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Ram or Red

King Kevin

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With the match approaching I thought about players and managers that had connections with both clubs and where their allegiance might be.


 Lets start with BC himself    no doubt here the red dogs can deny it all they what but Brian was                                                    Derby 


                        NC  son of god  bit of a doubt but I think Derby


                        Dave MacKay    Again Derby 


                        John McGovern   Forest [although he says he is neutral]


                        Kenny Burns        Forest [thank god]


                        Peter Taylor        Really not sure on this one, BC and PT fell out because when they                                                     first had chance to come back to Derby BC wanted to and PT                                                             would not so when Taylor came back on his own later they fell out                                                    .It was not over the John Robertson transfer as many believe.


                       John Robertson    Forest


                        Archie Gemmell   Not sure


                        John O'hare         Derby


                        Charlie George     Derby


                        Tyson                   Forest


                         Earnshaw            Forest didn't have a fair crack at Derby


                        Kris Commons      Forest


                        Lee Camp             Probably Derby but the stick he has took may have changed him.


Abit of fun really please feel free to amend or add other players/managers.




















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few more


Peter Shilton ?
Steve Sutton        derby
Dean Saunders    derby
Steve Hodge        forest
Daryll Powell        derby
Gary Charles        forest (he went mad didn't he ?? found in car smeared in excrement and

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Billy Davies , Derby or F*rest ? - hmm , tough one ..   Preston ..


Don't think either would want to claim the angry little scottish cnut sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage midget...

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