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  1. Terminate the contracts of all involved, they should never play for Derby again, an absolute disgrace the lot of em. Let the club down, the manager down, the fans down, and themselves down.
  2. Surely people can't defend Dowell this time (somehow I think people will). He wasn't the only shiite one today by any means, however he has been consistently shiiiite. At least he is good at something...
  3. Well the players are going to get some stick over the next few days and rightly so. Foooooking embarrassing!
  4. Looks like that so far in the last two games we have shipped 6 goals and had NO shots on target....
  5. This is really embarrassing, what a laughing stock we are.
  6. That would be me mate. Got a bit berated for the post if I remember rightly.
  7. How is that twit gonna prove anything in 5 min considering he hasn't done anything in all the games he has played in?
  8. Agreed, he can only put a team out with the shiiite he has available to him, not for a Cocu out just yet. However he needs to get his crap together and very soon, or it could turn nasty.
  9. Anyone who wasn't concerned before today should be now. ducking awfull. Dowell shiiiite (Said so ages ago and got berated for it) can someone please tell me what that scouse twit brings?. Lawrence well where do it start, lazy twit, no end product and looses the ball to much. Huddz, slow as a turd and his passing is way off today. The defence well don't get me started on that! Foooking awful, no disgraceful is the word. I am ducking fuming! If anyone thought we were ok up to today should seriously be concerned after this shower of poo. Playing for pride now and from what I have seen today, not many players have any.
  10. Can't remember the last time we were this bad...
  11. Not fit to lace holmes boots the scouse twit.
  12. Maybe the accolade of worst signing period.
  13. He can also give advice on how to elbow someone in the face and get sent off...
  14. Statistics don't tell the whole story. Indeed, on average (based on the games he has played so far) Dowell had roughly 78% pass completion rate (not exactly amazing), however how many of his passes actually created something? Most of them were backwards and short, quite hard to mess that up. That is why he has made on average only 1.7 key passes (not chances created) per game, hardly enough for the player who is meant to be our creative element in midfield (this is all from whoscored). Anyway we can all blab on about statistics all day and not get anywhere, however to suggest someone is arrogant because as you said "suggest the statistics are wrong" is absurd and quite naive on your part. Statistics only tell half the story, just for example, because someone completed X amount of passes doesn't mean he was good, especially is a majority of the said passes were backwards and did not result in a chance created.
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