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Match Ratings Norwich v Derby


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Remember you have from the final whistle till Noon tomorrow to give your ratings. You gave to have watched the match to give ratings. 

Please, please, please rank the players in the order i have listed below and only those players













The rating framework to use. 

1 is worst performance you have ever seen

2 is worst performance of the season

3 is a terrible performance

4 is a very poor performance

5 is below average or poor

6 is average

7 is above average or good

8 is a very good performance

9 is an excellent performance  

19 is one of the best performances of the season


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4 minutes ago, Tyler Durden said:

Not sure why Rooney has only got 7 in the majority of cases and 5 in some when he's won the match for us.

Because of how he performed in the match would be my guess!

*edit: this wasn’t meant to come across as overly sarcastic. Just meant that if we are rating his performance, a lot of it had room for improvement - apart from the obvious. 

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Just now, Tyler Durden said:

Was waiting for that response and see you obliged. 

Pedantically then he scored the goal which won us the game. 

Davies, Knight, Marshall, for example, contributed so much more over the 90 minutes. Without their contribution, Rooney's single bit of brilliance might have just been a consolation goal. Without Knight's run, that free kick doesn't happen.

Statements like 'he won the game for us' view the game only in terms of who scored goals and do a disservice to those that make other contributions. 

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