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  1. Think Cocu has to go strong, I think the team needs some confidence and the fans need to start seeing wins. The sooner we start winning games of football again the better. You never want to lose to Forest it doesn’t care if it’s a friendly or Wembley don’t lose. Play the strongest side possible and try to win the game.
  2. Forest 2-2 Derby, Forest to win on penalties. FRGS Shinnie
  3. Big sign near the tunnel or warm up zones
  4. Holmes apparently tearing it up. Scored a beauty and almost scored a good freekick. Holmes to play v Forest!!!
  5. I see we lost that one hahaha my record isn't looking too good at forest. 2011 - Forest 1-2 Derby 2012 - Forest 0-1 Derby 2013 - Forest 1-0 Derby 2015 - Forest 1-0 Derby 2017 - Forest 2-2 Derby 2018 - Forest 1-0 Derby We seem to lose games i go to in the first half, always conceding goals and going in at HT a goal down, not scored at there ground for a while and due an away win.
  6. Reading were good enough to restrict them to a point, Surely if we play how Cocu wants us to and start on the front foot then there is no reason why we cant win this one.
  7. Ive got tickets for this one, buzzing. But this is great for everyone who wont be able to get tickets, good decision from Derby.
  8. He needs time. But the pressure you speak about will only build if we dont win Saturday. I record at home would be played 3 and if we dont win drew 2 lost 1, Thats hardly going to keep the "quick to boo" fans happy. Follow that up by a beating at Forest (in the cup i know but all the same) then the wind could well and truly be knocked out of our sails. We have tough games to come before the break so we need to switch on as a team now and start playing our football. Cocu has to choose a formation and stick with it hes changed formation at half time in 3 of the 4 games so far which doesn't look good. with Bogle back and Marriott fully fit we should be better, plus players still need to adapt and settle in. The season isn't won or lost in August, if we can be in and around it come January we will see Rooney come in which is a massive positive and Cocu can hopefully bring in the players we need to push on in the second half of the season.
  9. Everyone knew that 4-2-3-1 wasn’t going to work and everyone knew that we were going to create more with JM on the pitch. Everyone except the manager saw this he has to play 3-5-2 Saturday and play Marriott. If we don’t win Saturday that’s 3 home games without a win and that’s not good. Might need to win the forest game to give everyone a lift....
  10. I agree with the formation and Marriott starting and Malone not but Dowell has done nothing wrong to warrant being dropped? He was trying to create tonight but it didn’t come off, he try’s to get us going in the right direction but the runs aren’t always there
  11. Lots of rubbish. He was key to everything tonight. He tries his hardest to create and at times it doesn’t come off but you’ve got to look who he’s playing with Bennett/Zoon/Lawrence they hardly make him look good do they. He works hard for the team and tries to get us going forward. One of best players on pitch tonight.
  12. On Sale now to Away members. Tomorrow (@ 10am) on sale to ST Holders 2+ away games Thursday (@ 10am) on sale to ST Holders After is General release
  13. Evans won us the penalty on Saturday from making a run forward and getting into the box. At home Bielik should start with Dowell and Knight/Holmes in front. Away its should be Bielik and Evans as the holders and Dowell in front. Huddlestone is a liability in my eyes.
  14. Anyone having a bet on a penalty to be awarded? all 3 league games so far have seen penalty's given.....😂
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