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  1. loughboroughRAM

    Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Agree with a lot of this, especially regarding Johnson. He's not our most talented player but in my opinion he offers something through being more of a physical, combative presence - he comes across as more aggressive than our other midfielders . I'm interested to see how Hanson will do if given a go in the side, never really done a lot wrong in my eyes and theoretically will fit in nicely to our deep lying CM role. Remember a couple of times vs Man Utd Lawrence looking a threat coming through the middle and on a couple of other occasions, I do think he is better suited to that role. Be interesting to see what 11 GR goes with v Cardiff - will Vydra be fit? Would quite like to see Palmer given a chance, he plays with a lot more energy and verve and gives us something different but is maybe more effective off the bench? Either way, there's enough positives to take from today IMO, although Huddlestones ban is going to be potentially very costly, he's been our best player lately
  2. loughboroughRAM

    Season starts tomorrow.

    The way i see it this game is coming at potentially the best time and also potentially the worst time, and the destiny of this season rests on the result. A good win sets up nicely for the run in, much like the reverse fixture at pride park and we hit the playoffs in some kind of form. Transversely, lose (or possibly also a draw) and i think it will condemn us to slipping out the playoffs again. First time i've been properly nervous about this game in a few years
  3. loughboroughRAM

    Derby County vs Fulham

    Our form before December was no different to what it is now. We went on an amazing run of form and got into a position that maybe wasn't a true reflection of where we should have been. I agree it's frustrating but everything needs to be put into perspective - we were never going to maintain that form until May, all the teams around us have experienced troughs in form so I don't know why our fans expect any different....
  4. loughboroughRAM

    Derby County vs Fulham

    Another frustrating result today, don't think we deserved to lose in all honesty. Yes we looked frail at the back and conceded two sloppy goals but but I think over 90 minutes the balance of play was fairly even. People forget that Fulham are the form team in the league and recently beat Villa and Wolves and did to us today what we have done to a lot of teams this season. My only criticism is that the midfield doesn't provide enough protection to the defence, being too slow and are outnumbered and overrun too often which leaves the defence exposed. On the ball Huddlestone and Thorne have undeniable quality but its off the ball where they tend to struggle and that has been evident in recent weeks. Mitrovic put in a superb display today and totally bullied Keogh and Davies and that was the main difference between the two sides - we couldn't keep possession in their defensive third. For me no one today had a real 'stinker' of a game but conversely, no one played above a 6 or 7 - although Palmer did look bright in a slightly deeper role and showed good intent. Ultimately we are in a rut and came up against an in form team who were more clinical than us, we had a number of opportunities which didn't quite go our way but there was enough in that performance to suggest we can stay in the playoffs. People who disagree with me are welcome to do so, but those who are being overly critical and negative are overreacting at this stage - there's enough time for us to halt this run and go into the playoffs in some good form. If at the start of the season you'd been offered 5th at the start of March, how many would have turned that down?
  5. loughboroughRAM

    RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Mart Poom Horacio Carbonari James Bailey Players from the 06-07 and 07-08 seasons (Moore, Leacock, McEveley, Howard etc)
  6. loughboroughRAM

    Johnny Russell - Will he sign a new contract?

    Must be for reasons other than football surely? Certainly seems a strange one though
  7. loughboroughRAM

    what is the point of Lawrence

    I think we're yet to see the best from Lawrence, remember last year and Vydra when everyone thought he was tosh? Some players take time to bed in and I think TL is no different - that said he has made 6 assists (most in the league is 9) so although he is frustrating at times he is still statistically one of our most creative players. I know you can't base a whole argument on stats alone but I think it at least points to him being more effective than he gets credit for. You also have to remember he is trying to fill the void left by Ince who was one of the best players in the league so it was always going to be hard for him to live up to those standards, and he is probably aware Ince's contribution to the team hence his determination to try the spectacular. I agree his performances haven't always been what they should be and he is frustrating at times, but give him time and I think we will see a similar situation to the one with Vydra, after all, his form last year proves he is capable.

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