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  1. It's available if there are any takers, South Lower block F seat 759, end of a row above the stairwell. It's a mobile tkt so no physical handover, tbh I don't know what the rules are for moving a tkt on, just thought with being on TV there'd be little interest in any case. Open to offers, it's going to waste otherwise.
  2. Nope..... Hence I was a little disappointed. Would have been perfectly happy to have had a credit note to buy a ticket in the future. As said, no chance we'll be buying extra tickets in future, think it's a counter productive policy.
  3. Not any more..... That's what I've done before when had a last minute drop out, the policy for this season is NO refund for home tkts...... Apparently this is across all teams, and they even said that it's only the same as concert tickets!
  4. A bit disappointed already and it's not even Saturday.... Bought extra tkts for this, despite being on sky and still top price! Wanted them in South std as close to me and mates as pos, but one is too ill to go, thought I'd be able to get my £33 back but apparently there is no refund nowadays!! Shame as the outcome is we won't be planning on bringing any extra fans in again, have to get the tkts a few weeks before game if they want to be in SS anywhere near us as so few available, rare there are any available close enough to the game to know for certain they'll be used. Here's to hoping they put on a proper performance like the second half Tuesday so I get my money's worth!
  5. If we play a 4231 not sure we really need an out and out RW, Evans/Hud/Bielik for the 2 with Clarke and Keogh behind I expect Bogle/Malone to be roaming fwd a lot, there are enough options for a fluid 3 already on the books. We looked good enough on Monday to beat one of the fancied teams away from home without our best team on paper even starting, with a poor/disrupted/short preseason according to some and the hangover of losing the PO final.....
  6. I do love the criticism of the defending in the MLS on here, wonder how many are those that constantly call Keogh out and slag off Malone / Bogle for not stopping crosses, or our inability to defend corners etc etc and we made the PO final! And Keogh, hasn't he been a virtual ever-present in a team that's on average finished what, 6th/7th since he's been here?? Just check Leeds defending (3rd best team last yr) in the semifinal........ No pleasing some people
  7. IMO it's always a case of find the right partner for Keogh, he was the best defender last season and many before that, especially if we want to play football not hoofball
  8. As has been said by several before hand in the thread, it can take several days, mine and my kids, girlfriend and hers took 3 days for some and 4 for others to come through so it isn't always instant!! Mine was back in a day because I had travelled to US previously, the first time travellers took the longest.....
  9. Voted Cocu only because FL needs to go now after this saga, would have preferred him to have stuck to trying to finish the journey with us, I'm sure in years to come he'd wish he'd told them he wasn't ready yet.....
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