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  1. Derby 1-1 Stoke - FRGS Waghorn *I think we will struggle to handle Vokes and Ince - Clucas is suspended though......
  2. Bogle is a first team player and rightly so, My point being that he has played all season and is still prone to a mistake, Throwing inexperienced lads into the starting side at this point in this season would be silly IMO.
  3. If Bogle had tackled the player or fouled him which a more experienced pro would of done then the goal wouldn't of happened? The header v Forest? the missed tackle v Millwall all led to goals?
  4. We saw a great example of having a young player in the side last night, Jayden bogle has played 30 odd games for the first team this season and is only 18 he made a poor tackle which led to a counter attack which led to us conceding a goal. This has happened 3 times in the last 5 games i think. But then on the other side he pops up in the opposition box and plays a key role in setting up the winner. Youngsters are very hit and miss, When they are ready they will play were joint 6th and have just won theres no need to be chucking in youngsters as we saw against Villa. Bird is a good option from the bench and i agree that Lawson should be getting game time over Nugent but defo not starting games. At the end of the day its down to the manager to deem if the player is ready, Lawson isnt.
  5. Team for Saturday...... Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Holmes Johnson Wilson Waghorn Bennett The changes being; Roos for Carson as i believe he is as good if not better than SC. 5 goals conceded in 2 games for Scott and distribution has been wayward at best, Roos was doing well IMO. Holmes for Jozefzoon but playing in midfield where i think hes best and moving Wilson out wide where he played a lot better. Another if but and maybe performance by Jozefzoon again on Tuesday so think this change suits the side. Bennett for Marriott but playing on the left and moving Waghorn into the middle. Cant really leave Bennett out after his cameo and goal on Tuesday, Waghorn suits the side better as a no. 9 and Marriott may come back better after a rest and is a great option from the bench, Im confident of a win and hopefully we take the performance and confidence from Tuesday into Saturday, If we play our game we will win this and boost the goal difference, 3-0 Win. Need the fans to pack the ground and try to get back to the 28,000 mark. Hope the win last night gives us a huge lift and we have a big chance of going 6th Saturday as Bristol host Leeds.
  6. Derby 3-0 Wednesday ~ FRGS Wilson
  7. Last night reminded me of the game at home to Cardiff, Big game to get ourselves back inform and in a position to push for a play off space. I actually quite like being on the the outside looking in, If we sneak into the playoffs the momentum could take us a long way. If we can beat Wednesday and Stoke and get Lawrence and Mount back to full fitness for the Rotherham game that would be great. Thought BJ was very good tonight, the turn for the second goal was class. Wilson was back having shots and driving at people and wasn't it typical that we scored after bringing Holmes on, he needs to start games. Marriott may have to make way for Waghorn up top with Wilson and Bennett either side on Saturday, a rest might do him good and he would be a very good super sub.
  8. Marriott played in a 2 up top at Peterborough but we expect him to perform as a lone striker. We either need to partner him up with Waghorn or Drop him for Waghorn with 1 up top.
  9. Derby 1-1 Wigan ~ FRGS Holmes
  10. I hate it when we we play 4-3-3 with a holding Midfielder" it never works. Play 2 center midfielders behind a central attacking midfielder who can support the striker, lets focus on going forward our defnce is poor as it has been all season anyway. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Bird Johnno Holmes Wilson Marriott Waghorn Roos - Back in the side, Carson came back and conceded 4 Saturday, Roos was doing okay anyway. Bogle - Need him back as Wisdom is poor. Keogh and Tomori - To start again. Malone - Back in over Cole, need to see if a rest has done him good. Bird - Did well Saturday and is good on the ball. Johnson - Did well at Forest and offers us cover in midfield while we attack. Holmes - Play him centrally behind the striker to link play. Wilson - our top scorer needs to play, move him out of midfield and play him on the wing. Marriott - Needs support which Holmes would give, If not working switch him and Waghorn. Waghorn - Need him in the side for his strength and goal threat, Missed him Saturday.
  11. The fans have every right to be frustrated. In the space of a month we have dropped off again in February, Lost to our local rivals for the first time for 3 years, Churned out a rubbish performance at Brighton to limp out of the cup, Couldn't beat bottom of the table Ipswich and lost at home to Millwall who had only one once away all season, add to this this weekends 4-0 drubbing at Villa and not having a shot on target. Most who traveled to Villa alone forked out £30. Performances against Sheff U, Leeds and Preston as well as the teams named above have got everybody questioning the players and management. We have had 2 shots on target in 270 mins of football and named a different starting eleven 28 times this season! how some fans can defend most of the teams performances since boxing day is beyond me. Were not creating chances! the day after a 4-0 defeat Derby County are posting things on twitter about Season Ticket renewals - not the best time. Next season we may have a bare squad and no money to spend, so most see this as the best time to go for it but the players and management dont look to share the same desire and hide behind excuses. My opinion is that over the past 2 months we have been putting in poor displays, I turn up to the match and just hope for a bit of a spark, but no. I couldn't even begin to think about what they do in training or in the tactics room as nothing has changed or improved for months its only got worse. The manager speaks about togetherness and how much they need the fans backing them, well put in a long overdue performance and you'll get that, actually just have a meaningful attack or shot on target would do. 99% of fans turn up on matchday and forget the last result and support the side form minute one. it only usually turns sour in the stands when the players arnt performing, Hull at home for example the stadium was rocking - Milwall at home and there was moans and murmurs but nothing severe until Millwall scored and after the final whistle. Im annoyed with the players and management at the minute but that doesn't mean i wont support them come matchday, I support Frank and the side. COYR show some fight.
  12. Loss. We’re poo. Only need mr arrogant frank to start showing his worth to the club.......can do one.
  13. Only one way Franks going - no shots on target today again. This can’t continue. Absolute joke, fans need refunding.
  14. Dropping 2 of the players who have been scoring for us recently is a joke. Wilson is always a threat when played in the correct position and what has Bennett showed to our Waghorn, he was dire v Forest. Not sure about Bird big stage when we need a win. Not confident with that side
  15. Would we of signed King if Lampard thought Bird and or Sibley were good enough? I dont think there ready to start games, turning up to Villa park and playing a midfield 3 of Sibley, Bird and Holmes would be madness IMO. Bird was poor v Southampton and U23's football is a lot different to playing against Grealish on a Saturday in front of 40,000 and a sold out away end. rush them in and it goes wrong there confidence would be shot, were 7th is now the right time to tinker that much?
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