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  1. If we can’t sign these trialists - and it sounds like the length of contract and / or the wages are the problem that to me rules out Morrison and Carroll in particular and possibly Stearman and Aluku. Id get Wisdom and Davis onboard now, along with Jagielka (who surely isn’t expecting more than one year deals at his age?) That gives us experience to build from and cover for each of them who will undoubtedly need it in a position that requires know how. Id be happier with Sibley playing over Aluku who has flattered to deceive and as well as Morrison played v Man U he was frustrating today and I’m not sure we are going to be the sort of side that can accommodate both him and Tom Lawrence (who was ominously quiet today when he needed to get the game by the scruff) anyway. Baldock IMO isnt going to offer anymore than Stretton is and so id use the one other spot available to search for a suitable replacement / cover for CKR preferably in the same mould so it doesn’t change how we play too much when one or other is playing. Noticeable today that it was far harder for our midfield to link up with the forward once CKR had come off….we need that focal point.
  2. All I would say is I did mention how difficult league 1/2 is when discussing how difficult it can be for young players to drop into it on loan from Prem or Champ sides….. In all it was a good pre season challenge. Physically demanding in terms of energy and combativeness. Not the result a fan would want but a game a manager probably appreciates as needed or useful. I wouldn’t read too much into it it worry too much about it.
  3. He played 40 times for Southend mainly in league 1 as a teenager…which is probably the main reason we bought him…so we can hardly claim that as harsh or unjust for him to be included in the ‘professional standing’ list.
  4. 😂 yeah I realise how that looks… What I mean by that is I think CFs are much like GKs where you are only gonna play 1 but you definitely need a back up!!! With the shortage of CFs we have CKR will need a break and so a second striker is essential whereas we have several options for someone to play wide right.
  5. For me Aluko is a waste of a signing if it’s limited to 4. He looks to me as someone who will only operate as a right sided winger and he’ll only be behind Joz in the pecking order. If it’s 4 from 8 it can’t afford to be someone who’s not an automatic starter…..for me if Joz is injured we’d have Sibley in that role. Curtis is nailed on as is Morrison so I’d expect it to be those two plus Baldock as a back up striker who can also play wide and Jagielka.
  6. People need to stop looking at the least valuable, least experienced players in the squad and assuming they will go out on loan or be sold. Firstly as has been said a million times today a loan does not assist the situation in any form at all. Secondly, the players who will be moved on if they want to or need to make space will be the players who generate interest from other clubs. With all due respect Brown, Watson and Hutchinson will generate no interest from any one at this moment in time as they are, as you will have gathered by the amount of people who think they are expendable, the least experienced players! For any player to leave they will need a club to display an interest in taking them and it will need to meet Derby’s requirements for it to be a goer! For the millionth time, that is more likely to be a Sibley, Bird, Knight, Buchanan than a Hutchinson, Watson or Brown!! Do some simple economics……even if a club came in and took any of them for a nominal fee…let’s say £80k….we would then have a space to fill in the squad which it seems from opinion on here people would prefer to be an experienced Championship defender or striker…ok so now we are looking at replacing the £1k a week wages for a kid with £8-11k a week for an experienced player….remember why we are in this situation to begin with..something to do with money / accounting / takeovers 🤔🤔 So why would we want to swap a liability of £50-60k a year wages for a promising 20 year old and swap it for £400-500k a year for a 30+ looking for a one year pay day? Now consider that it’s possible the coaching staff look at Watson and consider he’s going to be as good or better than Bird or that Hutchinson may offer the same as Sibley who is most likely a squad player under Rooney. Sibley for example may well command a fee of £3-5 million which will make a nice dent in any outstanding HMRC bill….he will also be earning considerably more than £1k a week so his wages may be a direct offset to any incoming player and he maybe won’t directly weaken or impact the starting 11…. So what makes sense to you?
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂 FFS I feel like Bill Murray!!!!
