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  1. time to go to war

    If "Shacking" doesn't get into the Oxford English Dictionary as a new word there is no justice in this world. Brilliant B4, we all love you.
  2. Let's look at the positives.

    The 4-5-1/4-3-3 system we played with Ward/Martin & Russell worked so well because we they could all interchange positions and create space for Hughes, Hendrick & Bryson to do the things they were good at. Martin would often get the ball in a wide position, but Russell or Ward would then move inside and the other come in from the opposite wing. The interchanges between them were brilliant. Unfortunately I believe all that movement started to disappear with the arrival of Ince and him taking over from Ward and always playing wide right position.
  3. halloween when play hull city

    You want to try Oakwood & Chad - they start around August Bank Holiday.
  4. Johnny Russell

    The performance against Burnley was poor, but pretty good against Reading and Leicester. It was a tough start at home that season. what you need is Clough to build a side and Mac & simmo to coach it.

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