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  1. Lawrence 31 appearances 7 goals bennett 26 appearances 2 goals
  2. Hmmm how many international caps has Bennett got ? how many goals assists has Bennett got ? think u must be watching different games to me
  3. Bennett is an impact player at best bring him on for last few minutes if we really have to hopeful that Lawrence will be fit I agree that joflow was not at his best but is better the Bennett
  4. Don’t get all the calls for Bennett to start yes he scored but let’s all be honest and admit it was a fluke goal. I don’t see what he brings to the team he has been here for 8 years under a number of managers none who have given him a good run of games. Does that not tell you he is not good enough
  5. This will be 6 or 7 nil as I said when I saw the line up utter poo
  6. 45mins 3 nil down no shot well done
  7. At least forest are losing
  8. Crap again no idea what to do with the ball
  9. Absolutely crap line up bird Bennett and Evans we are in for a cricket score here
  10. Frank will be in the running for this
  11. Sorry to disagree but bird is not ready for the first team as per his performance in the Southampton match he reminded me of Connor Doyle
  12. just my opinion I think waghorn is much better playing in the center
  13. Whilst we are havin a go at the players I would add that there are a few who are imo not good enough Bogle send him back to the u 23 poor can’t defend lost count of the times he’s been at fault he has a few good touches but far more bad spells yes he’s young but not good enough for the first team bryson love him but he is so poor these days legs gone ? evans - poor don’t know what he brings to the team Bennett - rubbish league 2 player at best Nugent - past his best Lawrence - greedy moody mardy does not pass looks disinterested not a team player he was supposed to be our new Tom ince don’t make me laugh 7 million king - poor jzoom - has pace and trick but no end product malone - past it waghorn poor at times never a winger rant over
  14. Listening to talk sport this afternoon they were discussing sarri and his future at Chelsea should they lose tomorrow. They mentioned what a fantastic job OGS is doing at Man U the fact that former hero’s with history at a club can transform confidence and get players playing well again. I understand this does not work at every club look what happened with our previous hero’s managing us. there question to listens was do they think Lampard will be in the frame for the CHelsea job my personal view would be I think he would be great fit like OGS is at Man U as the Chelsea fans love him I also think he would go in a flash if the job was offered.i would be gutted if this was to happen as he brings so much to the club discus / thoughts ? mods feel free to delete if there is another thread for this as I was not sure where to put
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