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  1. Chris Martin

    Should we have sold Vydra last season when he wasn't performing? Martin is still very useful for us and has proven it by playing well even though he isn't scoring.
  2. Chris Martin

    Only lie is that Martin is rubbish. Would be kind of amazing for a so called rubbish player to score so many goals for our club.
  3. Billy Davies

    Interesting interview, but what is with the stoppage of sound every time a sentence ends? Very annoying.
  4. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    Urgh I hate Ipswich so much
  5. Style v Substance

    I expected an interesting opinion article about why McClaren had to go, but it is just explaining that McClaren has left Derby and gives us quotes from Mel that everyone has read. McClaren had one bad run of form and was sacked because Mel's mate Rowett was gaining interest from clubs like Norwich at the time.
  6. Style v Substance

    Yeah again what is your point? There were positives and negatives towards the style of play under McClaren, we could batter teams like Wolves, Fulham, Forest etc. but our gung-ho football cost us when we lost key men in defensive positions leading to the awful results at Millwall, Rotherham and Reading. And there are negatives and positives towards Rowett's football, it has got us fantastic wins away against teams like Norwich and Leeds where I think only Rowett's football could've got us those resilient results but it also costs us against energetic teams like Reading and Sheff Utd. Both styles have there positives and negatives, but in full honesty I much preferred McClaren's highs then Rowetts.
  7. Style v Substance

    One bad game rights off all the good games? I guess the 3-1 loss against Sheffield United makes Rowett a complete failure.
  8. Will Hughes Watch

    He also got a lot of space playing in the prem, something he never got with Derby as teams would always get a player close to him. Gives him way more freedom and time to get those nice passes in.
  9. Fair weather fans

    No, you definitely said on the forum that you were not watching matches when we appointed McClaren in protest or something. Do I have to search back to find the posts?
  10. Fair weather fans

    I'm talking about his second appointment.
  11. Fair weather fans

    @curtains didn't you stop watching Derby when they appointed McClaren?
  12. Will Hughes Watch

    He is absolutely bossing it today.
  13. Will Hughes Watch

    There you go, you have perfectly proven my point.
  14. Will Hughes Watch

    because you're obviously referring to when you said Derby should sign Gray because he is a talent and you still don't stop talking about it on here.
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    God you're petty

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