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Rams Managers ranked by points per game

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I've done this before by win percentage but let's try something slightly different. 

This list features managers from Clough Senior onwards and only those that managed the mighty Rams for ten games or more. 

All stats converted to allow 3 points for a win even when 2 were on offer to make it comparable.



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Not really that cut and dry though is it if determining how efficient or successful some managers have been?

Factors such as :

Which league / division were we playing in

What support,financial situation was available to the manager at the time.

What was the state of the team and club when recruited?

Interesting stats,but only tell a part of the story.

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5 minutes ago, admira said:

What is interesting is that 4 of our recent managers feature in the top 5.

These are apparently halcyon days - enjoy them while they last. 


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