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  1. Essentially, yes - every station negotiates separately with each club (though I've never been involved directly in that). And I honestly don't know about the Ramsplayer replacement.
  2. No, local broadcasting rights are negotiated separately.
  3. Asking me would be too easy, wouldn't it? I quite like Nick, and I feel for him in many ways. I remember interviewing him when he signed & him telling me that he wanted to play as a number nine. I'm not sure he's ever really had the chance. Yes, he's had injury problems and I'm sure he'd admit he hasn't found his best form, but he must be frustrated. I genuinely would have loved to see him score today. It might have been a nice touch to let him take it. So from my point of view, I wasn't really mocking him. Though there was a certain element of gallows humour to everything today, I'm not sure it was intended that way by those singing either - it's not like he's Diego Forlan afterall, he hasn't been on the pitch for the most part. That's the view of this "professional" journalist.
  4. Can't speak highly enough of Craig as a human being. The sort of character that football clubs and dressing rooms need.
  5. Saved me a job, but I'll reply anyway. It's speculation on my part, but I wonder if Bent had already activated his extra year. In fact, here's an interview from February that seems to imply just that . . . https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/feb/07/darren-bent-derby-county-top-flight-leicester-city-fa-cup Maybe, just maybe, Rowett's hands were tied here.
  6. You say this like we never ask. And we do. All the time. Funnily enough another interview request went in just this morning.
  7. We have asked. Not holding my breath.
  8. Hi folks, Just to give everyone that's interested a little bit of detail on this. The bosses at BBC Radio Derby decided to do a shared commentary on last night's game - Joe Shennan did the first half of each half, Ed Dawes the second. That's how they decided to do it for the reverse fixture back in August too. It's not my place to speak for the club, but Derby decided to put on their own commentary rather than take our shared version. FWIW I can completely understand the club's position on this. As far as I'm aware it was a one-off. If you want to know more, email BBC Radio Derby and/or Derby County. Cheers, Owen
  9. That's not quite right.
  10. The landscape has changed, I think. Sports clubs have become media outlets and content creators in their own right. So it's natural that they would want to keep things for themselves. For as long as I've been doing the job it's been a case of we talk to who we're given to talk to - there's not enough time or any opportunity to request an interviewee post-match. Every now and again we'll ask for something a little extra - like the one-to-one I had with Chris Powell this week - and the club are usually very good at giving us that. Hope that answers the question!
  11. We asked about it every week, for a time. It became a bit of a joke with Nigel Pearson and then with Steve that he would always get the George Question. It's just become accepted that he's out, the club won't put a time frame on his return, and when there's a development, they'll tell us. I'd love to do an interview with him, but it's very, very rare we get interviews with the players outside the pre-match/post-match environment now.
  12. For anyone who thinks I've been avoiding talking about Chris Martin . . . I made Steve McClaren talk about him for a little bit earlier today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38331643
  13. I'm not the commentator Daz.
  14. No conspiracy theory needed RoyMac, it's just that we've done it to death so many times now. I'm sure it'll dominate discussion before & after the Fulham game and as we get in to January too.
  15. I love that you think they would ever listen to me!