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  1. I saw junior in a pre season game in norway Didnt come on until half time,scored 6 goals But when teams got better than a park side,his game was up
  2. Rob Earnshaw I lived in cardiff for 20 years,and saw earnshaw play quite a bit He was a great player,lots of goals etc I was telling everybody what a great signing we'd made,and the little elf was crap
  3. Not ticket related but do you know of any good german cb's?
  5. When is new service being rolled out?
  6. Totally disagree on train prices,when we went,they were very reasonable.
  7. When world cup was on,we used to fly to amsterdam,and train to Germany Used to take approx 2.5 hrs to cologne,and a further 1.15 down to frankfurt Great service and was a lot cheaper
  8. A friend wouldnt "allegedly " rip you off
  9. GR has already stated he wants to build team around hughes WH has nothing to prove,which can't be said of the others
  10. He looked scared to death,didnt fancy shooting
  11. I think hughes isnt getting a game,due to GR playing the remaining midfielders,to see which of them are staying/going
  12. Calling bullshit on this one
  13. Shown what a really good player he is,when played in his rightful position
  14. Very sad news 'Ugo Ehiogu dies aged 44'
  15. If it means seeing more of that blonde reporter,im fine with that