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  1. Probably blames the medical staff for having the wrong type of magic sponge 🧽 too
  2. Oh Well..... I thought we bossed it in midfield but first half we were to slow in trying to whip crosses into the box like we did in the second half which they struggled with. Our Achilles heal is we really struggle to stop crosses coming in and with Hamer not coming off his line he really leave the CB’s exposed trying to deal with high balls into the box Didn’t get the rub of the green tonight with the officials but we showed some fight which bodes well IMO
  3. Hamer is so static - worzel gumidge would do a better job
  4. #forestpromotionchargerecreated
  5. Im going Chiefs - just got this feeling Andy Reid will pull something out of his strategy / play locker tonight but expecting it to be close.
  6. I laughed that much it nearly krilled me... icy you've got my book marked. im here all week
  7. It’s ok I heard we are in for a goalkeeper Coached by Les Seal ey and is ice cool under pressure.
  8. valuations on stadium prices are very inconsistent the best of times given its specialist function. Therefore, simple equation; EFL valuation ( *includes the obligatory the clubs outside of London deduction ) = EFLV Derby valuation ( independent valuation based on asset) = DV Equation ( EFLV + DV ) / 2 = Mean Valuation** The above equation ( aka up the rams) on my Casio calculator should see us ok 👍
  9. Day of the underdogs !!
  10. I’ve ran out of popcorn 🍿
  11. Poor @jimbo jones heart is racing now
  12. Stay behind the sofa and deep breaths - I think it’s going to be a cracking 4th qtr game
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