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Will Wassall blood under 21s?


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We have a pretty large senior squad at the moment which always makes it more of a challenge for young players to break through, but I wonder if with Wassall in charge we may see a couple of the under 21s included in the match day squad?

Hanson is the obvious one - Wassall (and Mel!) clearly rate him and he's been involved before this season. Lowe if fit would have also probably had a chance by now.  Mitchell is clearly well regarded and has been blooded in the Cup.

Beyond these three though, is anyone else a likely candidate to be promoted by Wassall?

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1 hour ago, philmycock said:

Looks like Wassall daren't play Hanson now! He dropped his notepad earlier outside Moor Farm and a sneaked a peak, it read.....

1. ?

2. ?  5. Keezy (Capt). 6. ?  3. ?

7.  ?  4. Hanson  10. ?  11. ?

8. ?  9. ?

Surprised it was in Wazza's hand writing?

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Mel's already said he'd ideally like 3 academy products named in the 1st team match day squad, Grant and Hendrick make 2, Hanson will make 3 and when Will comes back we should see 4, no need to push players in before they're ready.

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40 minutes ago, emjlc02 said:

I bet Hanson is in the squad at least. I have been told mason will be coming back as well. 

Hope not, leave him at Burton, he could be part of a promotion winning team, score a few more goals maybe. Nige clearly loves him, can rebuild his confidence and swagger.

Heard some scouser who plays there, referring to Mason say on R.D how great it is to build partnerships with players who you know are going to do something and gel with you. This might be his lucky break. Let him get some games and reassess in the summer.

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11 minutes ago, Leicester Ram said:

I'm assuming he'll be involved next year I f the 3 academy products in the match day squad is the policy though, particularly as Grant will probably be leaving for to fumble crosses elsewhere.

I am sure that 3 academy players in the match day squad is not 'policy' as that would suggest that the head coach has to select them regardless. Rather I believe the policy is that the academy needs to be developed to a point where the quality in the academy is such, that at least 3 players will be in the match day squad.

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