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  1. Can we sub off Sibley yet for Colin - he’s pulling out of 50/50s and isn’t keeping the ball
  2. Think people are forgetting that we have around 6 strong first team players injured - were now using too many young players who are not ready for championship football yet. We look likely to concede every game but we don’t look like scoring - unfortunately I’m going to go ahead and say we will be relegated. cant blame the fans though - this is all on the club, Mel & the players plus first team staff. A real low point for every Derby fan
  3. I would actually sell quite a few of the young players so we can buy some experience and proven quality. Knight, Sibley, Bird could be cashes in on. I would send Stretton, McDonald & Watson out on loan and let others have a full season of U23s. I would keep Buchanan as he is our best LB. this squad needs 20 million putting into it and 3/4 quality loans adding.
  4. Ed Dawes “there 2-0 down but they’ve played alright”. wake up Ed, playing alright doesn’t win you games and in the second half we have been very very poor. All the academy lads are having shockers.
  5. Stone wall Penalty - Wisdom at CB is not going to take us forward he’s sooo sloppy - (not given I may add)
  6. So 1-0 down at HT, should be 1-1 really but that’s football. Knight - awful (again) today, hanging on to the ball for too long and he just seems to run around all game but not show any quality. Sibley - out of the game and not getting involved - would bring Jozwiak or Roberts on for him at HT Its becoming abit too much academy inclusive for me, we need more quality and experience and less unknown quantity.
  7. Time for Rooney, Given and Rosenior to go. Same mistakes being made week in and week out. Mac in charge until the end and then hopefully stay in the league and go again next season. Rotherham winning, going to be a long hard finish and I’m not confident
  8. Issue is for the past few games our first half performances have been shocking and I think we’re seeing poor management from Rooney - he will probably change things again because his selection and tactics are wrong. We’re really bad and hopefully the new owners can give us some money to spend
  9. Wrong formation and tactics....AGAIN. back 3 isn’t working and Kaz is struggling on his own. We need to press as a team, we’re leaving too many gaps currently
  10. He needs a loan like the other promising youngsters - a sub appearance and starting the game are different
  11. Were crap and I’m not sure Rooney can get the magical 4 wins from the next 9 - were shocking and the players are lucky fans aren’t in voicing their disgust. Rooney wrong.....AGAIN
  12. And people say Wisdom is better than Edmunson - don’t bother with the new contract
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