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If had mels doe


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I would get rid of every senior player ( put them in reserves and on transfer list ) I would get rid of Pearson ( thought he was the right man for the job and still believe he could build a good side for us but rather than outsmart the players while he rebuild he seems totally pig headed self destruct bat **** crazy ) ,, I would bring in rowett and give him the reserves to play and tell him he will accept the best he can get from them whilst he builds a team ,,,,, I'm sick of the crap that been stinking our club up behind the scenes for a good while now through at least 4 managers and would kill for some downright honest performances on the pitch , failing that Pearson comes out and tells us these players are letting this club and its fans down and will not work with them and will promote the youngsters ,,, but from being a fervent Pearson supporter I don't think he's handling it well but these players not fit to pull our shirt on again ,,, formations my arse , that excuse goes nowhere near being an excuse for the crap these players are pulling

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8 minutes ago, jono said:

Didn't he get shot ? 

I know we aren't happy but isn't that a tad extreme.

We could go down that road but do we have anybody in the squad to shoot hi who wouldn't fuxxxxg miss?

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