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  1. I’m honestly so sure because I’m so annoyed about it! Firstly because I don’t understand how the wishes of our manager can be overruled - it’s my understanding Phillip wanted some noise played in at Pride Park. Second, because I prefer the fake crowd noise and can’t have it when it’s a Sky game!
  2. Not quite right. Sky are adding in crowd atmos on *all* their live games, not just PL. If the game isn’t on Sky then clubs can do what they like. That’s why Derby had a dynamic crowd soundtrack playing inside the stadium for the Reading game, and that’s what you were hearing on our broadcast. But when it’s on Sky, that isn’t allowed, because they want to add their own noise to the broadcast.
  3. I'm almost certain we will be taking Sky's feed whenever we're on there, so you'll see the same in-game pictures regardless of who you're watching.
  4. Like I say, it’s not the best commentary position! Though it’s actually not the worst I’ve ever had, either. I’m making good use of the monitor when the action is at the far end, for sure!
  5. Social distancing. There’s a hugely reduced number of staff allowed in stadiums and on the gantry specifically, hence why Shane & I are having to commentate from outside our studio. Not the best commentary position I’ve ever had !
  6. Due to staffing restrictions we’re having to take EFL pictures. I was getting frustrated with it too, trust me.
  7. Good question, slightly complicated answer! Until Saturday, Shane & I sat pretty much next to each other with two monitors. One shows exactly what you are seeing, that’s a little closer to Shinner, while I have a multi-screen view on my monitor. I spend most of my time watching the main feed, but it means I can glance across to try and see if there’s anything interesting on the other cameras. It’s quite useful. We don’t always have multi-view available, it depends what camera mix we’re getting from the away game, but that’s the usual set-up. Social distancing has thrown a s
  8. Morning everyone, Thanks for all the comments on Saturday’s broadcast. We’re all thrilled that the vast majority seemed to have enjoyed it so much (though I’m sure the result/Louie Sibley were the biggest reasons for that!). The RamsTV crew have been working incredibly hard to get things up to this standard. Huge shout-out to the IT team at Pride Park too who made sure the technical issues were kept to a minimum. We’re so far ahead of the pack on the production side of things, as iFollow’s issues as the weekend showed. Touch wood, we won’t have any issues going forward! To
  9. We’ll be at the ground for home games, and off-tube for away games as has been the case all season.
  10. I haven’t a clue, not at all involved in that side of things.
  11. I don’t know what our general viewing figures are, but the short answer is yes, we’re confident we can handle the increased numbers. I’m not an expert on this, but from what I’m told the only potential issue might come from people registering/buying very late in the day, especially if they’re having to re-set their account/get a password reminder/change any details etc. There will be plenty of info going out about it all though.
  12. I'm sure Gibbo has asked. As to why he hasn't appeared, I can't shed any light unfortunately.
  13. I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek DS9 recently, think he was trying out some Klingon for me.
  14. We've all got our favourites, for various reasons. To me, Ross Fletcher is as good as it gets. But I totally understand why Graham is the King to thousands of Derby fans. I also have really fond memories of Roger Davies as summariser, probably due to him being in the chair when I started working on Sportscene.
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