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  1. Terry Hennessy looks like the guy in the wheelchair from little Britain
  2. But what about the other way round should clubs extend the contracts of players they have no intention of playing in the rest of the season?
  3. The player contract issue is a complicated one as some players might not want a temporary extension to their contract and there will be some players that the clubs will want shut of as soon as their contract is up unlikely that the season will finish by 30th June now.
  4. Maybe I underestimate how much 17% of season ticket sales amount too but I would have thought somewhere around £1million I think the club could do the right thing without having to sell the best young talent although we will probably have a tough time fending off prem interest in some of them anyway.
  5. Impossible to quantity or prove but I genuinely thought whilst watching Claude Davis that he wasn’t giving 100% so I vote him worst.
  6. Not really I was asked a question and answered it honestly.
  7. If it means we sign one less player in the next transfer window and we see more of Sibley, Ebosele,Brown,Buchaneon etc I would be happy enough.
  8. I accept that legally they don’t have to but I think they should . I have had a season ticket for the past 19 seasons.
  9. I do have a different view if the season isn’t finished or the remainder played behind closed doors I think clubs should refund season ticket holders for the remaining games.
  10. It would be pretty disappointing if the club used the Coronavirus as a way to stiff their season ticket holders in my opinion.
  11. Bad day for Forest they played a completely different side against West Brom in the f.a cup and lost that as well just seen the highlights on bbc1
  12. I’m surprised that sky haven’t picked this game and moved it to 12:30 kick off on Sunday must be some big premiership games this weekend for them not to bother with it.
  13. rustylee

    Ex Rams

    I was surprised that Vernam had to drop down as low as Grimsby to get his career started as I always thought he looked decent for Derby under age teams but then I also thought Elsnik was going to be a star player for the first team. Doesn’t bode well for Ebosele as he is the current youngster I have high hopes for.
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