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  1. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Is the u18 game being shown on rams tv tomorrow?
  2. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    0-0 half time against West Brom a positive first half performance looked the better side just lacked a goal
  3. View from the outside

    Carson got lucky on the penalty decision got the ball but went through the player to get it.
  4. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Is there any footage on the Westwood incident did he handle the ball outside the box?
  5. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    The previous 3 that have done the job of main commentator have all been better than the current chap at least in my opinion.
  6. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I was brought up on Richards who I thought was great Ross Fletcher had a different style but was equally as good in my opinion didn't really take to Bloomfields style but still listened don't bother with these two clowns we have now.
  7. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Ed Dawes is dreadful I just watch soccer Saturday when we are away (also a half fan)
  8. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    I don't really recall anyone hyping him up that much so the answer to the thread title is no
  9. We are top of one league

    What annoys me is when they charge you extra for printing your own ticket at home another rip off on tickets.
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    It's a good job this 11 were rested on Tuesday the score line could of got embarrassing if they had been tired.
  11. De Boer Sacked

    That's Roy sacked then he's going to lose the next three.
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    To be honest if we didn't have this game tonight Thorne would have played last night for the u23 so not much difference really it's just another step towards full match fitness.
  13. U23's v Swansea

    Whoever is in charge of putting the replays up should learn to wait for the ball to go out of play
  14. Free Agents

    Hasn't Rowett said we are morally obliged to complete the Kieftenbield transfer in Jan? If we sign a free agent as well we are back to bloating the squad. With our best midfielder on his way back and Baird as cover we should be ok.
  15. De Boer Sacked

    They do have Dougie Freedman in place as backup though.

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