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Limerick Day


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There was a young man called Wayne,

Who's girl liked the taste of champagne,

But with a drink he'd get bolder,

And the hookers got older, 

Though the false hips were really a pain.


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Oh what a lovely day,

We've had snow, and lots of rain in May,

Even when we thought we were safe,

The EFL came back out to play,

But initially a court of law, said we'd done everything OK,

So the EFL should have apologised to us, and simply just gone away,

But the idiots, that some how run our beautiful game, decided again, to try and ruin the club that we pay,

Premier League Teams break all the rules (Man Utd, Chelsea etc) and a point deduction, never, will land for them on any day,

So here come the EFL again, this time they will get their way, to ruin another club, instead of protecting it, but hey?

Sky Sports ex Wednesday player gets to comentate as his side fail to stay, whilst Cardiff City help where we lay,

Our fans turn up to the ground to sing in support, whilst others opt to type on their computers that they should stay away,

Players celebrate with our fans with a beer and a cheer to get over such relief in the rain, whilst a Ram or too enjoy such from Spain,

Our flag man asks MM and SP to tell us that our club is not going down the drain,

A club statement is made, but for some, that is not enough, as the fear of admin, liquidation, another failed takeover maybe at bay,

We all love this club, breathe this club, love, life and unity, white and black flares, banners, flags, noise and real passion from our fans is a good strong thing on every day,

So we will stay loud and proud and beat the incredible lousy football money making ignorant bigots, the Daily Mail, the EFL and all the rest that choose to attack The Derby Way,

And this could go on forever, more than 48 hours, but I think I've had my say,

We've got to wait a few months to start again, as it's only May

Time for another and another little dram, pour me another,

Exit Inverurie Ram............

anyone for a chop suey?

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