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  1. As soon as we splashed the cash on Blackman, Butterfield and countless others, I knew MM would be a disaster and that it would all end badly.
  2. Rooney Feck off and anyone defending him can feck off too.
  3. How to hell is Rooney still in charge? SACK HIM NOW!
  4. Counting down the days until Waghorn is out of contract, offers nothing.
  5. He is totally incompetent, always has been. How he is still a ref is beyond me, the man is a joke.
  6. Just realised that it is the man, the myth, the legend that is Jonathan Bond refereeing.... Get ready for some awful decisions.
  7. Great post, glad someone said this. While I can understand the backlash towards B4, I think the reaction has been over the top. Hang in there @B4ev6is, your dedication to the club is inspiring, we can truly see what it means to you. You shall able to see the Rams at PP in no time, nearly there buddy 👍
  8. He has to go tonight. Hand the job to Wassall for the two remaining games, then go through a process of hiring a QUALIFIED manager no matter which division we find ourselves in.
  9. We could all see this was coming. I honestly think that any one of us on this forum could do a better job thatn the clueless trio that is Rooney, Rosenior and Given. Sack them, pay them off, hand it to Wassall for the two remaining games. Then get the ownership sorted out no matter what division we are in, and then hire someone QUALIFIED for the job.
  10. Lawrence has been a total passenger. Not a player I would count on in a relegation dogfight. Doesn't have the steel, nerve or mental fortitude for this. Get him off.
  11. If Rooney does not change something, there is only one way this game is going. And we all know which way that will be.
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