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  1. Unfortunately no one will 😭. And I don't blame them, who wants a drunken pompous twit who thinks he is better than he is. Oh wait.... Derby obviously do...
  2. I ask for only one thing this January, please sell that waste of space called Lawrence...
  3. Are you serious! Have you been watching the game today? So based on what you have seen the next two games are winnable? So Charlton who have just won, and Barnsley who drew with WBA. I admire you optimism I really do, but based on the way we are playing it is more two "non-winnable" games... I would also like to think that Rooney's imminent arrival will spark an upturn in fortunes, but even he won't be able to do that with the rabble we currently have. This is all based on the last 10 or so games and I see no clear improvement. We are very lucky today and deserve duck all. Wigan were robbed.
  4. I think you will find it is Fenerbahce mate...
  5. Surely this has got to be it for cocu now 😐
  6. Please just stop playing fozzy, the amount of wayward passes made by the bloke that leads to decent chances for the opposition is astounding.
  7. Hate to say it, but the sooner we get fozzy out of CB, the better. Don't get me wrong I like the bloke, but his fault that again. Passing way to casual.
  8. We can all agree that the ref is a c**t.
  9. Football is about being consistent, it's not about dominating one half, there are two halves in a game. We were dross again today. It's all good dominating a half, however we did piss all with the ball, their goalie, must have got frostbite considering he really had nowt to do. People on the radio and here are entitled to moan, and fair play to them they should, they came out in numbers and paid good money to watch this crap. If you don't moan after this then you are deluded. It is not like it is one bad game, it is all good trying to be consistent but we are consistently crap. Boring, boring and boring that's what we are at the moment. Is it the manager's fault? Or the players? To be honest I don't know, all that I do know though is that game of football was bad enough to make anyone moan.
  10. The sooner Lawrence goes the better. He is lazy, looks uninterested, and thinks he is better than he is.
  11. You are allowed to say we are ducking crap 💩
  12. Lawrence is soooo bad tonight. He looks like a sunday league player...
  13. I can't think of anyone less inspiring as a manger. To be a football manager you need a certain amount of eloquence and a small degree of intelligence. Keogh for all his passion I'm afraid has the charisma of a wet tea towel and as far as intelligence goes, imagine all the press conferences where the phrase, "well like you said" is thrown about. Keogh manager of Derby County, erm no thanks.
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