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Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?


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A bit pathetic really. There’s been bigger twits / ex managers in recent years.

Gary was awful but let it go. 

So many chumps on the anti Gary bandwagon who were mega Gary fans only so recently. 

There was a time in very recent history when I and a minority called for Gary to go but were shouted down. Hmmmm.

Dont hate Gary, just support the Rams.


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46 minutes ago, irobinson said:

Why give the ****** the air time - he was crap - we got £2m and got shot of him. Best deal this year


I actually think he'd revel in getting abuse (think of when we played Forest).

Much better to show him how happy we are with his replacement and what we are now seeing on the pitch.

Think the only thing that would make abusing him good is if the Stoke fans joined in.

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