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  1. Same Brandley Kuwas who moved to Al Nasr at the start of this transfer window ? 🤭
  2. speechless 😶 what a display
  3. Time to show the Aussie’s our A game on home soil. Cmonnnnn
  4. More worrying Anya is wearing a blue keeper bib ! Watch out Roos and Carson...
  5. Might have been this one https://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/sport/17754121.tony-mowbray-blackburn-rovers-charlie-adam-stand/
  6. Well we had a snake manage us so you just never know lol
  7. You changing it to 88 Points ? Like your style 👍
  8. and pushing you onto an Orange contract
  9. Wow its brighter in here these days...
  10. Far too tame ! I've already got my new attire - here's a preview having just tried it on Still not sure if I should go for the bow tie... I'm thinking keep it low key
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