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    Edtheram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Forest (A) Match Thread   
    Reading the ‘Forest tickets’ thread is depressing. People are saying that there’s no point going because we’re crap away from home and Forest are half decent this year.
    Do people not understand football? How many times have teams been written off before coming back to surprise everyone? How many Norwich fans were kicking themselves for not bothering to go to their game against Man City this season, simply because they thought they would get battered? How many Derby fans were kicking themselves for not going to Elland Road last season? I remember one clown on Twitter essentially mocking anyone who thought we had a prayer in that second leg. Of course we had a prayer - we were only 1-0 down for duck’s sake!
    Forest are 4 points above us. Four bloody points. It’s hardly Belper Town travelling to Real Madrid, is it? Plus, we’re off the back of a good win, so optimism should be high. 
    What’s the point in only going when you think we’re going to win? Nothing is better than getting victory when you least expect it, as we showed at Old Trafford, Carrow Road and Elland Road last season. It goes back to what I was saying after Wembley - I really do question the mentality and moral fibre of some people. Don’t down tools at the slightest sign of difficulty (financial considerations aside), but carry on as you were and you might just witness something special.
    I for one can’t wait for Saturday. Let the Forest fans throw bottles, coins and piss at us all they want. It will be all the more sweet if we win.
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    Edtheram got a reaction from SKRam in Forest (A) Match Thread   
    Forest away - 2 teams going for promotion, 2 teams who are on the back of a good result and 2 teams who can be inconsistent.
    Forest - They will fancy there chances. Our away form is dross and after the league cup game (despite the changes) they will feel hopeful to inflict more pain on Derby.
    Derby - new formation and a new feeling around the place. Players played well and was the best 90 mins weve had all season. Away form needs to improve and fast! will Forest be a turning point.
    Opinion - We have the players to win the game. If all players are fit play the same team and formation from Saturday. If we play the diamond we have a good chance of a decent result if we play 4-2-3-1 I can see us conceding the first goal and we all know what happens after that usually.
    Bogle        Davies        Clarke      Malone
              Holmes                   Shinnie
                 Marriott             Martin
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    Edtheram reacted to GenBr in Forest (A) Match Thread   
    We're only 4 points off the playoffs and we'll only be one behind Forest if we win.
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    Edtheram reacted to angieram in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    Well, that was better. Enjoyed the game and my only plea is to ask a few more of the fans in West Stand Upper to applaud the win at the end of the game. You can do it while you're scuttling down the stairs if you want, but please do it! 
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    Edtheram reacted to Jourdan in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    Our home form is not really a concern.
    We have won four in a row and there’s an argument for us being unlucky not to win the three home games we drew. Had that happened, we’d have a record of seven home wins from eight, be in the top six, and the whole complexion of our season would look totally different.
    It’s all about the away form. The real litmus test is seeing how the players stand up and be counted when we are up against it away from home.
    People are not going to pay too much attention to a routine home win. But it’ll be interesting to see whether we can carry the positives from today into next week and those games against Forest and Fulham will be a good indication of where we stand in the division and set the tone for the rest of the season.
    Two battling draws (or even a win) and Cocu may start to win over the doubters.
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    Edtheram reacted to jimbo jones in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    Lawrence as the number 10. He’s never been a winger, get him playing behind a couple of strikers, and bingo
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    Edtheram reacted to David in Rooney at Derby   
    Can. Not. Wait.
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    Edtheram reacted to therealhantsram in Rooney at Derby   
    We've had the transfer thread and the DC Utd thread... Now time for the fun to really start as we ramp up to his first game in January. 
    My assumption up until now was that he would most likely be deployed as a no. 10... Like the role Lawrence played yesterday. 
    But after yesterday's performance I wonder if his best position  in a diamond might be the role Holmes had yesterday. Playing a bit deeper. Transitioning quickly from defence to attack. Being able to hit Marriott, Bogle and Martin with long passes forward. And arriving late on the edge of the area fro the odd shot at goal. 
    Getting genuinely excited at the thought of it. 
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    Edtheram reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    Feel for Phillip. He's had to deal with a whole bunch of poo this season. Far more than frankie had .
    He's shown great dignity so hopefully things turn a corner for him and for the team. 
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    Edtheram reacted to sage in Keogh Sacked   
    Over the last few years it feels like we have known the price of everything and the value of nothing. The dealings of the last few weeks have only enhanced that view for me.  
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    Edtheram got a reaction from NewquayRam in Time to play the kids?   
    Forest away? got hammered. Starting a kid with a couple more on the bench is fine, littering the team with inexperience is naive.
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    Edtheram got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Time to play the kids?   
    Forest away? got hammered. Starting a kid with a couple more on the bench is fine, littering the team with inexperience is naive.
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    Edtheram reacted to Norman in Keogh Sacked   
    I imagine this will do nothing for the team spirit. I imagine it will split the dressing room too. 
    Long, long season now. 
