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  1. I don’t want frank to leave he has done well in his first season he has raised the club profile brought the fans together and got us some excellent loans (which we would never have got if not for frank) also blooded some youngsters. He has also made a few tactical errors (imo)for example some team selections. I have now come to the conclusion that he is going purely on the fact there is no one else in the frame for the Chelsea job surly if it was not a done deal there would be more media talk re other candidates I think that another year with Derby would be better but now just want an end to all this speculation so we can get on signing some players
  2. Has he gone on a free after his contract was up ?
  3. I’m told He gets back from holiday 2 days before pre season trip to the USA
  4. Hughton has been paid off and can’t join another club for 9 months apparently! John Terry for me and get the Chelsea youth in on loan
  5. Let’s give Ramage a go he knows this team inside out
  6. SOURCES: CHELSEA TO ALLOW SARRI EXIT Maurizio Sarri will be allowed to leave Chelsea next week to join Juventus, Sky Sports News understands. Sarri has told Chelsea he wants to return to Italy after just one season in England, and Chelsea have said they will not stand in his way. Sarri never felt comfortable living and working in England and was frustrated that he did not have a close relationship with the decision makers at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea had no plans to sack Sarri – who has one year left on his contract with the option of another year - this summer, but they do not want to keep someone who is unhappy. Sarri feels he can leave with his head held high after winning the Europa League – the first honour of his managerial career - and qualifying for the Champions League.
  7. IMO I don’t think he has played a big role this season I agree he is Derby through and through but the championship is a tough league and if we want to progress we need better players and again Imo Bennett is not one of them.
  8. Were you happy he started ahead of Marriott and Waghorn then
  9. Remind me how long he’s been here is it about 8 years and in that time has he proved he’s good enough ? how many managers in that time have seen his potential and played him regularly he scores a fluke goal and a tap in this season which I will agree helped us win the matches but he’s no goal machine which is what we need and I’m sure the majority of 38,000 people at Wembley on Monday think the same when they saw his name on the starting 11
  10. This does not sound good from sky sports Twitter Maurizio Sarri furiously stormed out of Chelsea training on the eve of their Europa League final against Arsenal following an altercation between David Luiz and Gonzalo Higuain.
  11. Hope Bennett is on the released list as well
  12. I have to upgrade one of my tickets from senor to adult on reading some of the posts on here I’m not happy with handing a ticket over to collect one at Wembley in which I suspect will be a Hugh que and maybe miss some of the game why can’t they just give u a receipt for the upgrade and you keep the ticket and if challenged you show the receipt on the gate I’m going to take my chance
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