  8. You can’t seem to grasp that for that to happen another club has to want them and be able to afford them!!!!
  9. Oh you think we can find them a club? So they’ll just do us a favour? And find his wages in their budget? Pay for his relocation costs? Use him in their squad ahead of players they have already? My heads gone on this. People can’t seem to grasp some simple economics and some straightforward contractual law
  10. First of all you can’t ‘get rid’ of anyone. Second of all you can’t just release players who are under contract. There is such a thing as a contract so unless the player agrees to a mutually agreeable pay off or another club actually wants them and they agree to leave they won’t be going anywhere. I actually can’t believe that people think the solution is to ‘get rid’ of young players without considering the legalities of that let alone the logistics of it.
  11. Yes. A small fee. No one is paying any money for either of these two players in this climate. How many more times do I need to say this….in this situation NO ONE is taking the players off ours hands that we want to lose or feel able to do without or are surplus! For a player to leave there needs to be a club who want to take them…at this moment in time no one will take either of them. If we are to lose anyone it will be players who hold value right now and players no doubt you wouldnt want to lose….that’s the way the world works…If you see value in having them chances are so do others…if you don’t see the value in having them chances are neither does anyone else! The climate changes. Right now people aren’t taking gambles and buying players (even for nominal fees) on the chance that they may be worth something in the future. Bear in mind they will only be worth something if someone plays them! Every other club already has players in their academies that they feel equally sure that they will one day be worth something they don’t need to take ours and extend their risk….. I also didn’t suggest we ‘will’ sell for large fees I said they ‘may’ be decent and worth sell on fees later. Working off freebies and loans we will unquestionably we shopping in the basket that says ‘questionable’ or ‘gamble’. Tell which of the 7 we are currently assessing that aren’t in some from or other questionable in terms of their fitness, form, attitude, longevity, fitness risk or value as an asset beyond this season? I did. Try it. I get that. But also keeping either of them instead of trading them in and exchanging them will never be the reason we end up in league 1. I’ll try again……if anyone leaves it’ll most likely be that the staff feel that either a Hutchinson or a Watson (or a Kornell, or a Festy, or a Thompson) are capable of doing a similar job to a similar level as another player in a similar position who holds financial value right now and generates interest from another club. This is two fold as they will try to not weaken the playing staff dramatically while also helping the financial situation in the short term which could clear an embargo and give us a shot at shopping again in January.
  12. You can only pay up what is mutually agreeable. If the player doesn’t accept the pay off you cannot just cancel a contract. As I said earlier it’s more than just wages involved financially and you’re really not looking at the more complex picture…. Some of those young players are still Scholars so how would you value their education that comes as part of the clubs commitment to them? By cancelling contracts we’d also be waiving all rights to compensation at any time if and when they go on to be a success elsewhere. That’ll only take one player to make it at another big club and that’s potentially the sort of money that finances the academy for 10 years ala Jude Bellingham. As you say, not that it matters because there is no way it’ll be happening.
  13. There’s no doubt that the EFL had it within their gift to stick to the rules in place so by that they have been lenient and bent them slightly. That doesn’t mean we were lucky or they haven’t done the right thing, they have, without question, of course. However I’m pretty damn sure that it will get right up their noses if those players we have demonstrated to them that were far from justifiably being worthy of ‘professional standing’ at that time suddenly start popping up on our subs benches or appearing in cup games just a few weeks later. The EFL didn’t just turn nice on us!
  14. I don’t think you’re considering the implications of not fulfilling the academy commitments both financially and ethically and the knock on effect that would have on the club on the longer term . Anyway it’s a moot point because there is no way on earth that any contracts will be betting terminated from those 8 players to allow for squad movement. A contract is binding and the PFA and the agents would have a field day if it wasn’t mutually agreed.
  15. It is how it SHOULD work but all I’m saying is if the EFL are gonna be lenient and bend the rules a bit they won’t like us being able to bend them back again to suit ourselves!
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