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  1. We need to play the Diamond formation against Villa the last 2 games we have played against them have seen us line up 4-3-3 and conceded goals and not have a sniff for 90 mins. If we play with Waghorn and Marriott up top we will cause them problems. we have enough to beat Villa and after the Leeds game we need to believe as a club that we can do this. Also, Jody Morris' record as a manager/coach in finals is amazing - hes a winner. Frank was a winner on the pitch and is now trying to be one off it too and Jones was around Chelsea through the glory years. We have Winners coaching these players, hopefully we can win on Monday! COYR
  2. Weve lost to Villa twice this season the home game i would say was down to the new manager resurgence and the away game we made 6 changes and had players in the side who wont be starting at Wembley. The conundrum we have now regarding personel and formation is good, Villa dont know who will play nor what shape we will play either. We have options, 4-3-3 and 4-1-2-1-2, its good to have a plan B and makes it harder for Villa to prepare not knowing. I would play the Diamond with, Johnson Mount Holmes Wilson Waghorn Marriott Bennett played great last night but would be a great super sub and if we change formation can come on. Lawrence worked hard but looked tired and was a little sloppy at times, I think the diamond would cause villa problems, allowing us to over run Grealish. West Brom beat villa over 120 mins so we should be confident that if we play like we did last night we can beat them. I would say Leeds are better than Villa, take out Grealish and Abraham and they are still decent but nowhere near as threatening.
  3. Will the club do a send off for the players at PP? I know they did one before the WBA final. I just think that with all the emotion of last night, i just want to thank the side and help give them some up lift for the final. Would be great to celebrate the achievement with them. Derby dancing all over Elland road is the best thing ever, Even Ramage joined in!
  4. Another one i think we were linked with - Harrison would be great for us next season if possible.
  5. Like Frank has said and like we have all said, I just want a performance to be proud of. If we go there and turn in a performance like we did earlier in the season then it will taint a very good season. We didn't just get in to the top 6 to make the numbers up, i want us to go out there and show what were about. Brave. we have to be brave. If we can be braver all over the pitch then we have a chance. Im not 100% confident about tonight, part of me thinks Frank will set us up with the same side as Saturday to just "stay in the tie" for us to concede a couple of sloppy early goals. On the other hand im wanting us to bounce back and were due some luck and fortune after Saturday, I hope we give the fan base something to remember in a good way regardless of the result. I think we will win the game on penalty's. We need to do to Leeds what West Brom did to Villa last night for 70 mins before losing a man, press high and work hard on and off the ball.
  6. Got to agree - John McGinn alongside Mount with Huddlestone behind would of been very good
  7. Leeds 1-2 Derby - FRGS = Marriott 1-1 In extra time and Derby to win on Pens 5-4
  8. I went earlier in the season - There is a large car park just outside of the ground but make sure you get there early as that was full by the time we got there (30 mins till KO). I used the app Park on my Drive when i went to Bristol and found it very useful - Can park on peoples drives for £10 and then you know the car is safe and can see how far from the ground the house is etc. The Leeds fans i spoke to about parking said they park a mile away and walk.
  9. Team news from what ive heard. Derby. Holmes - Ok for Wednesday. Waghorn - Close either way, last minute call. Leeds. Bamford - Available after suspension Roberts - Out Roofe - Out Forshaw - Out Jansson - Doubtful Alioski - Out
  10. Wilson and Tomori were both at Hull for part of last season and proved themselves. Mount likewise at Vitesse. All playing at a decent level of professional football. We should try the lads during pre season but i dont think we will be anywhere near the top 6 next season with too many youngsters around the squad, which would be a backward step for the club. We have a lot of good players here for next season maybe a couple will break through but more likely go for lower league players. Lowe was good in pre season but was shown up against Championship sides, for there confidence i just think it would be good for them to play consistently on loan at another club for a season.
  11. Ye lets make a team around youngsters who havent played a minute of mens football let alone Championship football - The youngsters like Luke Thomas need to be sent on load to league clubs for a season before we judge them. U23's football is one thing, Playing away at Luton mid January is a complete other. We need a team og hungry players and i know some will say Bird etc but from what ive seen he isnt amazing nowhere near a Will Hughes - he needs mens football - I saw him at Villa and we lost 4-0. Need them to get experience before building a team around them.
  12. The most disappointing thing on Saturday is that we let them play like they did earlier in the season. We knew what we had to do to get at Leeds and didn't do it until we had conceded. Our big time players were off it, Mount and Wilson limited to very little and Lawrence again a little inconsistent. My biggest problem is that we didn't take advantage of them not having Bamford or Jansson, both will be back for Wednesday. On Wednesday Mount / Wilson/ Lawrence all need to be shooting whenever the space opens up. We need to test there goalkeeper which we didn't do at all. Nugent cant be starting again, he wont be here next season and is downright useless. We need to score goals so i think playing Marriott or Bennett maybe both would suit us better. I hope Frank learns from Sunday in how not to play against Leeds and we go there and at least play how we know we can.
  13. He has to celebrate by running in front of the Leeds fans using his hands as binoculars and then Salmon dive in front of the away end - cue bedlam.
  14. From the recent ones i can remember..... 1. Mason Mount 2. Fikayo Tomori 3. Patrick Bamford 4. Harry Wilson 5. George Thorne 6. Tom Ince 7. Andre Wisdom 8. Kasey Palmer 9. Jack Butland 10. Jordan Ibe
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