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  1. TheDeadlySaul

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Inexperienced manager wanted experience! How awful of him.
  2. TheDeadlySaul

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Obvious choice is Dean Smith, plays nice football and likes youth, sounds perfect for our club. Wouldn't be surprised if we can't attract him though which leaves us with a load of old dinosaurs or taking a huge risk on a young coach.
  3. TheDeadlySaul

    17/18 Loan Watch

    He was so good when he first joined, what the hell happened?
  4. TheDeadlySaul

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Ah so that is what is delaying the German Centre Back.
  5. TheDeadlySaul

    Kamil Grosicki

    Is he Kamil's translator?
  6. TheDeadlySaul

    Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Never gonna make it in the prem, but has the chance to make it as a star, playing first team football in a nice city.
  7. TheDeadlySaul

    Kamil Grosicki

    Because it's Hull and they sell anyone if they get a half decent offer.
  8. TheDeadlySaul

    Kamil Grosicki

    If that is true then we've pretty much signed him. Nice one.
  9. TheDeadlySaul

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Imagine Ryan Shotton taking your starting spot two times now.
  10. TheDeadlySaul

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Tell her we've signed this bloke and she'll be going all night.
  11. TheDeadlySaul

    Kamil Grosicki

    Why? Hull are hardly renowned for trying hard to hold onto players.
  12. TheDeadlySaul

    Transfer Deadline Day

    True, Rowett wanted Toral in the summer so he still probably wants cover.
  13. TheDeadlySaul

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Grosicki would be perfect, don't know where Palmer would play though? Doesn't he play in Vydra's position.

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