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Gary Bowyer to take charge of Salford City until the end of the season


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1 hour ago, Carnero said:

First time I've ever seen this happen, where a coach joins a different club as temporary manager and then returns to his original job at the end of the season!

That may change if he does well for them though...

Ole was on a temporary loan agreement from Molde. Very Manchester United...

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I’d suggest this is to cover all bases. 

If this doesn’t go well Gary has assured himself of a job to come back to, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want that assurance taking on a job like Salford!

If it does go well Gary can ‘re-assess’ his options in the summer.

Lets be honest there aren’t many people out there that wouldn’t favour a first team managers role over an academy role...even more so someone of Gary’s experience in the EFL.

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They’ve sacked Richie wellens for getting  7 points from 8 games

wazza’s got 6 from 9 

not wonder he didn’t get the job ?


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