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  1. RamsTV

    Just chatting to one of our guys, who says that you should be able to watch in those countries listed. But I don't know the ins and outs of it so don't hold me to that.
  2. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    I'm actually a cartoon character, hence the outfits.
  3. RamsTV

    Not new rules, and to be honest I think we'd have been okay to show them. But given the Bristol City game, we thought it best to be safe !
  4. Probably. From what I hear he was their number one choice, 100%.
  5. RamsTV - Half Season Review with Rowett

    Before everyone starts asking about Stoke etc, this was recorded late last week.
  6. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. At this point, there is nothing to say. Stoke pretty obviously haven't even nailed down a shortlist yet. There certainly hasn't been an approach to Derby. McClaren/Newcastle dragged on for months. We're nowhere near that debacle.
  7. Could stokes possible interest be damaging

    Liverpool story is completely different. Yes, it would have been easy. Someone kept telling Newcastle that he was interested. Ultimately that’s the reason it didn’t go away. I know you like him (as do I, actually) but it’s staggering that you can’t/won’t accept that he shouldn’t shoulder any of the blame here.
  8. Could stokes possible interest be damaging

    If you remember, he wasn’t asked about it every week, at least not by me. The only time I got the bit between my teeth was the night he told a Fans Forum that he had rejected an approach, having previously insisted there had never been one.
  9. Could stokes possible interest be damaging

    What have Liverpool got to do with anything? As I have explained, I didn’t strike any matches at all. I reacted to stories/speculation and gave Steve the chance to reply to them.
  10. Could stokes possible interest be damaging

    Shouldn’t bite, but more than happy to, especially when it’s to correct a factual error. Radio Derby didn’t blow up anything. McClaren was only ever asked about the Newcastle speculation (by me) when it cropped up in the national press. it kept cropping up, at least in part, because Steve didn’t do a great job of dealing with the questions, and because someone kept telling Newcastle he was interested and would go at the end of the season. Steve, or people connected with him, didn’t make it go away when they could easily have. It wasn’t the sole reason Derby’s season collapsed, no. But it played a part. That’s been acknowledged by some of the players, and staff involved. There was no stirring, no creating hysteria, at least not by me. End of story. Can’t comment on Radio Derby’s handling of the Clough/Forest story as I’m not there anymore. Cheers.
  11. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I already do mate, with the extra info too.
  12. RamsTV

    Unfortunately we can't, due to various broadcast restrictions and limitations of those platforms. I'd wager that our tech is much more robust than what the rest of the FL is using. We've certainly got significantly more people watching and the product is better. I think the problems on Saturday might have been to do with a surge of Middlesbrough fans trying to watch, but I don't know. But rest assured it is being worked on ??
  13. RamsTV

    Sorry for everyone that's had problems again. I'll make sure to pass it all on.
  14. RamsTV

    Sorry for anyone that had issues today. I'm told there was a problem with Microsoft that was resolved pretty quickly and won't happen again. Owen

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