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  1. Thought I had read somewhere that they were going to outlaw rebounds on penalties doesn’t seem to be on that list though so probably imagined it.
  2. looked like one of the Birmingham stewards got involved in some agro with the villa players in the aftermath of the goal celebrations
  3. I know he was playing for spurs but the photo of Dave Makay grabbing Bremner is a good one although apparently Macay himself didn’t like it.
  4. When Natalie Jackson does the player interviews it will be Nat King Cole.
  5. Register Shay Given as a player play him in goal and play Carson and Roos as centre backs.
  6. I didn’t realise how valuable Pearce had been in the first half of the season that 1 minute of championship football he played must have been amazing but I missed it.
  7. Don’t most employers pay death in service benefits? In my current Contract it’s 4 years salary
  8. Get him down to Loughborough he can make his debut for the u23 tonight.
  9. Defence needs sorting out so probably Keith Osgood and Mick Coop.
  10. It works in cricket and tennis because the lines don’t move and you can set a camera up directly in line the offside line is constantly moving as the defenders move it didn’t help the Bryson goal or their goal that the camera they were using to check the offside wasn’t directly in line.
  11. Derby look a class above them in this first half youths against boys
  12. I’m in the people’s front of club 84
  13. After seeing Lowe against Southampton I wouldn’t be surprised if left back is a position we are targeting.
  14. They have only paid £1 million compensation to Luton for Jones so he is only going to be half as good as Rowett.
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