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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I actually had very little to do with it - mainly the find work of Sam Holmes from the RamsTV team!
  2. Thanks mate, really appreciate that. Commentating off-tube is a bloody nightmare, to be honest. Can't beat physically being at the game. I suppose it is a little odd, but we're delighted to have him. Like I say, one of the best in the business. And we've had a few other high-profile media types express an interest at being involved too.
  3. Thanks Carl, hopefully I'll be doing more of it next season. Though I'll say again that IMO Martin Fisher is one of the best in the business & I don't hold a candle to him.
  4. Radio Derby’s problem, I’m told (I assume you’re referring to the audio commentary).
  5. Undisclosed fee. Though I hear the studios at BBC Radio Derby are gold-plated these days.
  6. I'm told that's something that will be discussed !
  7. Cheers. It's great to get Fish when we can, he's top notch, obviously. Fortunately the pull of commentating on his team means he's happy to do it when he can!
  8. Thanks Spanish - I laugh because it's nice to not have someone moaning about the stream going down, for a change! All you can do is be honest after performances like that!
  9. Correct. Or at least, that's what I'm going with.
  10. I'm guessing you mean Martin Fisher, from Match of the Day. He actually had a stint as the Forest commentator at Radio Nottm. Did it fantastically well, despite being a Ram!
  11. Oh I'm well aware of the paranoia mate! Which always makes me chuckle, because most of the media types I come across tend to have a soft spot for Derby! I'll always go back to Bloomers - excellent journalist, broadcaster, and a good commentator. But got stick because he wasn't a Derby fan - bonkers.
  12. With the risk of going a little off-topic here, that's something else I've never understood. Doesn't matter to me one jot who a commentator supports. But it's all personal preference eh!
  13. I must say, I remain slightly baffled by the desire of many for this. The biggest complaint I see about Jack's commentary is that he talks too much . . . you'd get even more talking from the radio comms, if anything! As I'm learning from doing 23s, 18s and the odd first-team game, commentating for TV is a very different skill to radio commentary. Technically I think it's too much of a challenge for us to sort anyway. On your other suggestion, I'll mention it again here, but I don't really have any say on that side of things!
  14. I’m told it was in the PR beforehand, though I admit I haven’t read any of it myself. I’m sure other games will be picked for Sky/Pitch International, yes. Again, I think it’s usually advertised in advance.
  15. If you’re in the UK, should be working fine.
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