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  1. I’m just hoping Rudolph delivers lots of gifts for JuJu and Washington... 🙏
  2. The Steelers can surely do better than Paxton Lynch as cover ? - he was poor for the Broncos. I know I few Bronco fans through work and they still moan about wasting a 1st draft pick on him.
  3. Just noticed they have put him on IR list.
  4. 0-2 Not the start I was hoping for 😅- might not only be the dolphins tanking this season
  5. The update says it’s only for the US only though . ignore didn’t see the future improvements bit
  6. @David your forgetting I’m undefeated so far 😜 so don’t buy a trophy cabinet just yet...
  7. So basically looks like this whole AB scenario was manufactured ( Cryotherapy frostbite, Helmet grievance, Threatened retirement, Posts fine on IG, bust up with GM, Apologizes, so no suspension, then posts Gruden phone call ) all to get himself released so he could go straight to the Pats as he didn’t like being traded to the Raiders. I can’t wait for it to blow up in the Pats faces when AB kicks off when he’s not happy with something else ( only a matter of time ) they so deserve each other imo.
  8. No doubt AB is a talented player but he plays in a team sport - on what’s out in the public domain he has come out of this and the steelers about it just being about him. I can’t see many teams welcoming him into their team dressing room as he could cause more disruption if it’s not about him.
  9. It’s turned into a circus show - Raiders need to get rid and not pay out like @David says. AB is either in a bad place or he really is getting some poor advice from his own management team imo... why do the apology to then stoke the fire straight after. Regardless of talent why would any team want to work with him moving forward...
  10. full version now attached
  11. Antonio brown has now posted a private phone call with gruden - he really can’t be in a good place. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2F39nzBthS/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  12. Just noticed I’m playing champ @Carnero first off - tough start... I hope you’ve handed the 🏆 back in good shiny condition. Good luck everyone
  13. I’ll get in before tonight's first game; AFC East - Patriots AFC North - grrr Steelers AFC South - Texans AFC West - Chiefs NFC East - Eagles NFC North - Packers NFC South - Saints NFC West - Rams Super Bowl - going Packers to ruffle a few feathers... Let the games begin
  14. Mahomes in draft mocks was going as early as 2nd round in some but typically 3rd round.
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