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  1. I have a similar opinion, we need to remember how bad we were at times especially with regards to carrying players who didn't put a shift in, its hard to say how bad our defence would have been if they had 6 players in front of them working their socks off. We cant play as a 9 man team, all 11 must work! A new Gk, CB, Creative CM to complement Bielik and a pacy striker to play off CKR, in essence the spine of the team needs a complete overhaul. The likes of Lawrence & Waggy who put a shift in once every five games need to be gone and to a lesser degree Knight who has gone massively backwards needs to watch how he played in his first year, box to box, not falling on the floor when somebody breathes on him and running into dead ends. We get the spine right and we can then bring the likes on Watson, Knight, Bird, Sibley etc on in a constructive way and not all at once. To keep the same crap team as last season means we will end up in the same place.... at or near the bottom of the league.
  2. We finished 4th from bottom, claims to resign Waghorn, Gregory etc are ludicrous, our team at present is pants and we need a major overhaul. Lets not get emotionally involved in players who have ultimately failed over the season, by one good game at the end of it.
  3. He had a great game, great penalty but lets stop this crap about a new deal, that is absolutely ridiculous, for half the season we have been playing with 9 men having Waghorn & Lawrence on the pitch. I am really happy about his play to today but come on, lets be realistic.
  4. Damn I missed the first 68 mins, thought it was a 3pm start... so I started with us winning 2-1, 5 mins later it was 2-3, then we get the equalizer, what a roller coaster ride. WOW we stay up, such a good feeling. Couldn't believe the team; Knight/Lawrence/Waggy failed in the last few games and still start, no fight no bottle etc but this game the Waggy turned up, really happy for us and him. Forsyth has been off the pace and a mistake a game for some time, surely he is finished here now? Anyway I don't want to get too much into it, just want to enjoy the draw and staying up. COYR!
  5. How can we be losing this, they have only had 3 shots all bloody game!
  6. Fastest Ive seen Waggy run all game, when he was subbed off.
  7. if that was a deliberate handball, its a 2nd yellow & off!
  8. To be fair it was a fantastic finish from Grimes, 9/10 he would put that in row Z. Ofc Lawrence not marking up didn't help.
  9. Still time for a Waghorn hat trick 😄
  10. Defending hard, Waggy just stands there not doing any pressing, just moving 1 yard in each direction as the ball moves around him.
  11. Missed it, was in the shower haha Get in!
  12. I think for next season if we have more than 5 of that team as our first choice we will be in trouble again, complete overhaul required.
  13. I will take 0-0 at 45 mins, we are still in it. We don't exactly look like scoring but they are not pulling up any trees either. COYR
  14. The plan is working here, we are teasing them allowing Swansea to think they have a chance with Waggy & Lawrence doing sod all, 2nd half we sub them and overwhelm them with attacking intent 🙂
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