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It's the last place I can't make my mind up about, I'd like it to be Brentford but I'm wondering about Wolves, I think Ipswich are gone now and that's no bad thing.

1. Bournemouth

2. Norwich.

3. Watford

4. Boro

5. (and play off winners) Derby County

6. Brentford.

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1. Norwich

2. Watford

3. Bournemouth

4. Boro

5. Derby

6. Brentford


That'd do me fine. I'm hoping that four teams are competing for autos on the last day so that they can't afford to rest key players and come into the play-offs with a massive hangover from just missing out. I really think we've got a shot as on our day we can beat any of the sides above us.

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Think for our best chance the table would have to finish like this:









We always seem to do well against Watford. Should have beaten them on Friday. I'd fancy us against Bournemouth, Brentford or Wolves in the final over Boro or Norwich.

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Having looked at the fixtures, I've predicted the points for the clubs too:

Bournemouth- 89
Watford- 89
Norwich- 87
Derby- 86
Boro- 85
Brentford- 82
Wolves- 80
Ipswich- 79


You'll notice the cheeky prediction for Derby to take max points from the remaining games...:P

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