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  1. Should of let him go to forest ffs. Also Max Bird is having a shocker
  2. Rooney last 17 league games have seen 1 win. We’re down
  3. People done understand what I do - I used to moan that Chris Martin was having a shocker and he’d score so I tend to be negative about our strikers and hoping the same happens 😂
  4. Just like the other night strettons touch is woeful
  5. My only issue with Stretton is that he can not play as a lone striker. He didn’t get a kick against Salford as a 1 the other night
  6. 0 attacking intent - 2 points from Huddersfield and Peterbourgh is not very good at all - cant see where we’re gonna get wins from currently
  7. Another 45 in which we haven’t tested the GK - we are only going to win games if we shoot wayne
  8. I’m gonna say it - Nathan Byrne is overrated by Derby Fans
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