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  1. Club Restructure- DOF

    Both models boil down to having one man in charge of recruitment it doesn’t really matter if it’s a director of football that recruits the players and then someone else coaches them or a manager who both recruits and trains the players. If you get the recruitment wrong you are buggered in both cases.
  2. The Alternative

    Danny Cowley
  3. Club Restructure- DOF

    Just means we will have to sack the DOF every season when we don’t get promoted
  4. What would be your expectations based on

    Vydra will be sold to Southampton or one of the relegated clubs and unfortunately our side might look something similar to the original posters line up I would expect it to finish bottom six.
  5. Aaron Eyoma​​​​​​​

    Maybe he didn’t reckon much of QPR
  6. Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    I think that must have been one of the worst centre back pairings I’ve ever seen Wheater in particular looked a total donkey anytime the ball was played on the floor around him.
  7. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Natalie Sawyer hasn’t had her contract renewed by sky sports news would be a great signing for Rams Tv in the summer on a free transfer
  8. England squad for the Holland & Italy game..

    The only reason I can see for picking four goalkeepers is that he hasn’t got the bottle to drop Hart from the squad which he actually should have done at least twelve months ago.
  9. The Fans’ Responsibility

    Many fans like to think that they are making a difference. when we win they are the twelfth man and when we aren’t winning it’s because other fans are moaning or too negative personally I don’t think we make a difference either way.
  10. The Most Bitter Man in English Football

    Thought this thread had to be about Sol Campbell but I suppose technically he isn’t in football at the moment
  11. Incremental Improvements

    I don’t know what Rowett is playing at trying to get us promoted this season why can’t he see that it’s too early and the only consequence would be to turn us into Sunderland.
  12. Stadium atmosphere

    i don’t sing no point in clapping as I wear gloves I just watch the game
  13. View from the outside

    I hope the fa extend his ban for a frivolous appeal
  14. Under 23s v Manchester United St George's Park

    We only get **** refs
  15. Huddz

    Here is a question for the stats men on here Huddlestone scored his first goal for the club on his 125th appearance what is the longest wait for a player to score his first Rams goal?

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