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  1. Playing well enough to turn this round. But with our previous goal scoring exploits I’m not optimistic.
  2. Think Jozwiak would make something happen in this game. There are pockets to exploit.
  3. Think Lawrence has been one of our better players.
  4. Just boggles the mind how much we’re struggling with a good set of players. Minus the loanees this squad personnel wise is streets ahead of Lampards.
  5. Well 4 at the back against the mighty QPR didn’t work did it.
  6. Oh dear. Can we please get Rooney off? He’s been diabolical.
  7. Must have copy and pasted my comment from a few mins ago 😂 but no I don’t think he has.
  8. I agree with the Clough statement. However like Clough I think certainly when it comes to the squad Cocu will leave a pretty good foundation for whoever follows. Despite our poor league position I don’t think we’re desperate for signings, just a manager that can get the best out of who we have.
  9. Slightly off topic but I reckon down the line Curtis Davies would make a good manager. Well spoken and knows his stuff it would seem.
  10. Backed him from the off but that’s got to be it. Whatever anyone says this squad is good enough for top 6. It isn’t like we’re devoid of quality, we have some players that’d walk into most sides in the league.
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