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  1. On his day - don’t think he has ever had one in eight years he’s been here .he has not improved not scored many goals and half of them were flukes first touch is dreadful time to move him on
  2. Ok then we have tried and experimented what have we learnt bennett - league one standard not good enough never going to be why he keeps starting I don’t know sibley - worth a place on the bench Lawson and Whitaker not ready Davis - to old bird - not ready Buchanan - ok evans - not good enough paterson - poor mans tom Lawrence holmes is not a right back and Marriott is not a number 10 forest made 8 changes tonight and beat us with ease we created nothing not a shot on goal second half
  3. Ha ha ha lol this is what happens when you play kids
  4. im Lost for words Bennett up front that will be zero goal threat then
  5. Not happy with that line up the manager does know these are our rivals
  6. Hope he takes Bennett’s place by far a better upgrade always looked a good player when I have seen him play . Don’t get all this he used to play for forest and made a comment he does not like Derby look what Tyson did with the corner flag
  7. you think Bennett is the answer to our attacking options he should be nowhere near the first team along with Anya , Lawrence, bird and joflow
  8. I really hope we are not relying on Bennett 😂 lol 😆
  9. Why does it say June 2015 at the top
  10. Very reliable source cocu left about an hour ago I don’t have any more
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