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  1. If I was a betting man I’d have money on Salford being Cresswells next club in a permanent move as well as one or two others on loans
  2. If you think that league 1 is a better place to blood kids you will be sadly mistaken. People have to get away from the idea that technically gifted players who have looked ok in the championship will logically find dropping down to league 1 or in turn league 2 will find it easier or shine more due to the drop in standard. Players like like the youngsters we have will find league 1 impossible. They will be eaten up and find that that type of football ruthlessly exposes every weakness that have, every part of the game they find tough and every attribute they didn’t need in U23s fo
  3. Going out on loan isn’t a bed of roses and most definitely not a case of going out and just getting picked every week because you come from a Championship club (I realise that’s not what you meant) Clubs often treat you worse than their own players. You’re not a long term concern, asset or problem. There’s the risk of upsetting you or upsetting a player you have under contract for 2 more years and it isn’t a tough decision. The effort invested in trying to improve a player of your own or one you’ve ‘borrowed’ for 6 months with no long term benefit or financial gain is also an easy decisio
  4. I’d suggest this is to cover all bases. If this doesn’t go well Gary has assured himself of a job to come back to, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want that assurance taking on a job like Salford! If it does go well Gary can ‘re-assess’ his options in the summer. Lets be honest there aren’t many people out there that wouldn’t favour a first team managers role over an academy role...even more so someone of Gary’s experience in the EFL.
  5. Loans are far from being an easy option for a young player.....just ask some of ours that are out on loan at the moment. Most likely to be the most technically gifted in the squad at the clubs they’re at but game time doesn’t come easy when you’re in the middle of a relegation scrap or a promotion push and a manager will ALWAYS favour his regular 28 year old who he has to look after on a 2 year contract as opposed to the 19/20 year old he has for 3 months. Not to mention the brutal zero passing environment of a league 2 club for example.....going on loan is every bit as about learning survival
  6. I feel for the lads that came off. They were no worse than the other 7 outfield players and of those 7 had performed first half just with their desire like that have second half it may have been different for everyone. By raising their games second half they’ve actually hung the other three out by making it look like it was down to them!!
  7. He hasn’t really played the 10 role and tbh he was rarely playing that for the 23s either. What it highlights is the vast difference in coming off the bench for 20/30 mins at 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0 down when the opposition are basically just killing time and managing the game, sitting deep and allowing you to have the ball all the time you don’t hurt them.....
  8. Derby games mean nothing without the fans. Players can harp on about bragging rights and “doing it for the fans” but the reality is, unless there are a host of homegrown academy products in BOTH sides, no fans in the ground mean it’s just another game for players who are in the main just ‘passing through’
  9. Jordan Brown is always the one under the radar. Id imagine Bobby D isn’t best pleased, slogged away in two games with a weaker line up with little or no service and then tonight an opportunity to be surrounded by a few players who can provide service and he has to sit it out.....he was looking sharp last time out and can’t help but think he’d really benefit from an opportunity to win and score would do him world of good
  10. Of course they would.....but then Foden, Garcia and Torres would Man City’s too....
  11. Yeah I know what you mean but that’s the modern player.....Ashley Cole was the same. It’s a tool box of speed, technique, athleticism, skill.....the coaches will teach him how to defend
  12. He’s the one for me. Ahead of McDonald (I know they are opposite sides but in their development I mean)
  13. No I wasn’t missing that fact at all, in fact if anything that emphasises the point I was making. The age group pathway is in place for a number of reasons based on the physical, social, psychological and technical / tactical development of the footballer /person. To accelerate a players development then he needs to be excelling in those areas. However all areas will be a factor and excelling in some but not in others will be more important depending on which step you’re taking.....ie a technically good 10 year old won’t be too put off playing U11s by the physical factor...a physically st
  14. Here’s my brief take..... Kaide doesn’t play for the 23s for one reason....he’s not ready for that level of football. Kaide played 1 minute for the first team for one reason, to safe guard / increase his value should he not sign. Yes football is that sinister, corrupt and contrived.
  15. With the difference being.......?
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