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  1. Jordan is a rick who enjoys the sound of his own voice too much. I just ignore the baalocks he comes out with.
  2. Really? Bit exaggerated that. I don't think people are silly enough to see Rooney as a legend just because he is staying on despite the mess we are in, as well as helping the club here and there. I think people are just happy to see some honestly and clarity for the first time in a long time, myself included.
  3. We need to forget about the insignificant little rick. He was probably bullied at school, hence his bitterness. This very small man means nothing to me or DCFC, so let's let him whinge and moan to his heart's content. All it does is confirm he is a vindictive rick, and the owner of a tinpot club that really no one in the north east (or the rest of England for that matter) gives a crap about. Just by talking about him we give him some form of relevance in the footballing world, so let's forget about him, and his name will fade into the annals of footballing obscurity. Whatever happens DCFC will be back and we will always, no matter what be bigger than Gibson and that horrible club he owns.
  4. I wanted to start this thread to formally apologise to Wayne Rooney. I have been one of those who has criticised Rooney heavily and wanted him gone before all this mess came out, mainly during the horrible winless run last season. I now hold my hands up and admit I was wrong and badly so. Over the past few months, and particularly so during the last week, I am increadibly proud to have this man as manager of DCFC, even more so after today's press conference and that the dire state of the club is now revealed to us all. I now honestly think there is no better man to lead us through these dire times brought on by the IDIOT Mel. Once again, my apologies to Wayne, and thank you for staying on during this mess. Thanks for your honesty towards the fans. Thanks for your commitment. You made me proud to be a DCFC fan today. If you were a Rooney "out-er" and now wish to atone for your sins, let it all out! COYR!
  5. Great post, I couldn't agree more.
  6. Sorry B4, you are wrong here bud. Gibson may have been a factor in this mess, but the buck lies with Mel.
  7. "I would sooner try than fail" ?! That quote is indicative of the man. He is willing to try while putting the future of the club in jeopardy. Sorry Mel, but you talk baalocks. You can try without risking the future of the club, and that is the difference.
  8. That apology feels shallow. All of this interview feels shallow.
  9. This is turning into a trainwreck for him now. He has a chance to try to salvage a small portion of respect from the fans. He is failling spectacularly. I thought he was unpopular before the interview. At this rate he is going to be downright hated to the core after this.
  10. Bit rich to praise Rooney (who found out about the administration on ducking sky!) when he hasn't spoken to him in weeks
  11. Just under 8 Million to sack Cocu, Jesus Christ, no wonder we are where we are!
  12. Same, and I agree, unfortunately we have no one else 😕
  13. Baldock needs replacing, been ineffective again.
  14. We have been saying that for ever, even going back to the glorious Mac 1 days when we could outscore everyone, but conceded sloppy goals quite often. We do definately have a nasty habit of gifting teams goals, and now the pendulum has shifted dramatically in Stokes's favor.
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