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    richinspain reacted to rynny in Trouble ahead?   
    Finish 6th
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    richinspain reacted to Carnero in Sum up your current Derby feelings in five words...   
    Keogh! Keogh! Keogh! Keogh! Keogh!
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    richinspain reacted to ossieram in Sum up your current Derby feelings in five words...   
    Love this club for ever.
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    richinspain reacted to ossieram in Derby County vs QPR   
    Just checked the scoreline and the league table and we still have the 3 points we won yesterday.
    No need for me to reflect on the performance, I'll leave that to Frank and the experts at the club and I'll continue to be happy.
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    richinspain reacted to rynny in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I was supposed to start work at 5, left the ground after the final whistle, was half hour late for work. Walked in like

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    richinspain reacted to David in The Championship 18/19   
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    richinspain reacted to eddie in Holiday Plans 2019   
    As I was perusing the St Austell Brewery website (see 'The Beer Thread') yesterday, The Memsahib said "We haven't been to Cornwall in years". Well, we are now going this summer. I've just booked us a week at the start of July at a B&B in Mevagissey, about 100 metres from the harbour.
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    richinspain reacted to Inverurie Ram in Derby County Flags   
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    richinspain got a reaction from froggg in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    It's raining a bit (sorry @Boycie, I ain't stickin' mi knee out in this weather!)

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    richinspain got a reaction from Boycie in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    It's raining a bit (sorry @Boycie, I ain't stickin' mi knee out in this weather!)

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    richinspain reacted to KBB in Huddersfield   
    I use the 11 point season as a footballing badge of honor.
    Some tries to give "mad bantz" about it I just simply say "I was there, saw the games and still kept coming back every week and still do" "oh you support man utd, city, Liverpool, arsenal, Chelsea (insert as appropriate)..... Ever been to watch them?
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    richinspain reacted to Boycie in RamsTV Feedback   
    Americans for instance.
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    richinspain reacted to reveldevil in RamsTV Feedback   
    You could see it another way, it enables people who live far away and abroad a chance to share in the delight of live Rams football.
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    richinspain reacted to Needless in Forum Introductions   
    Half-fan, max. Don't go many away games. 😀
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    richinspain reacted to Needless in Forum Introductions   
    Morning all. Needles here, reincarnated as Needless.
    Left dcfcfans due to family illness. Never stopped going to games, just used them as a couple of hours escape instead of the all-consuming passion that being a football fan used to be for me. There was a phase when I was getting my anger out at the games, but that was proving toxic to my mental state, so i drew back for a while.
    I certainly take it far less seriously now; losing used to ruin my weekend, now it won't ruin my walk back to the car park. I've no time now for the 'hate' for other clubs. Just want to watch a game and have a chat about it with other Rams.
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    richinspain reacted to Derbyram1 in Tom lawrence   
    As illuded to in interviews recently, players read these forums and other social media so always find it amazing the amount of abuse our own players get and in particular Lawrence.
    The guy was miles better than Wilson yesterday and in previous matches but no one comes on her to praise him. 
    I would hold my hands to my ears if I had just read this forum and in particular this post. He is our player and Frank likes him so must be doing something right as he is pretty much first name on the team sheet.
    can we start backing him and give the guy a break, some supposed DCFC fans do my head in. 
    Rant over!
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    richinspain reacted to Angry Ram in Things that are more entertaining than Game of Thrones   
    Not posted until now as I could not think of anything. Still can’t. 
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    richinspain reacted to froggg in What are you eating tonight   
    Tandoori Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Turmeric potatoes, all washed down with a glass of Mango Mash IPA.

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    richinspain got a reaction from Bwash_Ram in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    But it's tha queen's inglish, in'nit!
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    richinspain got a reaction from GenBr in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    But it's tha queen's inglish, in'nit!
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    richinspain reacted to Boycie in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Ner ner ni ner ner!
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    richinspain reacted to David in Derby vs Ajax   
    I’ve seen these wage bills but will they not be based on last season? 
    In the summer they spent over £50m including bringing in Danny Blind from United, Tadic from Southampton who won’t be on a fiver a week.
    I would also suspect that following on from their Champions League success the Ajax manager will have a few knocks at his door for new contracts, this is what success does to players.
    We saw that at Derby after reaching the play off final, first player wanted 20k pw.
    Ajax “secret” has always been youth development, not really a secret though. From the starting lineup last night Onana, Veltman, de Ligt, Mazraoui, van de Beek all came through the system.
    Same way as it’s cheaper to grow your own veg and collect eggs out your garden in the morning.
    They also bring in youngsters such as De Jong before they become stars, he will leave, go to Barca and probably triple his wages. Same way as Justin Kluivert left for Roma.
    The Eredivisie is not a league where top players stick around, but then it’s not a country that’s seen an obscene amount of TV money completely change the game as it has in England.
    Young Dutch players don’t have that premium added English tax applied to their value which makes it harder to find bargains.
    So yes it is easy to replicate if you have a conveyor belt of talent rolling off, which to be fair has been a long term goal for the club.
    One question I’ve always had is are Derby fans patient enough to see young players brought through, some of the stick Bogle took this year I’m still convinced they are not.
    We’re not prepared to watch them make mistakes, encourage and support, they cost us a goal and we moan, groan, declare them not fit for purpose. 
    A complete mentality change is needed if we want to go the Ajax way.
    Take a look at January, where’s our ambition, why aren’t we signing anyone, look who they’ve got, then when the accounts are released they freak out. 
    Give it 2 months and we’ll see ridiculous suggestions of who we should sign from Man Utd and Chelsea. 
    Wage bill? Yeah whatever, give us Hudson-Odoi.
     Well that was a long post to start the day.
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    richinspain reacted to Ghost of Clough in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    People who get angry when I use my drone to film them in their garden
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    richinspain reacted to Spanish in Things you tried and wish you didn't   
    The stuff I was forced to eat when a kid is nothing like callos even if the ingredients are similar.  Good callos is a thing of beauty, a stew with a gorgeous creamy sauce which because they add chilli has a kick to it.  The ‘meat’ may put you off based on your memory but I am glad I tried it.  With some crusty bread it is fantastic
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    richinspain reacted to King Kevin in 30 years...   
    Yep ,there go I by the grace of God and many others of my generation that shoe horned ourselves onto terracing [Popside ]and others and got away with it .
    You never forget where you were when the news broke .Can't believe it's 30years.
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