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  1. Also, it may have already been mentioned months ago so I apologise, but, Once upon a time in Iraq. On BBC iplayer. 5 part documentary on the story of Iraq told by interviews from Iraqi civilians, US journalists, US army, Isis activists. It starts from the 2nd Iraq war in 2013 through to the ISIS invasion in 2019. You tend to forget what actually happened over those 6 years, and the insight given by the interviews are fascinating. You end up feeling so sorry for the normal Iraqi people, they got shafted. Brilliant 5 episodes.
  2. Episode 2 of The Trump show, on BBC 2 tonight 9pm. Last week was about his first year in office. It was fascinating listening to the people who were in the front line at the time being interviewed retrospectively. Whitehouse staff, journalists, politicians. I think it moves onto year 2 tonight, Stormy Daniels etc.
  3. Big Sam. Can't knock his track record and he'd fancy it since I don't think a PL club would go for him. Wages might be a stumbling block.
  4. Haha, ok. I've seen the Norwich, Huddersfield, Watford games and there's nothing to be scared of from them. Its an open league this year, a good opportunity to go up for any club that puts a run of games together.
  5. Considering they must still be getting parachute payments, Huddersfield don't look upto much. There's 3 points for the taking here.
  6. Wow, I didn't see it like that at all, and I've no political leanings either way. I saw it as him speaking for his city in a calm passionate way. Many of the people he represents are going to be hit hard by this. The political stuff came from Johnson in the press conference by referencing Merseyside every couple of questions. The bit I need to study up on is the reference to Universal credit top ups that I've heard every Tory minister mention since last week. If its true, and it tops the wages upto 80%, then that's the level Andy Burnham was talking about in his press confere
  7. I watch it to see 10 yellows, 5 reds, pitch invasions, 3-3 finish and both clubs to be kicked into England......😀 Same as every game this year, it misses the fans. ☹
  8. He's got them playing in a system that's been in the making for 2 seasons, so fair play to him. If Kent gets injured they are screwed. Celtic.... they missed Christie and Eduarde due to covid, but they have struggled all season. Their model of buying £2m players and hoping they can sell them on might have caught up on them.
  9. Deserved win for Rangers. Celtic look like a team of strangers. Personally, there are 2 games v the Jungle Jim's in the next 2 weeks for the Dons. I'd sacrifice the league game next Sunday for a win in the Semi's of the cup. Duffy and the Greek keeper look like bomb scares.
  10. As soon as I posted it I realised the mufc link. For what its worth, Dennis would ko Bobby.
  11. Good bout on sky at the moment. Laws v Charlton. Both loading up and the geordie favourite looks done
  12. Football wise, on BBC player, Shankly the Fire, is a good watch. Story of Shankly and Liverpool 1964 - 1973.
  13. Good points. Whoever is dealing with recruitment needs replaced. Its shambolic. We all understand that there had to be a lot of squad turnover this season, but to have Ibe, Duncan and Richards not ready to play a part in the 1st team squad yet is terrible planning. If Cocu has nothing to do with transfers, he must be on the verge of handing in his resignation. Dutch people in business are not scared of a bit of confrontation and straight talking, perhaps there is a bit of friction behind the scenes.
  14. There's the Pukki moment. All set for a 1-0 now.
  15. I think the Blackpool stuff is a red herring, but I was reading about all the scousers heading up there to watch the Derby which is on at the same time as the Old Firm. Blackpool might be chaos tomorrow.
  16. Watford look dire. Full of fancy Dans. 3 points for the taking here if Derby score 1st.
  17. I think I recognise 3 players in that Watford team. Foster, Chabollah and Cleverly.
  18. The championship clubs can do that themselves. Stop paying the high wages, less debt, live within their means.
  19. I wonder if ultimately the Epl fancies taking over the Efl. It would B teams and loan agreements and "feeder clubs" easier to push through. They could also set rules regarding how the money they throw at the 3 lower can be spent, ie wage caps.
  20. Vydra playing like Messi until he gets in to the 6 yard box, thank goodness.
  21. Even though the big picture has been taken down, they are still giving L1 and L2 clubs money. Talks ongoing about the championship. I guess the EPL are concerned the Championship clubs would throw the money at players and forgein transfers.
  22. No problem mate, it didn't come across like that. I'm a rule follower, and I'm getting frustrated things are heading back into where we were in April. The app just tipped me over the edge. All's good now👍
  23. Have to disagree. Its given out false information and caused confusion. It affects people's lives and decision making. I had my 1st notification 10 days ago, and my latest one 2 hours ago. How long has it taken to realise its not working, to issuing a fix? The actual app is not very user friendly and looks rushed and bodged together. Hopefully they are using the data in the background to make informed decisions on lockdowns and industry closures.
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