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  1. Ed Dawes “Derby deserves a draw at-least , they’ve lost when they should of won”. No we shouldn’t I thought QPR were always in control of the game and we just tried to keep too possession in a negative way.
  2. I don’t see his approach changing next season though
  3. Shinnie should of been off at HT he’s been so so negative, can’t remember him playing a forwards pass
  4. This sums us up away! 1 striker with no attacking player anywhere near to him all 30 yards away. I can get behind Cocu at home but the way he sets us up away is shockingly negative. We looked happy with a 1-1 draw at HT. BORING
  5. We’re shocking tonight, started too deep too much of a Cocu “we tried to stay in the game at 0-0” sort of thing. Attack with pace and energy and work hard. We’re not doing the basics. Wisdom to CB and Davies off, Bogle on at RB, Shinnie off for Martin who plays with Marriott up top and sees Rooney play deeper
  6. 1. Curtis is shocking he’s well and truly past it. Time to go. 2. Rooney has to play deeper 3. Shinnie is a passenger
  7. Crosses again raining in from lowes side and then he just kicks a player outside the box for a dangerous free kick, he’s clueless defensively
  8. QPR 1-3 Derby ~ FRGS Lawrence
  9. Unfortunately it looks like Lawrence is having another stinker
  10. What’s Martin doing. I mean he’s doing nothing but should be in there for that ball
  11. Goes back to Cocu tinkering again. I would LOVE to be in that dressing room tonight and rip layers off the defence and goal keeper. Rooney has to play further forward
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