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  1. Stockdale is on £40k a week, I'm told . . .
  2. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    That's pretty much as I understand it. Signing Lawrence probably affected the race for Gallagher - Southampton will want to know for sure he's going to play. And I suspect Cluclas moving to Hull probably meant they were able to offer big bucks for Toral. Like I keep saying, this is the reality of the transfer market.
  3. Chance encounters with famous people

    Served Michael Dawson at the bar when he was best man at a wedding in Risley. Went to Steve Coogan's end-of-tour party at Uni because my friend was playing in the band. Insane night. Fortunate enough to speak to plenty of footballers & sportsmen through work, including a few personal heroes (Igor, Wanchope, Mart Poom).
  4. Are most Derby fans called Derek?

    Yeah, Derek from Bristol is a Derek from Derby now, Chadd specifically (I think).
  5. Ramage talks sense

    As I said to Craig on air last night, saying these things and then actually doing them are two very, very different things. If GR effectively bullies a player out of the club for example, maybe that will affect the rest of the squad, or potential new signings? There are clearly financial implications too. Believe it or not there isn't a bottomless money pit. GR has been clear that he wants a clear out. He has been trying very hard to move things on. He's found it more difficult than he expected. So yeah, Craig is right. Gary's right too though.
  6. I think you can boil it down to, he wanted to change too much, too quickly.
  7. Really liked Nigel. He was a lot of fun to interview. You had to prepare properly, really be on your toes and ask proper questions. I've got a lot of time for him.
  8. Quiet - I prefer it when people think I'm a d*******.
  9. RamsTV

    I'm honestly not sure on this one. We will dial in to the number provided as we have done for years. It's up to the club whether or not they will broadcast their own RamsTV audio pre and post-match.
  10. RamsTV

    Pretty sure that anyone in the UK won't be able to watch the broadcast live but will be able to subscribe and hear our coverage as they have in previous years.
  11. RamsTV

    Honestly RoyMac5, I haven't watched much at all. And yes, of course you're right. But it is still very different. You don't need to describe what is happening in detail, because people can see it. So it's more about identifying players, adding something to the pictures and nailing the big moments. As far as I understand it, that won't be an option. I imagine it'd be tricky to sync up the pictures with our commentary.
  12. RamsTV

    There's a big difference between radio commentary and TV commentary. Graham - and I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying this - would probably be a bit lost on a TV commentary. Look at Alan Green. Great on 5Live (even though plenty don't like him), positively mediocre on Match of the Day.
  13. Derbys media strategy

    It was more because I have been over this again & again. The situation didn't come from me, as I've explained. We reacted the stories elsewhere in the media, we gave Steve a chance to respond. He made a bit of a mess of that over a few months. None of that was my fault, came from me, or anything. I've explained the situation and explained the flaw in your theory. If you don't want to change you opinion accordingly, that's up to you.
  14. Derbys media strategy

    *Sigh* I only followed up with more questions on the Newcastle situation when it was dragged up again by the national media or others. It didn't come from me. I was as sick of it as anyone. Go back and listen to the interviews. As for bringing it up, talking about it again & again - a lot of that was because it was what supporters were talking about, and asking us about. Whether you like it or not, it was a major talking point, and that's what sports shows tend to do, talk about things. I have no issue at all with you not liking me, or thinking I'm not very good at my job, or whatever. But what you are factually wrong about something I'm going to correct it.
  15. Ramsplayer

    As far as I'm aware, the plan is to do updates on a couple of the Saturday games, but no commentary. I'm currently on-loan at East Midlands Today, so that plan might have changed.

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