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  1. Man City discussion

    You still got to remember they were against one of the most inform teams in Europe. Saying that Fernadinho had a mare in second half, some fantastic defending by John Stones kept them in it.
  2. Brentford V Derby County

    Still were a play-off side though. Like when Burnley beating Chelsea at the start of the season and saying it isn't that great as they're near the relegation zone after you beat them.
  3. Brentford V Derby County

    Brentford weren't mid table when we lost under the Mac days. They were in the play-offs with Jota and Gray banging them in all season.
  4. Brentford V Derby County

    Yeah, but McClaren committed the sin of getting sacked and joining a bigger club.
  5. Time to go !

    I'm frustrated with Rowett, but sacking managers has got us to the position we are now in as a club. We lack any identity, any sense of direction and changing managers means we keep signing players that don't fit into other managers systems. We must stick with Rowett or face the same issues this club have been facing for the past 3 years.
  6. Brentford V Derby County

    Scoring early did us more harm than good, just meant Rowett got us defending all game after we started quite well.
  7. Brentford V Derby County

    What a bloody surprise! Shocking performance, why the hell are we so defensive against Brentford?
  8. Brentford V Derby County

    Urgh so deep and defensive
  9. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Remember if you're in the UK or Ireland you can't watch it.
  10. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Perfect for me
  11. Radio

    because that's the law
  12. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Do you really think changing our system entirely from one we had been using for about a season would've been easy? We had bought players that had fit that system, moulded the team around it and were succeeding with it. Derby fans seem to believe that all it would take is a couple of training sessions to change the system and hope the players adapt as successfully as they did before. McClaren has his faults, but not being a wizard isn't one of them. Also if the Chelsea one isn't comparable because the players are champions league quality I'll use the same logic for Newcastle last season. If they had lost Gayle, Mitrovic, Ritchie, Shelvey, Hayden, Clarke and Lascelles they would've won the league? Probably not.
  13. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    In that season where we collapsed we lost 7 key players in our system to injury. Our 2 only left sided CB's in Buxton and Whitbread, our 3 only holding midfielders in Thorne, Mascarell and Eustace, plus our only 2 strikers in Martin and Bent. The system relied on playing the ball from the back, a holding midfielder protecting the back four and allowing the midfield to advance and a striker linking up play with the wingers and the advancing midfielders. We had lost all the key players to it! So was it a surprise our season collapsed? Do you also think if Chelsea last season had lost Costa, Hazard, Cahill, Kante, Matic, Azpilecueta and Alonso they would've won the league? Probably not, that is why the criticism Mac gets for issues that were out of his hand like injured players is just stupid.
  14. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

    Do we need another striker? Martin, Vydra, Nugent and Bent seem to be enough.
  15. Derby County v Wolverhampton Wanderers - match day thread

    No creativity in attack at all and no one getting close to Martin all game other than Nugent towards the end. How we miss an Ince type player right now, could we just nick one of Wolves fancy flair players please?

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