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  1. Agree with this - think we just lack a strong voice on the pitch to keep everyone switch on.
  2. What’s wrong with them ? Their not webbed 😁
  3. What a 24 hours of English football... 🥅⚽️
  4. Does he have spare seats - couple a quid ! I’m in for Southampton, Brighton next season 😉
  5. These fast track schemes are getting out of hand
  6. Anyway do Leeds have an away end ? Given their following I’m surprised they could spare a few seats for visitors 😉
  7. Hope you get a ticket @Fraser_23 - note wrong with asking the question
  8. He is at school - he’s the headmaster
  9. All set for Wembley and heart pull story with Our tune
  10. I hope Archie Brown grabs that match ball for his hatrick...
  11. Excellent result... This can only bode well for the future both in our current young talent plus attracting the best of the next new talent into the academy. Mel’s funding and vision into the academy starting to pay off - tip my hat to that Great achievement !
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