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  1. Part of being a fan - some clap some boo can’t stop anyone from voicing there opinion. That’s football....
  2. We haven’t scored a goal from open play since boro at home 6 games ago - that’s 540+ mins of football - terrible. Cocu is only surviving because he has a 4 year deal, McClaren and Clement were both sacked for less. I want Cocu to do well as I do all managers but it’s clearly not working, I’m not liking what I’m seeing so I’m leaning towards Cocu out. people who want him next year tell me what you’ve seen which makes you think he will succeed. Worst performances from a Derby side for along time, worst away run in 11 years, no goals scored in last 6 away games and players look disinterested. Worrying time
  3. 1-1. A game of 2 half’s, 1 point gained but another 2 dropped. Whittaker isn’t ready to start based on tonight but thought Knight looked good and was out best player in the first half. The team needs to come out and play with that urgency and aggression Saturday, Cocu needs to realise it’s okay having technical players but they have to work hard and battle for every ball in the championship. on another note we haven’t scored a goal from open play since Boro at home (not counting Waghorn v Preston as that was from a corner) that’s 540+ minutes of football - staggering
  4. What’s wrong with wanting promotion and not being blinded by the “academy” long term goal? Hughes is the best player in recent times to come through the club and did he get us promoted? NO. It’s one thing being good enough at 20 to play championship football - it’s then another to be good enough at 20 to push your team to top 6 - it’s then another to be able to get the team promoted and see out the first season in the Prem. How many youngsters do you think there are to bleed into the squad who are capable of a promotion season? How is it ridiculous to believe a manager isn’t cut out for a job and things need turning around? I could settle for mid table if I saw performances I knew that with a pre season and a few more players would be pushing us up the table but I’m not. The performances largely have been dross. Our home form has been good but with the away from so bad it’s puts more pressure on the results at PP
  5. Nope. Cocu picks the team (most people hate Dowell and would play Knight but Cocu doesn’t), Cocu decides the formation and tactics and Cocu decides when to make a change for impacting a game. All of the above he is doing poorly at, not Rowett, COCU.
  6. Out. Our good players are now average, our average players are now awful and the age of the team has increased. The away form speaks for itself, were shocking and apart from Preston and boro at home I can’t remember us playing too well. Transition season I think not, we signed Bielik for 8 million and have new investment coming. I don’t trust Cocu to be the one to bring the players we need in. were going back as a club and need improvement I can’t see Cocu doing that imo
  7. Terrible again. Clueless Cocu strikes again
  8. I take it you didn’t watch the Fulham game? Or the Charlton game or even the Wigan game? how we play in midfield effects the front man doesn’t matter if it’s Martin, Marriott or Waghorn, if the team doesn’t give you the ball quick enough and doesn’t support you, unfortuently that leaves you out of the game. We saw this today and in many other games
  9. But what shows you so far that next season will be any better than this we’re watching now
  10. Cocu clueless again. Changes the whole formation and then changes it again 25 mins in because it was awful. A lot of pressure on a result at Blackburn now which doesn’t look likely
  11. Cocu is a joker. “I’m pleased with the second half, we showed character and had a couple of chances”. no Phillip we did okay for the first 4 mins and then we’re rubbish for the next 90. almost no positives and another drubbing away from home. last 4 away games 4 losses 0 scored 10 conceded
  12. Only Knight and Sibley are good enough imo. Nothing wrong with me stating that I don’t think Whittaker is good enough
  13. So Whittaker over Marriott what a shocking decision. Yes Whittaker this and that in U23s but he’s been rubbish for first team when he’s played. Shocking Phillip
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