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  1. This thread should be treated like a transfer thread and locked due to no credible source material.
  2. Not always true though as Barnsley deserved to get relegated this season but got saved by Wigan’s points deduction.
  3. If I was a Sheff Wed fan I would rather have the points deduction this season and start next season with a clean slate in league one.
  4. I still remember the Peter Shilton mistake in 1973 wasn’t a bad keeper though.
  5. So much for Covid putting a brake on transfer prices if a championship club is paying £15 million for Grant.
  6. Probably play Stoke last pre season game and pick up 6 serious injuries.
  7. Shouldn’t have been a red but it won’t be rescinded.
  8. We need an England goalkeeper to play in that yellow shirt.
  9. I’ve watched u23 games on rams tv and cast them to my tv works Very well will I be able to cast first team games to my tv?
  10. Yeah it was Sheffield Wednesday I just recall that game as Crossley had been time wasting for the entire game but the ref put up something stupid like two or three minutes added time when it should have been much more felt like justice had been done when we got the winner.
  11. David Jones free kick beating Mark Crossley at his near post 2006/7
  12. Whilst these are brilliant to watch in these times I find it a bit odd that they do that bit at the start it would be better if they just went straight into the action and did the bit where they talk about it after.
  13. i Wonder how long this could go on for I think it is guaranteed now that the remainder of this season will at best only happen without fans in attendance but could this also affect next season as well.
  14. I understand that I’ve already payed out the money for this season but I haven’t for next season I’m currently only getting 80% of my wages so I would use any potential refund against a ticket for next season.
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