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  1. First time I've seen "Heanor" and "culture" in the same sentence Mind you, if Stoke can have signs for "Cultural Quarter"...........
  2. i cant wait for the season to start

    Not being critical of Ince as he is a very talented and exciting player, but did he ever come up with something special in a game where we really needed it ? maybe I've just forgotten (its an age thing)
  3. Tour De France

    Great stage yesterday. I think it also clarified a little the 'when to wait for the Yellow Jersey' debate. The racing and attacks had started when Froome punctured, so they just kept going. What I don't understand is why no-one attacked just as he was getting back on to the group. That must be a big boost to Froome.
  4. 79 Ex Rams still playing

    Terrible quality video but what a goal !
  5. Tour De France

    Sorry to hear that. Did you do the event on your own? If you rode with someone you can get them to download the gpx file , then upload it to your account. Had to do that a couple of weeks ago when I forgot to record a mountain bike ride with my lad - in Wales ! I'd thought of starting a dcfc fans Strava group if there were a few interested.
  6. Tour De France

    Cycling is my number 1 sport (far more than football) and yesterday was one of the best TDF stages I've ever seen. Got to feel sorry for Thomas and Porte though. Any other DCFC fans on Strava ?
  7. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Only conceded 7 more than us, and better than 16 other teams.
  8. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    Now that's my kind of holiday !!!
  9. Goal scoring expectations for 17/18

    Huddersfield just got promoted with a negative goal difference and scoring one goal in the playoffs !!!
  10. 16/17 and 17/18 - a ramble

    I didn't want to quit smoking so I never started.
  11. Transfer talks started

    I was there but didn't see Kuryakin in the car - I'm sure he was driving Solo.
  12. Nigel Clough Sacking

    So now we know where Sam went !
  13. Describe the 16/17 season in three words...

    Who's Mel Sacked ?
  14. Nigel Clough Sacking

    Didn't know that Del. Was Porter fit though ? He seemed to be constantly injured, which was a real shame as he certainly knew where the goals were.
  15. Nigel Clough Sacking

    And the reason Moxey was playing there was because we didn't have a fit striker available. If its the game I'm thinking about, but can't remember who against, I think we played with a front 3 of Commons, Bueno & Cwyka.

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