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  1. Honestly can't see us making any permanent signings until we have new owners and the penalty from the EFL is sorted, maybe lucky to get a couple of loans, but the good ones tend to be late on when the prem teams have sorted their own squads out don't they? Just wish I knew what style of play we were supposed to be looking at so we at least could narrow down the type of player we would be after! Let's hope WR32 does if he's going to be here next season
  2. Wasn't that another one of the things which dropped off when Bielik got injured? Thought that without him we became less of a threat and started conceding silly goals at set pieces....
  3. They're just waiting to see what division we are in!
  4. Rams 1- 2 Owls Clarke gives us lead, WR goes super defensive and they get 2 goals in last 5 from dead ball situations, but Rotherham win anyway so we both go down....
  5. Swansea reserves 4-0 Derby Frgs Whittaker (former Ram goal scorer)
  6. Just hope he realises that playing the 3 of Shinnie, Bird and Knight does not work, needs 4 attacking players on the pitch from the off and probably not include CKR from the start, he clearly doesn't look fit, I'm not a fan of Waghorn but tell him yo ho and run his baalocks off for 60 and have Lawrence, Sibley and Jozwiak/Roberts buzzing around, we didn't play badly against Norwich and Blackburn and he shouldn't have changed it for the Preston. One last thing, tell them to get shots away from the edge of the area, don't keep trying to play it into the box and if it's wide, there has to b
  7. Won't need 50 this year, can't see us getting it.....
  8. 1-0 lose Another teams bad run ends against us, time for ours to end against someone.....
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