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  1. For me, we have played well this game, these are the League leaders and a good team, at times in the 2nd half we have made them look ordinary.
  2. He just looks for the foul all the time, leave a leg out to fall over and he will con this ref every time.
  3. To be fair he has been defensively decent and had a good game overall.
  4. We have been the better team this half.
  5. Mengi, makes a fine pass..... to Pukki putting him through lol great block by Wisdom
  6. Think the ref is related to him, soon as he falls over a blade of grass its a foul against us and a booking.
  7. Great run by Roberts, great save by Krul... said that a couple of times today. Really good game at the moment.
  8. I think Lawrence has tried to cross the ball in at least 4 times and not got past the first man, geez he did it twice in 30 seconds there.
  9. Me thinks the ref doesnt like Jozwiak, he gives him NOTHING!
  10. They even fall down when nobody challenges them, the ref is such a plonker though, he doesnt look at any challenges, just where the player ends up and bases his decisions on that.
  11. How many times do we cross it in and it at shin height and doesnt get past the first man. We are certainly still in the game COYR
  12. Great challenge from Lawrence, tbh I have not heard his name mentioned much, he has been pretty much invisible so far..... time for a 30 yard screamer from him 🙂
  13. Nice passage of play with a shot form mengi, Krull makes a great save for them.
  14. The ref is so much for Norwich, 2 fouls in 2 mins... Jozwiak wins the ball faily, foul to Norwich .... Jowziak flattened in a header... play on. Come on ref you are being pathetic.
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