiting for that passage of play or individual skill or courage that lights your fire. Oh yes and the net bulging. ... expectations ? Always .. expect us to win .. disappointments too often .. because we don’t.  ... ahhh but doesn’t that make the wins so so rewarding 
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    Rampage got a reaction from ram1964 in Our day with Mel Morris   
    Mel Morris is an outstanding entrepreneur and as much a Derby County fan as anyone who writes on here. He wants unity and who can blame him. Will everyone agree with all his decisions, unlikely, but do they know enough to question the decisions being made, no they do not. We need to support a man who has put his money where his mouth is. Can he get everything right all the time? Of course not. Can he get us promoted and keep us there? Yes he can. We are proud of you, Mel. Maclaren was not allowed to speak to local press after his appointment allegedly. What an apparent difference if true.
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    Rampage reacted to 1of4 in Types of Winger   
    That'll be Hinton.
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    Rampage got a reaction from Carl Sagan in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
    Portsmouth at home please.
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    Rampage reacted to uttoxram75 in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
    50% chance of a winnable tie if we get past Northampton.....
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    Rampage reacted to Carl Sagan in Cocu and the youth: a great success story   
    When Philip Cocu was brought in the key reason we were given for his appointment was that he would focus on youth and bring the academy youngsters into the first team picture. In order of this season's appearances, this is what we've seen:
    Max Lowe, age 22, season's apps 23, total Derby apps 38. Max has been a star of the academy for a long time, but this has been his breakthrough season and he is establishing himself. He did so well at right back during Bogle's injury and is now first choice on the left.
    Jayden Bogle, age 19, season's apps 22, total Derby apps 72. Already established in the first team after a breakthrough season under Lampard it's easy to forget he's still so young. Has struggled sometimes and been injured but his talent is clear and he will continue to improve.
    Jason Knight, age 18, season's apps 19, total Derby apps 19. Included in the squad for the key games at the end of last season, it's clear to  everyone why. Won't  be long before young Jason is a full Ireland international and one of the first names on the team sheet.
    Morgan Whittaker, age 19, season's apps 14, total Derby apps 14. Top scorer in the EUFA Champions Youth League and just beginning to show what he offers to the first team, with a new contract to take the pressure off. Just needs a couple of goals and there'll be no stopping him. Very, very classy in the U23s.
    Max Bird, age 19, season's apps 8, total Derby apps 17. I had my doubts but over the last few weeks Max has come on strong again and shown he can be a very influential future member of the team.
    Louie Sibley, age 18, season's apps 5, total Derby apps 5. For me the most talented academy player right now. Can score, dribble, tackle and pass, with a great engine. Has everything and my disappointment is he's not had a little more game time to show what he can do. But it's great he's becoming a regular around the first team squad.
    Lee Buchanan, age 18, season's apps 4, total Derby apps 4. Came through at the start of the season and stood up when the club needed someone to play left back. Been injured, but seems one for the future.
    Jayden Mitchell-Lawson, age 20, season's apps 1, total Derby apps 2. Not quite broken through but now out on loan in League Two at Bristol Rovers.
    Other academy players not considered here are: Kelle Roos who's now 27. This season has seen 20 of his 49 Rams appearances; Mason Bennett who's only 23 but has been around the first team since age 15 and has only played 9 times this season out of his 89 Derby matches. Tom Huddlestone is a past jewel.
    Looking at these numbers I think we must consider Cocu a stunning success. Five brand new youngsters have been given their debuts, two others have become more established and while Bogle hasn't wowed as much last season he's not doing badly for a teenager.
    This flowering of the academy must be a record for Derby. I don't believe we'll go on a playoff push this season (but there is a chance) but I do believe the pieces are being assembled for a strong challenge next season as these young boys learn what will be required of them in the Championship. And when we look at the U23s and U18s there's plenty more talent that may yet join them. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go three forwards and it seems the future's looking bright.
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    Rampage reacted to Srg in v Northampton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    I am looking forward to this - which is the first game I've said that for in a long time. Therefore... 2-0 to Northampton!
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