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  1. I bet it doesn’t even have Red numbers on the back.
  2. All sounds positive and the daily Mirror supercomputer says we are going to finish 17th this season so at least we avoid relegation because them supercomputers are never wrong.
  3. I don’t Remember ever demanding signings. Sure I got excited when we were spending a lot and bringing players in because I’m a fan and thought that Mel knew what he was doing and we could afford it. It turned out Mel didn’t know what he was doing and we couldn’t afford it not sure how that is my fault.
  4. Not really sure why the original poster is being called a WUM in lean times on the pitch season ticket sales and attendance drop it the same at all clubs.
  5. We should merge with Wycombe. Derby Wanderers playing in the championship next season everyone happy.
  6. Why worry about things you can’t influence
  7. All these different protests going on reminds of Monty Python and the people’s front of judea.
  8. Shinnie should get player of the season although I suspect Kazim will actually get it.
  9. Go all in risk everything either get us promoted or take us into administration keep it interesting none of this slow and steady rubbish.
  10. I do like the double bluff by opening with this is not a joke thread and then starting a joke thread.
  11. We haven’t got a pot to pee in never mind 110
  12. Roos 4 byrne 7 wisdom 4 clarke 7 buchannan 5 shinnie 8 bird 4 jozwiak 5 knight 7 watson 4 ckr 4 mengi 7 sibley 8 gregory 7
  13. Scores the winner 2 minutes after coming off the bench . Nice start for Stretton.
  14. Sibley has to do more to get in the team but Waghorn couldn’t produce less on recent performances but stays in the team every week I don’t really get it.
  15. Roos 6 byrne 6 edmunson 6 mengi 6 clarke 6 forsyth 5 shinnie 7 knight 5 jozwiak 5 ckr 2 waghorn 3
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