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    Edtheram reacted to Cam the Ram in Keogh Sacked   
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    Edtheram reacted to SamUltraRam in Keogh Sacked   
    What might this mean for the already fragile Lawrence ? Knowing that his actions have cost his team mate his career, he might struggle to come to terms with this.
    Also, Keogh has bound to have some of the players on his side so will they spit their dummies out ?
    What a mess
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    Edtheram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Keogh Sacked   
    The club is an absolute shambles and has been for years.
    It almost needs a multi billionaire businessman with no allegiance to the club whose sole purpose is to get to the promised land, come into the club, sack everyone and start again.
    Netflix would have a field day with our club.
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    Edtheram reacted to leamram in Concept kits   
    I broke my leg recently so have a lot of time on my hands, which I'm productively using by playing football manager 19 and making kit's.
    Anyway, these are my current concept kits, I'd prefer Black and white and light blue away kits but i cant change the in game kits

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    Edtheram reacted to TigerTedd in Keogh Sacked   
    Yes, but the other two are able to play and earn their wages now. 
    if they ended up in prison for their crimes, then I’m sure they’d be facing a similar offer. We’re not going to pay them for sitting in jail. 
    But while they’re able to play, they’ve served their time, they’ve been punished in the eyes of the club and the law, so they carry on playing and getting paid for it. 
    This all seems completely sensible to me. 
    Keogh has sidelined himself through an unnecessary, avoidable, and non work related incident. So we shouldn’t have to pay him silly wages. Imagine if you could get yourself a massive contract, then just accidentally break your leg and sit the rest of the contract out on full wages. 
    Sean Barker, for example, is a different case, as he got his injury in the line of duty. 
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    Edtheram reacted to DontTrustTheDevilInside in Could we copy sheff utd   
    Just listening to the moan in while reading some posts on here... I think we are all in current system /shape isn’t getting the most out of our players (whether they are good enough to compete or not) .
    I do think that model is interesting as outside of their formation a lot of their players have proven to be average at best until the last year or two.
    Head to head outside of their system I would argue only Henderson, possibly o Connell, Egan and Norwood would walk into most championship teams playing 4 at the back.
    So to get the best out of the Derby squad: 
    Davies- needed for leadership and to put the hard foot in but needs protection from his lack of pace and ball playing skills
    marriott and Martin/waghorn- need to utilise Martin as one of the only players who shown the potential to be a top championship player
    lawrence- new solution/last hurrah needed before we give up on getting any consistent performance out of him
    lowe/bogle- very exciting going forward but not great at marking the far post
    bielek-record signing and a decent player there but hasn’t commanded energetic championship midfields and looks suspect defensively 
                                                        gk (Roos or hamer- no opinion but neither inspire)
               Bielek                             Davies                        Evans/buchanan
     bogle                                                                                                     Lowe
                              Shinnie                      Sibley/bird
                              Marriott.                 Martin/waghorn
    pros- brings out the strengths of all the players above
    creates good opportunity for young players in roles where they are protected
    Two ball playing players to bring the ball forward out of defence without taking up a midfield position and allowing a more energetic combination in central midfield 
    an actually dangerous attacking 3 who would have the freedom to impose themselves on the opposition
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    Edtheram reacted to Rammy03 in Investment Close   
    Now would be a good time with most of the fanbase going into meltdown over how poorly we are doing
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    Edtheram reacted to angieram in Investment Close   
    Maybe you shouldn't wait, then? There are 90 other PL/EFL teams who would welcome your unwavering support. 
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    Edtheram reacted to WHAT DO I GET in Investment Close   
    Rooney also relies on an innate born with skill set, very view are blessed with.
    In recent times only Ronnie, Messi and Iniesta are better imho.
    I do think he will make a huge impact over the next 18 months. Really looking forward to him working with Martin and Marriott.
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    Edtheram got a reaction from Squid in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    Im questioning everything at the minute, things were better Saturday but no improvement on the big issues letting us down.
    If we lose to Boro and Forest it could get messy.
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    Edtheram reacted to IslandExile in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    Bielik in the first half played really well.
    I didn't want Dowell to play but he was good in the first half, unbelievable pass to Lawrence.
    Lawrence was nowhere near as bad as some claim. There is now a 'sheep' mentality in the criticism of Lawrence and Roos. Though things didn't come off for him, in the end, there was an anticipation that something might whenever he or Holmes had the ball. They were our main threat.
    We do need Martin and Marriott together. Cocu has to try 352 or 442.
    I love Davies's commitment but he gave the ball away too many times, by poor passes, in very dangerous situations. We desperately need central defenders who can both defend and play.
    Finally, Roos made one mistake, an iffy punch, but it didn't come to anything. Again, the sarcastic cheers aren't warranted. Too many sheep amongst our supporters and not enough Rams.
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    Edtheram reacted to Squid in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    Tell ye what lads, Tommy Lawrence has been twice as good as he was before the crash, he's gettin stuck in a lot more and was unlucky not to be given the goal on saturday....
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