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  1. OwenB87

    Interview with Mel Morris

    Happy to. I wasn't at this particular briefing, but based on my experience it'll have gone something like this. RD & the DET will get an invite after one or both of them have asked for an interview - I know Steve Nic had asked on this occasion, not sure about RD. There's generally a bit of an off-the-record conversation before the actual interview gets underway. It's not like post-match where the manager will walk up and the conversation starts immediately. As there's no point asking the same/very similar questions twice, radio will kick-off and the paper are welcome to use that too. This is standard for interviews/press conferences, and that's why the DET transcript is the same as the RD interview. After the radio has finished, the DET will generally follow up with any extra questions, or to clarify any bits that need it. Then everyone will agree when they're going to run the stuff. And that's how the sausage gets made πŸ‘
  2. OwenB87

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    I believe he fainted when he saw Fikayo's full name.
  3. OwenB87

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    I'm very, very sorry you had to do that 😏 Unfortunately I was scrambled to Moor Farm to talk to Tomori & Luke Thomas, so we pushed back filming for the day. Just a one off!
  4. OwenB87

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Not this one, sorry.
  5. OwenB87

    RamsTV Feedback

    Yeah, I was scrambled to Moor Farm to speak to Luke Thomas and Fikayo Tomori - but at least it gives us something else to talk about today!
  6. OwenB87

    RamsTV Feedback

    We're having to record today. Should be up later!
  7. OwenB87

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Some players don't like to change numbers once they've got one.
  8. OwenB87

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Not really mate, no real insight I can offer on this one. I sometimes wonder whether folk get too carried away and read too much in to squad numbers. McClaren & Eustace watched the u23s game last week. I suspect other clubs will look to do late deals with Derby, trying to get a bargain.
  9. OwenB87

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Think I'm right in saying that 6 is Curtis' preferred number, and 3+3 = 6 . . .
  10. OwenB87

    All Midweek Championship Games LIVE on Sky

    He's alright. Thought he was better on the radio, actually.
  11. OwenB87

    All Midweek Championship Games LIVE on Sky

    My understanding is that RamsTV will be showing any midweek game that isn't an official Sky pick. So, if it's on the red button, you'll be able to watch it on RamsTV. I have no idea what Sky are planning in terms of production around each game, but with RamsTV you'll get a proper programme: pre-match build-up, interviews, highlights, commentary etc etc. I'd be staggered if they are able to offer anything like that.
  12. OwenB87

    RamsTV Feedback

    Thanks for the kind words. TV comms is a very different skill to radio. Though I think TV & radio combined I've only done maybe 30 commentaries over eight years. Martin Fisher is the man, IMHO.
  13. OwenB87

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Yeah I regretted it the second I said it πŸ˜‚
  14. OwenB87

    RamsTV Feedback

    Will do. I’m not sure if we did anything differently today! Thanks for asking about the pooch - she’s getting there, thank you.
  15. OwenB87

    RamsTV Feedback

    I’m on comms at the weekend and again next Wednesday. I’ll be back in the studio after that πŸ‘πŸ»

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